Monday, May 22, 2017

Evan's Preteen Space

When we told the boys we were moving, we helped make the decision more appealing to Evan by promising him his own bedroom.  In our old house, that just wasn't going to be feasible, and Mattox and Grayson were going to have to share the nursery space.  We knew we wanted an extra bedroom and were very thankful we found it.  Evan was very happy to have his own room again.  Brody has also enjoyed his own space for a few months, but little brother Mattox will be moving in this summer when he gives up the crib.  Yes, that should be interesting.  For Evan's space, we gave him our old queen size bedroom furniture.  A queen size bed does seem a little excessive for a 10 year old, but he will have a lot of room to grow and can take this set with him if he wants it when he is all grown up.  Anyway, I am all about using what you have to save money.  He loves his big bed and grown up furniture.  His room is definitely in the transition phase between little boy and teen boy which makes me a little sad.  I am happy to leave some of those little boy objects in the room still.

 photo Evansroom5_zpshgy7rjf7.jpg
We didn't need to repaint Evan's room since it was already a decent shade of blue.  I think the red accents really pop against the blue.  Evan's name letters go all the way back to his nursery.  He has space to display many of his lego and other creations and trophies. 

 photo Evansroom1_zpsvng8npvm.jpg
For now, he is using an old bedding set that I first purchased for Eddie when he received this bedroom furniture as a college graduation gift.  It is actually a really nice Nautica set, but it is a little thick for summer so we may look for something lighter.  He still loves dinosaurs (especially Stegosaurus) but he says he wants to change his room to a beach surf theme.  We may wait a year and see if he changes his mind.  I am not quite ready to give up the dinosaurs yet.  Sigh. 

 photo Evansroom2_zpst8jzdl1p.jpg
He has a bookcase to hold all of his books and magazines.  I just love that picture of him and Brody together.  It always makes me smile. 

 photo Evansroom3_zpswjzgjlev.jpg
And I also love our first year monthly photo frames from Pottery Barn Kids.  Sadly, they have discontinued this style so I will have to get a different one for Grayson.  I knew it was going to happen one day.  Sigh. 

 photo Evansroom4_zpsehcekwtc.jpg
His dresser is the best spot for his TV.  He actually doesn't watch it much in here.  We hooked up his daddy's old Playstation 2 for him in here because he started liking some of Daddy's old games.  The big red chair also fit in his room, and I often find him cuddled up here playing on his phone.  Sigh.  That is his big addiction right now. 

 photo Evansroom6_zps3ujj3akc.jpg
A close up of his little shelf that holds his trophies and other keepsakes.  I filled up a mason jar with some of the shells we have collected over the years, and Brody wanted one too for his room. 

 photo Evansroom7_zpspctphvab.jpg
I thought he needed a desk in his room now for homework, lego building, and coloring.  Brody utilizes this space too.  One day, we will likely have to put a computer here for the boys. 

 photo Evansroom8_zpsgxrkdz5z.jpg
Some of the Lego sets he has built.  He says he doesn't really care about them much anymore so he will likely pass them on to Brody.  He has moved on to the architectural sets and finally built his Eiffel Tower one. 

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