Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another Day at the Beach

Another Saturday in July that we spent at the beach.  We love that we can spend so many lazy Saturdays on the beach.  There are a lot of things we miss living here in coastal Georgia, but it is nice to be close to the beach.  We will just have to vacation more in the mountains to see fall leaves and snow.  For this trip, I didn't even take the good camera and just captured pictures with my cell phone camera.  For this beach day, we enjoyed our favorite beach park at Hilton Head Island.  It is called Islanders Beach Park and does feel more like a spot that "locals" enjoy.

I could just sit back and watch them play all day on the beach.  They do play really well together in the sand.  I love that this beach isn't usually as crowded so they have plenty of space to play, and we can watch them easily from our chairs. 

I just think Grayson's face is so beautiful with his little lips pursed. 

Someone had a little catamaran on the sand.  The boys played together in the sand a long time.  

Grayson does love the water. 

Cutie with his tongue sticking out. 

I love that Daddy captured me and Evan laughing together about something.  I can't remember what was so funny.  He was probably being silly. 

More of my nature photography.  Haha!  The birds were flying around Evan. 

Evan and his bird pal

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