Thursday, May 4, 2017

Adorable April {2017}

Adorable refers to the state of our children...not the month in general.  Ha!  Our kids were particularly cute this month with a fun toddler and much more expressive infant.  Our sweet baby is growing too fast, but he is so happy and cute.  I am trying to enjoy every minute.  Although the days can seem long and tiring, the weeks and months are flying by.

 photo April1_zpsqpq3ohyx.jpg
My sweet baby rocks too! 

 photo April2_zpszrjvq0ef.jpg
Oh this silly boy.  He steals my heart everyday. 

 photo April3_zps51nkyysd.jpg
Just chillin' in one of his favorite chairs. 

 photo April4_zpskgfrsjab.jpg
The boys wore their matching shirts to school so I dressed Mattox to match.  Of course, Brody's was covered in dirt by the time he got home from school because he likes to play in the dirt on the playground.  I just loved the first rose in bloom on this rose bush. 

 photo April5_zpskckob7tl.jpg
This baby is happy like this all the time as long as you are with him.  Now if you have to leave him alone for a few minutes, he is going to go berserk! 

 photo April6_zpsg92b96gf.jpg
Yep, we do call him Elmer.  Haha!  His big toothless grins and almost bald round head do look like Elmer Fudd.  I like to capture the funny things our kids say, but I don't always have a chance to write it down.  I typed this little gem from Brody into my phone to save it.  We were outside letting Cocoa go potty, and he was watching her sniffing around.  Sometimes, I don't know what goes on in that kid's head.  Haha!  

 photo April7_zpscmzov8ty.jpg
After my kids have "destroyed" a couple of my laptops, I don't really like to let them play with it.  My first laptop in law school lasted a few years until baby Brody's constant pulling on the screen shorted the wires that connect the screen to the keyboard base.  The kids messed up the plug adaptor port on my last one so it wouldn't charge anymore.  It cost too much to fix so I just replaced it.  I decided this time, I wanted one that was a sturdier material.  This one is a two in one tablet style so the screen can bend all the way around (so no worry when the kids bend it backwards).  It is a sturdier metal instead of a cheap plastic frame too so I hope it can withstand more abuse.  Sigh.  Mattox does look cute playing with it.  

 photo April8_zpsdvnln3n6.jpg
Sometimes I like to screenshot or save memes for myself or to send to Eddie.  I sent him the one on the left as a reminder.  Ha!  I also typed up this little conversation in the car between Brody and Evan.  Yep, this happens regularly on car rides. 

 photo April9_zpsq9hbl7wa.jpg
The boys enjoyed playing outside when the bugs didn't eat us alive. 

 photo April10_zpsvitng9is.jpg
Brody got really good riding his new bike.  I don't want to try without training wheels until he is more secure.  Evan only just got comfortable riding a bike without training wheels since he got his new bike.  We had tried a few years ago when we still lived in Charlotte, but he never loved it and just preferred riding his scooter. 

 photo April11_zpsq1nkqns1.jpg
More roses in bloom in the yard and the backyard really greened up fast down here. 

 photo April12_zpsvm3oz2q4.jpg
We enjoyed connecting with my old blog pal, Valerie, who lives in our new town.  It was crazy finding her again.  She and her best pal, Julia, are so fun.  We celebrated Valerie's birthday, and Brody was our photographer. 

 photo April13_zpsnovzkxaj.jpg
Just some random pictures from the month.  Grayson sleeping in his car seat on the go.  Evan and I were excited to find the Tardis (Doctor Who) at Hobby Lobby and had to bring it home.  It is a bank so he keeps it in his room.  I also got some cute new tennis shoes with polka dots.  I actually need some new athletic shoes because the pair I have had for years (I don't wear them out much these days) got messed up in the wash.  Brody writes us notes now, but they aren't always nice.  This one was sassy telling us something he wasn't going to do.  He just didn't finish telling us what it was.  Ha!  

 photo April14_zpskhizgzku.jpg
Reminders like these that pop up in my timehop are sad, but they also make me happy because they remind me our sweet baby girl was and is real.  

 photo April15_zpsyiyt3avj.jpg
Brody and Mattox enjoyed playing on the playground together at the park while Evan was enjoying a game of tag football for his neighbor friend's birthday. 

 photo April16_zpsilayrjvs.jpg
Tijuana Flats has become a new favorite because they do kids' eat free on Sundays.  They have awesome little bibs too. 

 photo April17_zpslkvan7gu.jpg
Mattox enjoys playing basketball and cutting the grass. 

 photo April18_zpspvfb2vfz.jpg
Brody enjoys bike riding and playing baseball. 

 photo April19_zpsu4vfctjf.jpg
Another cute look-a-like.  We think Brody looks like Griffin from Men in Black 3 wearing the crocheted hat I made him.  Griffin is the nice alien that helps J and K get the arcnet to protect the earth from the bad alien.  Griffin can see many alternate futures at one time but doesn't know which one will come true.  Hence, the "I hope this isn't the one where K forgets to leave a tip."  Haha!  

 photo April20_zpsxezyyyu7.jpg
Isn't this the cutest little cowboy? 

 photo April21_zpszn4wvb1p.jpg
Well, all of these are.  Can you guess who? 

 photo April22_zpshd08k7v9.jpg
Yep, Mattox is just too fly for a white guy.  Hahaha! 

 photo April23_zpspojsbng0.jpg
I just love spending time with these babies.  All of my babies fell asleep in Mommy's bed when Daddy and Evan were having a sleepover at church.  I love getting Grayson's giggles these days.   We also loved going to big brother Brody's school easter egg hunt. 

 photo April24_zps3evhnfmt.jpg
Brody loves the new features on the kids mode app on my phone.  He looks like a giant looking over a tiny fence or at a tiny train and chicken.  

 photo April25_zpsvntvm4ya.jpg
Silly boy.  Is he a pig, a witch doctor, a princess, a robot, or a chef? 

 photo April26_zpswuky9dia.jpg
Silly clown! 

 photo April27_zpsfujc2ha3.jpg
Evan wrote a letter back to his best pal from his old school, but Mommy still hasn't mailed it.  In my defense, I have been meaning to get a picture printed to send with it.  He is going to write an update letter to include with it.  I hope in the future they can communicate by e-mail. 

 photo April28_zpsh4ggbxdj.jpg
Now, this is a sweeter letter from Brody.  I like love notes like this.  I also love getting cute cards and pictures in the mail from far away blog friends.  Mrs. Natalie has a prominent spot on the refrigerator now.  Haha!  

 photo April29_zpsq1eqpeys.jpg
Evan and I have enjoyed watching all the back seasons of Doctor Who.  It is so fun.  I would love to watch all of the really old seasons, but they aren't easily accessible anymore.  This has been one of the longest running series ever.  It is just that awesome!  

 photo April30_zpswxebkyca.jpg
My sweet baby got a little cold from his big brother who won't stop kissing him.  Even with snot running out of his nose, he is cute.  Ha!  

 photo April31_zpsrthbvapj.jpg
My Easter decorations were pretty minimal.  I had my bunny banner on the mantel, but Brody made me a lovely Easter egg one all by himself.  He had colored and cut them out by himself.  I thought it was very creative.  I strung them up for him. 

 photo April32_zpsgts1juba.jpg
Sometimes those little facial recognition apps are pretty darn accurate.  I have very strong German traits, and my biological surname was very German.  I think it is my strong square shaped forehead and jaw that gives it away.   I was so thankful for this yummy Rita's treat at Hilton Head.  I am ready for another one.  I can't resist when they have a cream flavored Italian ice so this marshmallow cream flavored one was perfect.  The "cream" Italian ice flavors are just creamy and less "icy" than the other flavors.  It made a nice smores shake with chocolate chips and vanilla custard. 

 photo April33_zpsqgilndkt.jpg
We all enjoyed some beach therapy. 

 photo April34_zpsfchczf2d.jpg
The boys all got free sunglasses from Tijuana Flats one Sunday.  I think Brody and Grayson rocked theirs. 

 photo April35_zps7f4huzs7.jpg
Oh this kid.  He can be such a mess.  He was mad and made a mess of his snack out of spite, and I gave him a napkin to clean it up so he threw it down in a fit of rage.  Ha! 

 photo April36_zpsuatpjzur.jpg
This time it was Brody throwing a fit and being uncooperative for a picture.  I wanted a picture of the boys in their matching Sunday clothes. 

 photo April37_zpsofe0sonf.jpg
Brody did not participate in the love fest. 

 photo April38_zpslvsrqsui.jpg
We celebrated our sweet Brody's birthday.  I can't believe it has been six years since he was my cute little snuggly baby. 

 photo April39_zpseosxbpyb.jpg
Mattox wasn't too happy about Brody taking his lawn mower.  Haha!  Then, Evan sat on his tricycle.  Ugh, what is up with big brothers?

 photo April40_zpsxsqeznzn.jpg
Mattox used to hate wearing hats, but he doesn't mind too much anymore.  He sure looks cute in them. 

 photo April41_zpsyk3k1eiw.jpg
Mommy hasn't done much reading lately, but my bookworm Evan is always reading.  He read several new books he picked up from his book fair.  Like his mama, he does enjoy historical fiction (and nonfiction) books.  He also enjoyed Where the Red Fern Grows which he brought home from his school library.  I love that he read it, but it is one of those books I can't read again because I know how sad it is.  

 photo April42_zps14jfmvlw.jpg
This cutie has started loving his blankies.  He doesn't require a silky one like Brody, but he does seem to be soothed by them.  He snuggles them and sucks or chews on them. 

 photo April43_zpsbgnf22yl.jpg
More camera play.   The rainbow glasses are appropriate for Mattox the rainbow.  Mattox and Grayson blast off to outer space. 

 photo April44_zpsuigjuxgd.jpg
We got some yummy Duck Donuts for Brody's birthday outing to the beach.  I attempted a selfie of myself dressed for church.  None of my old clothes fit well anymore.  Sigh. 

 photo April45_zpsedowenad.jpg
I just ran across these memes that seemed very applicable these days.  Apparently, it is easier to believe that an orderly universe just happened by chance out of nothing and that life in general is worthless and meaningless.  So sad. 

 photo April46_zpsg1a7iluv.jpg
Yeah apparently it is "respectable" to self-identify as  the opposite sex, race or even another species but heaven forbid you identify as a Christian these days.  I am just so tired of all of this nonsense.  People are just totally obsessed with themselves and their perversions these days.  Don't they realize civilizations have fallen because of such nonsense?  No they don't because they don't even believe history is real.  Ha!  Yeah, they are SO SMART. 

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  1. I'm so sorry you feel that people have forgotten Mattie. She is still a part of you Sherry. And her life touched many of us. Please know that she is not forgotten.


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