Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Brody's (& Mattox's) New Room

For the last few months, Brody has enjoyed having his own room since Mattox has not transitioned out of the crib yet.  We wanted to wait until the summer to do so because the big boys had to get up so early for school.  Soon, Mattox will join Brody in this room.  I do have a few projects I want to add to the space for Mattox like some new name art to match Brody's and some cute new sheets for Mattox.  I am thinking puppies for him because he does seem to love dogs.

 photo Brodysroom14_zpsbrewyeon.jpg
These bunk beds have been such a wise investment.  The steps are very handy and safer than a ladder, and there is a ton of built in drawer storage for a shared room. 

 photo Brodysroom1_zpsg8e8xdof.jpg
For now, Brody's name is the only one in the room, but I hope to soon have a matching one for Mattox.  I never made Mattox his own name art because he had used Mattie's monogram in his nursery.  

 photo Brodysroom7_zpswkvvdsvi.jpg
Brody's bed.  Yes, it did bother me when I realized after downloading these pictures that his pillow was upside down. Ha!  Brody's sheets still seem so appropriate for him since they are the "Brody" sheets from PBK.  He also still loves his old boppy pillow.  

 photo Brodysroom2_zpsuh1q2dcl.jpg
Many of Brody's "big" toys are in here now, and he still loves his art easel although he could kill a rainforest with the amount of paper he wants to use.  Sigh. 

 photo Brodysroom3_zps3p7rzqfy.jpg
The train table, cars and dress up clothes are also in here for the big boys.  Brody's room is actually painted the same color as our bedroom and the nursery, but I think the color looks different in every room.  I think it looks more gray in here.  I haven't put up curtains in here yet since there are two windows now.  The room faces the back of the house with lots of trees so the view is pretty and green.  

 photo Brodysroom4_zpstyswxphl.jpg
Brody's shelves hold a decent start to his trophy collection, his seashell collection, his coin banks, and some pictures of him.  He also has a full bookcase filled with books for him and Mattox.  He does have a little TV for watching his cartoons.  There is only so much Disney Junior the rest of us can take.  Ha! 

 photo Brodysroom5_zpszojnn3zj.jpg
His birthday balloons added some color to the room.

 photo Brodysroom6_zpsximpehtu.jpg
I have done my best to keep the train table set up correctly, but Mattox is like a tornado wreaking a path of destruction on the poor little town.  Maybe one day I will turn this into a Lego table. 

 photo Brodysroom8_zpspcwfqmvk.jpg
We will add Mattox's first year frame next to Brody's.  I am so sad that PBK finally discontinued this style frame.  I am going to have to get a different shape one for Grayson which totally messes with my future plans to line all of these up on a wall. 

 photo Brodysroom12_zpss1efgp3n.jpg
I am so glad we have this growth chart and love seeing it fill up with the boys' measurements.  It will be pretty full with all four boys on it.  

 photo Brodysroom13_zps1or6pfne.jpg
Apparently, Evan's biggest growth spurt was between 7 and 9.  I cannot locate the papers with his measurements from 8.  That was the year we had just moved from Charlotte to Holly Springs so I imagine his Daddy took them to the doctor then and probably lost it.  

 photo Brodysroom9_zpsqnxv7u4d.jpg
The armoire makes a great spot for some other toys, games, and puzzles.  When we bought this piece for Evan's nursery, it was to hold most of his clothes because our tiny house's closets were so small that Eddie had to use the one in his room.  

 photo Brodysroom10_zpsruocsjal.jpg
Mattox loves Brody's magnet doodle.  

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  1. We had some furniture drama during Christmas break while we updated and changed everyone's beds around.
    I love the bunk beds and the stairs are so cute!


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