Monday, June 5, 2017

Manageable May {2017}

Finishing up the last month of 4th grade and kindergarten was a busy occasion, but we did manage to have some fun along the way.  We were definitely glad to welcome a less scheduled summer at the end of it all.

Our beautiful calendars helped welcome in a fun month. 

These boys always make for fun adventures even on days spent at home.  I love Mattox's little chocolate face. 

I enjoyed most of the month loving on these two beauties while big brothers were in school.  Mattox was really beginning to get interested in some TV shows. 

Cuties in the car.  I love how Mattox sleeps with his mouth open although it was probably a sign of a stuffy nose. 

Mommy took her boys to Hooter's for some wings.  Ha!  Mattox and Daddy did make cute owls. 

Mattox didn't want to wear the owl hat at first.  

Brody and his love of selfies.  Haha! 

Big brother giving little brother a guitar lesson. 

After a doctor appointment, we decided to check out the play area at the mall. 

Mattox enjoyed playing with Mommy and Daddy. 

Grayson got in on some action too, and Daddy showed Mattox how to go through the rainbow tunnel.  Mattox did stop for a minute to watch one of his favorite shows on the television screen there.  He likes the baby learning channel. 

I just enjoyed seeing this reminder of what my husband wrote about me for a little Mother's day contest a few years ago.  I may not have won, but I appreciated reading his words. 

Some of my fellow angel moms were my biggest supporters, and I am thankful for those since most of my so-called facebook "friends" tend to ignore posts about our loss. 

I loved this little comparison when Brody brought home my sweet Mother's Day card he made at school.  I was surprised both of my boys thought I was 16 and that they did know I have blonde hair and green eyes.  They both seem to appreciate that I love them which is a good thing. 

Mattox is such a baby lover.  He is also a mess and likes to rearrange the furniture sometimes. 

I got some special Mother's Day treats and art from the boys and from church.  I was reminded of how much I love that Wendy's restaurants support adoptions and love the messages on their cups. 

Mother's Day is always a special day for me to remember how blessed I am to have these boys to love. 

Our "official" church picture. 

The big kids enjoyed coming into big church to hear the pastor's wife read them a story.  She read Max Lucado's You Are Special which is always special to me. 

Brody and I spent a rainy Saturday having some indoor fun at a friend's birthday party. 
Grayson enjoyed using his swing this month after we finally set up the kids' swingset. 

It is a little small for Evan and the slide is a little slow for Mattox, but we hope they can enjoy it for a little while until we can build a bigger play set.   It has a little trampoline that I thought would be fun for Mattox. 

Grayson is a cool dude in his shades. 

And so is Mattox. 

My arms are often full just like my heart.  Mattox enjoys being a big boy and sitting at the big table with big brothers. 

He also loves working on his lawn mower and helping swing little brother. 

My boys enjoying napping on Mommy's bed. 

Mattox and Mommy enjoyed a little date at Chick-fil-a. 

Mattox also made me some sweet art at the library.  

Brody came home from school one day with red hair, pink nails, and a tattoo.  They had an "economics" day at school where they got to spend money they earned at different shops.  He spent all of his at the hair and nail salon and tattoo parlor.  Haha! 

Evan and Brody received their last badges for their Basic Training classes at church for the year.  

Evan and the older group put on a special music presentation for the church. 

I just love this kid and wanted some pictures in this sweet outfit before he outgrows it.  He looked so sweet posing in his red rocking chair. 

I love watching Mattox and Brody playing together in their room. 

Evan even joins in sometimes.  

Evan got to enjoy going to a trampoline park with his church friends after church one Sunday.  Someone took a picture of us during the church service.  

Grayson is a cool dude in his hat.  

Mattox is my sweet little helper cleaning the floor with a wipe. 

We enjoyed going to see Brody's end of year school presentation and party and taking their teachers' gifts. 

We celebrated the end of school with lunch out with Daddy. 

The boys love playing outside when the weather is tolerable. 

I wore my red, white and blue for Memorial Day and enjoyed a yummy "free" beverage from Chick-fil-a.  We get a lot of rewards using our Chick-fil-a app. 

The boys kicked off summer playing video games while Mattox just enjoyed his breakfast.  

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