Thursday, March 30, 2017

Papa's and Grandma's Visits

These boys were very excited to get a special birthday visit from both their Papa and their Grandma, Aunt Naomi, and cousin Grady in March.  Papa could only come and stay a few days during the week because of his duties at his church so the boys could only spend time with him after school.  The weather during the week was cooler than normal and did not cooperate with many of our plans.  After Papa left on Friday, Grandma arrived Friday evening to stay until Sunday.  The weather was just perfect for her visit, and we enjoyed showing her around downtown Savannah and our local beach.   We hope Papa can visit again this summer so he can experience more of what the area has to offer.

 photo Papa1_zpsfxoriva0.jpg
Papa missed his littlest man, Grayson. 

 photo Papa2_zpsa2waiclw.jpg
Brody and Papa always bond over electronics.  Fellow tech addicts. 

 photo Papa3_zpspim4fkxd.jpg
It was a cold day on the beach.  Papa refused to dress warmer because he insisted he could handle it.  Haha! 

 photo Papa4_zpsgddqn0js.jpg
These boys love the beach even on a cold windy day.  Some crazy wind surfers were entertaining to watch. 

 photo Papa5_zpskslau9gh.jpg
Yikes, these guys got eaten by a large shark! 

 photo Papa6_zps8radzvir.jpg
My silly boys pretending they were being eaten. 

 photo Grandma1_zpsygfejvsk.jpg
Downtown Savannah with Grandma, Aunt Naomi, and Grady. 

 photo Grandma2_zpsqcf9tz2s.jpg
Evan is such a good big brother/cousin holding hands walking down the street.  Brody and Grady are best buddies. 

 photo Grandma3_zpszdsaw45u.jpg
Brody wanted his picture taken with all the monuments.  This one was a sweet memorial to Scottish forbears.  I guess there is a large Scottish ancestry in the area. 

 photo Grandma4_zpslstzxjkt.jpg
The obelisk monument to Revolutionary War hero Major General Nathanael Greene who is buried in Savannah. 

 photo Grandma5_zpsctt9x6ll.jpg
The pretty gold dome of Savannah City Hall and some cannons to impress the boys. 

 photo Grandma6_zpspsfdvmbt.jpg
An old U.S. Customhouse. 

 photo Grandma7_zpsps0uxcoq.jpg
I thought this arch was the perfect couple photo spot. 

 photo Grandma8_zpsmd7gfiui.jpg
Grandma and the boys enjoyed some yummy ice cream from the River Street Sweets shop. 

 photo Grandma9_zpscc10h31o.jpg
Daddy and Grayson enjoyed resting on a bench by the river. 

 photo Grandma10_zpsujqjsjti.jpg
The bigger boys enjoyed playing on the little tug boat. 

 photo Grandma11_zpsy0umd8sj.jpg
Sweet little boat captains. 

 photo Grandma12_zpshbcodgcm.jpg
Grayson and Mattox wore the sweet Grandma rocks shirts I bought them for the occasion. 

 photo Grandma13_zpsayds8dug.jpg
Mattox is always taking care of his baby and wanted to be sure Grandma was holding him correctly. 

 photo Grandma14_zpsz86w9ozk.jpg
Better pictures of Grandma and all her boys.  Mattox was slightly more cooperative this time. 

 photo Grandma15_zps8ld7v8qy.jpg
Grady always wants to hold the baby. 

 photo Grandma16_zpsdiajjhhc.jpg
The boys loved watching the Georgia Queen on the move, and the boys were excited to hit the beach. 

 photo Grandma17_zps4mzhwdue.jpg
Mattox the pirate loves the beach. Mommy bought all of the big boys some Tybee Island t-shirts that were on sale at a local shop. 

 photo Grandma18_zps6mip2nx7.jpg
Brody's shirt was big enough to be a dress so he went without pants. 

 photo Grandma19_zpscajynuri.jpg
The water was surprisingly warm. 

 photo Grandma20_zpsduz6suhq.jpg
Cousins on the beach. 

 photo Grandma21_zpsyvh4ltlg.jpg
Mommy and Mattox taking a stroll. 

 photo Grandma22_zpsayskobfj.jpg
Little Grayson loved the sunshine. 

 photo Grandma23_zps8xwagnf3.jpg
Mattox just loves playing in the dirt. 

 photo Grandma24_zpss3kdfvte.jpg
These boys were shark hunting. 
 photo Grandma29_zps25lc2ydk.jpg
Celebrating the boys' 10th, 6th, and 2nd birthdays together. 

 photo Grandma25_zps1xnaqtrv.jpg
Sweet Mattox got to celebrate his birthday again. 

 photo Grandma26_zpsnyk6dzzr.jpg
Enjoying their cupcakes. 

 photo Grandma27_zpsgb7rwcb7.jpg
Mattox enjoyed his cupcake sans icing.  
 photo Grandma30_zpswtepjcor.jpg
Grady and Mattox enjoyed some play time together before bed. 

 photo Grandma28_zpsnvsp0ewn.jpg
Grandma giving her littlest man lots of love before she had to leave. 

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