Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Blue and Gray Nursery/Guest Room {Grayson's}

 photo nursery_zpshhgvy0c7.jpg

The nursery is still in a bit of a transition from Mattox to Grayson with just a couple of projects needed to finalize it.  I still love the blue and gray colors and decor but part of me still dreams of more of a woodland theme.  I may wait to do that in a big boy/toddler room though.  For now, it is still a sweet, dreamy space in my humble opinion.  The new lighter blue gray wall color is just a bright and relaxing color for a nursery.  The room isn't huge and is the smallest of all the bedrooms, but I think everything still fits nicely.   The closet wasn't a walk in, but it has some great built-in storage that makes it very practical.

 photo nursery3_zpstisztdzg.jpg
This wall is still in transition.  I have to move Mattox's 1st year frame to his and Brody's room (and add the last picture when I get it printed...sigh).  Then, I have to get a new 1st year frame for Grayson which I am so frustrated will not be like the other boys' because PBK discontinued this style after many years.   I actually lined up all of our boys' ultrasound pictures on the bookcase in here because I don't want anything to happen to them, and I like how they look together. 

 photo nursery4_zps5t64iiln.jpg
I also need to get Grayson's name art for above the crib.  I am going to do the same type as Brody's and Mattox's.

 photo nursery5_zpsjanxqnp9.jpg
I don't plan to replace the mobile I made for Mattox's nursery as I still like this one. 

 photo nursery14_zpsurbe79u0.jpg
I still have the same white bed in the room from before with the addition of the Be Brave pillow.  I have switched out the personalized pictures and art in the room for Grayson.  

 photo nursery12_zpsfrtihqfc.jpg

 photo nursery13_zpsfdzjzn8m.jpg
I just reprinted the top center picture with Grayson's name.  I want to get frames to hang Mattox's personalized pictures in his room. 

 photo nursery10_zpskviz6owr.jpg
I actually ordered these art prints from Shutterfly for Grayson because they were the free gifts.  They really aren't free since you have to pay crazy shipping, but since I needed them anyway, it still made sense.

 photo nursery11_zps6vgvlxzz.jpg
I created this print of pictures from Grayson's birth that I thought was perfect.  

 photo nursery7_zps8pbqp4k0.jpg
This dresser and most of the accessories are the same.  I still like my simple white sheer curtains with my homemade bunting.  

 photo nursery6_zpsezvadig2.jpg
This "free" dresser has served us well as a changing table for three babies.  We first refinished it for Brody's nursery. 

 photo nursery8_zpsfh6nbav5.jpg
My special bunny art from my childhood collection fits a nursery perfectly.  The little sailboat was a new little gift from Aunt Naomi when she visited this Spring. It says "Savannah" on it so it is a perfect addition to our new Georgia home.   It is also blue and gray so it matches perfectly. 

 photo nursery9_zpsb7x59f8d.jpg
I love that little stack of Bibles with each of our babies' names on them from their Great-Aunt Dava.  

 photo nursery1_zpskkvyn5pl.jpg
Before I switched out the pictures for Grayson. 

 photo nursery2_zpsyanisbmy.jpg

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