Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Father's Day Weekend (Jekyll Island)

As the search for the perfect beach continued, we decided to spend our Father's Day weekend with a trip to Jekyll Island for some more beach fun.  The weather held out perfectly for our beach day, and the storm clouds were just rolling in as we were heading home.  After a fun and tiring beach day, we came home to bathe and get everyone in the bed to rest.  On Sunday, we made it to church for a special Father's Day treat for Daddy and then we took him out to eat.  Unfortunately, our self-sacrificing Daddy had to take our car to get an oil change so he dropped us off at the restaurant and then took the car to oil change place down the street.  Then, he walked back in the horrible southern heat and humidity so he was hot, tired, and sweaty at lunch.  Sadly, he could have sat and waited for the car to be finished because the car was ready before we even got our table since the restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, was pretty busy.  Daddy tried to enjoy his meal, babyback ribs, after his hot and tiring walk, but I don't think it was the best experience for him.  We love you, Daddy, and we are so thankful for everything you do for our family!

Daddy enjoyed a few ribs and an ice cold Coke after church. 

Waiting for more ribs at lunch and helping take care of his little boys.  Brody colored him a beautiful picture. 

We love hanging out on the beach. We may need a bigger umbrella next year, but the boys don't seem to mind playing in the hot sun.  I really don't know how they can stand it, but I guess I didn't mind it so much as a kid either. 

I love hanging out with this sweet little guy. 

Brody and Mattox enjoy playing in the sand. 

Daddy holding a sleeping Mattox with just his hair sticking out under his towel.  I love when my arms are full of my babies. 

Our Evan just seems like such a big kid now...almost a teenager!  Brody really enjoys boogey boarding now even more than Evan.  Evan may be ready to move on to surfing.  Yikes!

They could stay out in the water all day! 

I loved watching the abundant wildlife and even a plane flew overhead. 

Evan just enjoys relaxing and swimming in the water. 

Beautiful birds in flight. 

They did a little boogey boarding together. 

I loved these beautiful all white gulls, and the little sandpipers are so cute foraging for food at the water's edge. 

Brody loves looking for seashells.  

I wanted pictures of some of the palm trees and seagrass for inspiration for my paintings. 

I just thought these storm clouds were interesting when we were leaving the island.  The pictures were upside down when I downloaded them, and the clouds actually looked like ocean waves.  We were thankful they stayed away for our beach outing. 

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