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Marvelous March {2017}

March was pretty marvelous with nice weather, lots of celebrations, and many good memories made.  Of course, every month has some pretty remarkable days when you are raising children, but there are also plenty of rough days too.  Days that are tiring, mundane, and where nothing goes as planned.  March may have had a few of those, but mostly, it was pretty great.

 photo March1_zpsynttblv2.jpg
We flipped our calendars to reveal these bright colorful rainbows reminding us of our little rainbow Mattox's birthday.  I also made some delectable homemade brownies and the batter was divine.  My Valentine roses may not have survived, but the petals were still too lovely to throw out.  They still smelled nice too. 

 photo March_zps2rmp4nyi.png
These decorations stayed up all month as we celebrated birthdays all month.  We started the celebrations off with Mattox's. 

 photo March0_zps7qrw7g2w.png
My little man almost shares his birthday with Dr. Seuss.  

 photo March2_zpst1e31kys.jpg
I cooked a lovely feast of homemade barbecue pork and mashed potatoes and enjoyed our homemade brownies for dessert. 

 photo March3_zpsg9dvhdk4.jpg
I forgot several days of Dr. Seuss week, but Brody did dress as a book character this day.  We decided on an old favorite from the days when he was a "mean toddler" monster, and we hoped he would lose his mean.  It may still apply sometimes.  He already had the shirt so I just made him a hat. 

 photo March4_zpspkl2d8ft.jpg
My little 2 year old cutie.  He looked so cute wearing his work goggles pretending to fix stuff with his tools. 

 photo March5_zpscbnhw5sp.jpg
Look Who's Talking just happened to be on, and I couldn't help but notice some similarities.  

 photo March6_zpsmznhpbmv.jpg
Selfies at dinner. 

 photo March7_zpsh8yhr7l9.jpg
Daddy and his cute littlest man after church. 

 photo March8_zps5rjjy813.jpg
We ate at the Scottish pub in town. 

 photo March9_zpsjxptwjgw.jpg
The closest restaurant to Irish. 

 photo March10_zpscarao25f.jpg
Grayson demonstrated how big he is getting at his doctor appointment.  I just love when they sleep with their arms raised above their heads. 

 photo March11_zpsgntooplc.jpg
Mattox looking cute in Daddy's hat.  Grayson just looking cute. 

 photo March12_zpsmhdekfmf.jpg
Mattox and I enjoyed a lunch date. 

 photo March13_zpspnevpckf.jpg
Mattox enjoyed "reading" some Max and Ruby books and making a craft of Max's dirt cake at library storytime.  I finally finished The Cursed Child. 

 photo March14_zpsqkapuobb.jpg
I rearranged the playroom to move the play kitchen in here.  I wanted Brody to still use his Cafe, but it was way too big so I modified it using just the porch awning part and the storage shelves to create a little kitchen area. I think it works well. 

 photo March15_zpswgv9nyir.png
This little monkey was 14 weeks old. 

 photo March16_zpspjkp3mdv.jpg
Evan and his neighbor friends have been loving the trampoline.  Until the two brothers (not ours) decided to wrestle and fall through the net.  Yikes.  A new net has been ordered to replace that one. 

 photo March17_zpsec2sboea.jpg
How much is that cutie in the window?  Sweet Mattox wanted to go out and play, but it was a little too chilly and he wasn't wearing pants. Haha!  A rare cuddle with Brody in the bed these days.  

 photo March18_zpszowum2lc.jpg
My little "naked" policeman wearing nothing but a hat and diaper in his police car. 

 photo March19_zps5vsnlfzi.jpg
Looks like a stripper.  Ha! 

 photo March20_zpsxan5kw5r.jpg
Mattox loving his baby. Our baby is so happy!  I tell him it looks like his face would hurt smiling so big. 

 photo March21_zpsifjmyx92.jpg
Playing on his playmat.  He does not love tummy time. 

 photo March22_zps0abtxl3o.jpg
We brought this little leprechaun home from school.  Then, Brody spent all afternoon plotting how to capture one.  He drew this monster to "scare" the leprechaun so he could catch him.  Ha! 

 photo March23_zpsfdhtymyk.jpg
Gotta love "pi" day.  Any excuse for pie.  I made a homemade pecan one because I had all the ingredients. 

 photo March24_zpsyj8hlcnk.jpg
All of the boys in the little ball pit.  Mattox thought it was too crowded. 

 photo March25_zps0aebv2oc.jpg
During a long school break, we drove down to see Daddy at work and eat lunch at a little country style restaurant.  Fried chicken, cabbage, blackeyed peas and okra, and sweet potatoe casserole...yummy!  Can you believe my husband only ate meat and rice?  Sigh. 

 photo March26_zpsim9faee3.jpg
I treated the boys to milkshakes at a cute (but pricey) place in our town.  They had wanted to go since we moved here.  Evan wants to go for breakfast to get their crepes.  They all shared one milkshake because it was big (and expensive).  Ha!  

 photo March27_zpsjssgtyx8.jpg
They also got some yummy cannolis. 

 photo March28_zpscxnzu3yx.jpg
Mattox showing us his little house.  After I painted it, I wasn't sure where I wanted it.  I thought about here in the backyard but decided since it doesn't have a floor, it needed to be on the concrete driveway.   Plus, the bugs aren't as bad there. 

 photo March29_zpsi8pxb6qo.jpg
My little leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day. 

 photo March30_zps35dynvav.jpg
We needed to go to the DMV but Savannah was in chaos for the St. Patrick's Day parade so we headed to the next town of Hinesville.  We took our family pictures in the little town square under some huge old live oaks. 

 photo March31_zpsb5vq2dz5.jpg
Our family pictures for St. Patrick's Day. 

 photo March32_zpsu8hcym5d.jpg
We visited a little German restaurant in this town which was so cute.  I enjoyed my wiener schnitzel with mushroom gravy.  The boys liked the painting of the Bavarian castle.  Since I am more German than Irish, I felt it was appropriate to eat here for St. Patrick's Day.  Ha!  Grayson doesn't seem to be feeling very lucky though. 

 photo March33_zpseb2gtroy.jpg
The boys all got huge ice cream sundaes with their meals so they are big fans. 

 photo March34_zpseknuxjh5.jpg
The boys had a kickball game at church on Saturday morning because they are working on some badges from their church clubs. 

 photo March35_zpss8up5pnv.jpg
Mattox enjoyed eating his breakfast during the game. 

 photo March36_zpsu9b5xjq6.jpg
They got their first badges from their "Basic Training" at church.  They were the cutest little soldiers. 

 photo March37_zpsvpwvhxi8.jpg
We tried another "new to us" restaurant close to our house on the riverfront.  It is called Fish Tales, and I do recommend if you are in the area.  The water looked so pretty and blue that day. 

 photo March38_zpsrah5vryj.jpg
I rode in the back and took some pictures of the boys in the car when Papa and Grandma were visiting. 

 photo March39_zpsxagrhhn0.jpg
I enjoyed my yummy ice cream while giving a tour of Savannah.  I also picked up a refreshing bottle of Cheerwine (yes, a NC beverage) while in downtown Savannah. 
 photo March43_zpsg3jvar35.jpg
Grayson developed a new love for his feet. 

 photo March46_zps2jdecudu.jpg
I just love that cute face.  I also was the only one who enjoyed this meal I cooked.  It was a chicken, potato, spinach and parmesan cheese bake recommended by a friend.  I knew Eddie would be turned off by the spinach even though the parmesan cheese sauce covered the spinach nicely.   

 photo March47_zpsufzl0sgi.jpg
We tried to protect the boys from the dreadful biting gnats at the first baseball games.  It worked well for Grayson, but Mattox got eaten up worse than ever because he wouldn't leave the net alone and let the gnats inside. 

 photo March48_zpscij8l0b7.jpg
Brody getting ready for another baseball season. 

 photo March40_zps58roq7wq.jpg
Cousin Grady enjoyed posing for pictures using the kids camera app on my phone.  He and Grayson were driving a car.

 photo March41_zpslpqloues.jpg
All of these cuties looked awesome in shades.  I think I need to get my boys some aviator sunglasses.  Grayson looks particularly cool. 

 photo March42_zpshdgv8vdg.jpg
More camera fun.  Grady and I in our castle and the cutest little fireman and policeman ever.  Grayson made a cute little alligator. 

 photo March44_zpsudtrnd97.jpg
Mommy is the princess, and Daddy is a ???  Purple haired troll?  Mattox and I have our kissing lips ready. 

 photo March45_zpssele8xyy.jpg
More cuteness. Rainbow shades for a rainbow. 

 photo March49_zpsemn8bebo.jpg
And we ended the month celebrating another big birthday.  Our big guy turned 10!  

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  1. Sherry -- I don't know why but this post just showed up in my feed and it looks like you posted it a MONTH ago. Yerghks.

    Anyways, you are so right about some days are amazing and some days are exhausting. And with three little boys and one big boy (How is Evan 10 already?!?!?!), I can't imagine how busy you guys are.

    Mattox is adorable in those goggles and all your food pictures are making me HUNGRY! And I'm very impressed you painted that playhouse. It looks great!

    Okay, I think I'm done now. I'm home with a sick Rachel (again - boo), and she wants some more Ginger Ale.


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