Sunday, June 11, 2017

We're Gonna Party Like It's 2017!

You know us....just a bunch of party animals.  Haha!  Actually, Brody is the real party animal.  He loves a birthday party better than any kid I know which is why I have been so sad we haven't been able to throw him big parties the last few years due to our moving.  Hopefully, we can do something special for his 7th birthday.  For now, Brody is always happy to get invited to a party.  He got to attend three birthday parties at the end of the school year with his new school friends.  I love taking him and watching him having fun with his new friends.  He is just such a sweet, kind-hearted little man who will play with anyone.

Party #1 - Blake's Party

Brody sat down to write a sweet card for his pal, Blake.  We were excited to find out Blake is in Brody's first grade class too. 

The party was at a fun little indoor playplace that has inflatables, arcade games, laser tag, and a mini bowling alley.  The party guests were able to play the arcade games and use the inflatables.  We spotted a pirate minion and Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. 

He loved jumping in the fun inflatables and hanging out with his pal, Coltston. 

The pirate ship inflatable was pretty awesome. 

Brody and Blake were cheesing for the camera while eating pizza and cake. 

Brody gave Blake his present, played with Coltston, played skeeball, and sat on his purple throne.  
Party #2 - Bryce's Party

Brody enjoyed Monkey Joe's.  He doesn't remember ever going before because he was so young when we last went in Charlotte.  I used to take Evan a lot as a baby, but I never took Brody as much since I worked and went to school so much then.  I am glad he had a fun experience with his friends. 

Brody and his friends enjoy Monkey Joe's chair. 

The cute birthday boy had a Secret Life of Pets cake, and they all enjoyed more pizza.  Brody had already eaten lunch with us and still didn't turn down some pizza. Ha! 

Monkey Joe came in to see the birthday boy.  I was so happy Brody gave him a high five and loved him.  We may have to do a birthday party here for him. 

Cake time! 

Watching the birthday boy open his presents and posing for a picture at the lemonade stand before we had to leave. 
 Party # 3 - Coltston's Pool Party 

Brody and Mattox both enjoyed the pool party.  This neighborhood is a newer section of our neighborhood, and it has a newer more kid-friendly pool with a zero entry splash area.  

Mattox was mesmerized by the water shooting up. 

Daddy got in the pool with Mattox while Evan and Brody and his friends had a little water gun fight. 

Singing happy birthday and eating cake with Coltston ended a great party. 

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  1. Yay for all these celebrations! Glad you all are making friends there! :)


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