Saturday, May 13, 2017

Spring Pictures 2017 {Jekyll Island}

When we were trying to decide where to take our annual Spring family pictures this year, the beach seemed like the obvious choice since it is so close.  However, deciding which beach wasn't so easy.  While Tybee Island is our closest beach, it isn't always a great photography spot.  We heard good things about Jekyll Island about an hour away and knew that Driftwood Beach had become a relatively well-known attraction thanks to the filming of the popular series The Walking Dead.  I liked the uniqueness of the area with the driftwood and debris that washes ashore here.  This island is unique in that most of it is a state park now.  You do have to pay to get onto the island, but it is still pretty cheap.  I assume residents do get passes to enter free of charge.  Driftwood Beach was nice for pictures and the other public beaches have great amenities for beach goers so I am sure we will revisit this beach many times.  For our attire, I had found some cute little suspenders and gingham ties in the Dollar Spot bins at Target.  The boys all needed new shorts.  Evan had some nice coral red shorts so I wanted the other boys to have some too.  During Childrens Place's annual sale, I snagged the other boys' shorts for a steal.  So coral and light blue became the colors for this year's Spring pictures.  I had actually found a dress earlier on sale at the Abercrombie outlet store.  Yes, I was surprised anything in that store still fit me too.  Haha!  I haven't actually worn or shopped at Abercrombie since college.  I had just ventured into the store out of curiousity while visiting the outlets in Pooler so it was all just a happy coincidence that the dress went with the color scheme.  That's just how we do things.

 photo Family2017_zpst7zrcszl.jpg
The official family portrait for Spring 2017

 photo Easter16_zpsdhbipg8t.jpg

 photo Easter4_zpskqzvfck5.jpg
Mattox did a great job playing and climbing and acting like a busy toddler. 

 photo Easter5_zpsbadw9wjt.jpg

 photo Easter6_zpsxtkuur90.jpg

 photo Easter7_zps3mdi4emp.jpg

 photo Easter8_zpsk4d2oavs.jpg
That tongue is always out. 

 photo Easter9_zpsmirm4gt1.jpg

 photo Easter10_zpsy7oq8pdg.jpg
Evan just seems like such a big boy now. 
 photo Easter11_zpswbz0ocnh.jpg
Brody seems like a big kid now too. 

 photo Easter12_zpsbz4kcu8k.jpg
I just love these boys!

 photo Easter13_zpsy8yznp30.jpg
These two are becoming quite a pair.  Mattox follows Brody everywhere and wants to do everything he does.  Yes, sometimes those things aren't always good things.  Ha! 

 photo Easter14_zpszz0ohljf.jpg
Evan just continues to be an amazing big brother with all of his baby brothers.  

 photo Easter15_zpswplxrdtg.jpg
A lucky mommy

 photo Easter2_zpsfmgovk4o.jpg
My five handsome men. 

 photo Easter3_zpsgwvudyhc.jpg

 photo Easter17_zpsvrfvpnog.jpg
Still best buddies.  
 photo Easter18_zpscooxlgsg.jpg
Oh, I do love my little baby boy.  I hate how quickly time is passing with him. 

 photo Easter19_zpssxtf4jgx.jpg
This shot of the boys walking together just makes me smile.  I hope they always hold hands and help one another.

 photo Evan_zps3spzuwg9.jpg

 photo Brody_zpsr9aaqed0.jpg

 photo Mattox_zpsgophxcdv.jpg

 photo Family.2017_zpslbwvlovq.jpg
Of course, I can't take our family portraits now without adding Mattie to them.  She is always with us. I can't believe she is almost 4 years old.  

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