Saturday, June 10, 2017

Evan's Last Days of 4th Grade

Evan finished up his 4th grade year strong receiving his first real report cards and making all A's.  He will continue to be in an advanced content class next year which has been great for motivating him to push himself more.  I didn't get to go to many of Evan's school events this year which really made me sad.  He did get to finally go on a field trip with his new class to one of the many historical forts in the area.  I wish I had pictures of that experience, but we will visit some of these forts together to make up for it.  Evan really enjoyed his first "real" field day experience.  The whole school competed in their selected events first and then some of the highest scorers and classes were invited to a District Field Day competition at the local high school.  Evan's whole class got to participate, and Evan competed in the 200 meter dash and the soccer kick competition.  I caught the end of the 200 meter race after coming back from seeing Brody, and Evan was in second.  The funny thing was the boy who won actually had lost one of his shoes at the beginning of the race and did the whole race with one shoe missing.  And I know that track had to be hot.  I joked that was why he won because he was trying not to burn his foot.  Evan lost his steam in that last quarter though so he only came in fifth.  I was proud of him although I told him he needs to practice to build up his endurance.  He loves to run, but he has been out of practice since we moved.  He did well in the soccer kick too and from my calculations watching all of the other competitors before him, I don't know how he didn't place.  He was the last one to kick, and I actually think someone had taken the scores before his kick was counted.  It was a really fun day for him even in the heat, and I was glad I could be there for some of it.  Evan's end of year party was fun with lots and lots of sweet treats as every parent contributed something.  I am thankful he had a great year even after changing schools again.  He still misses some of his old school friends, but he has made new friends very quickly.

Waiting to compete in the 200 meter. 

Just joking around as usual.  I love seeing my boy so happy! 

This was another moment that just made me so proud.  Evan spent a long time coaching and encouraging a girl in his class on how to do the soccer kick because she was nervous.  He went last in the competition just so he could help her.  I just love his big kind heart! 

He has an awesome kick and really wants to play soccer again although he gave it up to try football.  

Just hanging out with his classmates.  I can definitely see Evan becoming all arms and legs like a teenager these days. 

I love that sweet face encouraging his friend. 

Little brother was very proud to watch in the heat. 

The class tug of war match.  Evan chose to be at the back. 

They worked very hard and didn't give up, but the other side outmatched them in number I think. 

Sweet little brother Mattox loved eating lunch in the gym. 

I guess Evan will grow up being a Wildcat. 

5th Place in the 200 meter for the 4th grade boys. 

Evan's class did somehow win the 4th grade award. 
Cutting up during the class party with one of his best new friends. 

Little brothers wanted some of his fruit kabob. 

Mattox begs sweetly like a puppy while Brody just tries to take some. 

And sword fighting of course.  Ha! 

Silly boys. 

Evan giving his sweet teacher her gift.  We will see this teacher a lot because she lives just down the street, and her son and Evan play together a lot. 

Evan's other teacher was also very sweet, and her grandson played baseball with Brody.  It is a small, close-knit community. 

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