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Grayson's 3rd Month ~ Big Smiles!

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A few things about Grayson at 3 months:
  • Size:  We weren't able to get you in for another check up this month due to our move and having to wait for your new insurance to start.  I wasn't very worried about you because you seemed to be more like big brother Brody and were really starting to look nice and chunky.  We weren't having any issues with feeding, and you were filling out your clothing nicely.  You were starting to max out most of your 0 to 3 month clothes and wearing more 3 to 6 month one pieces.   You also started wearing size 2 diapers later this month.   Your check up next month would confirm that you were going up the growth charts.    On March 8th at 13 weeks, you weighed 12 lbs. 8.2 oz. (10th to 25th percentile) and were 25.5 inches long (75 to 90th percentile).  Your head circumference was 41 cm (25 to 50th percentile).  You are just perfect to us!   
  • Developmental Accomplishments:  You were definitely becoming a very happy and smiley baby more like big brother Brody here too.  Evan and Mattox were a little harder to get to smile and giggle at this age, but you and Brody both love to laugh and smile so big it looks like your face would hurt from smiling so big.  You get loud giggles too.  I can't actually recall who made you laugh first, but you love to laugh at Daddy being silly and tickling you with his rough unshaven face.  You also love when Mommy talks in silly voices and kisses you on your tummy and neck and blows raspberries.  Like all of your brothers, tummy time is not usually your favorite time, but you can hold your head up very well.   I think you will perfect sitting up before you learn to roll much like big brother Brody because you seem so strong in your upper body.
  • Sleeping:  You are still a great sleeper like all of your brothers and sleep through the night until I usually have to wake you up to change your diaper and feed you at about 6 a.m.   You will usually go back to sleep for a couple more hours after that since Daddy takes big brothers to school. 
  • Likes/Favorites:  Right now, Mommy is still your favorite person, but you are so fascinated with watching your big brothers, and you love when Daddy comes home from work and plays with you.  Evan is a good big brother who will help Mommy play with you and take you into his room while Mommy is busy cooking or cleaning.  Much like with Mattox, Brody is a little different story and is probably still experiencing a little jealousy, but he does ask to hold you sometimes.  You also started grasping some of your toys this month and seem to like your play mat.  You also love warm baths now but hate having to get out and feeling cold and wet. 
  • Health:   No health concerns at the moment.  We are so thankful you are in such great health. 

 photo Grayson6_zpsgsfsajdk.jpg
9 Weeks

 photo Grayson7_zpsgcaav6ut.jpg
Yes, babes want him.  Can you blame them?  

 photo Grayson8_zps7gevdho2.jpg
It's not all sunshine and roses, and I do make some silly not happy faces too. 

 photo Grayson9_zpsbioqta9j.jpg
But I smile a lot and I always look cute. 

 photo Grayson10_zpsnbw3qdwo.jpg
I should probably use this pillow to show how big he gets in comparison through the first year. 

 photo Grayson11_zpsofncklee.jpg
Looking cute before church. 

 photo Grayson12_zpsbzarcgbd.jpg
I liked this little nautical themed outfit that was actually a designer series carried by Wal-Mart back when Evan was a baby.   It think it was Georgio Armani's line called George. 

 photo Grayson13_zpsxlswz01a.jpg
We just love cuddling in the bed...even in the nude.  Haha!  Okay, that's just him. 

 photo Grayson14_zpshijavgtu.jpg
Another cute Valentine for Mommy. 

 photo Grayson15_zpswvdxmh3p.jpg
10 weeks old for his first Valentine's. 

 photo Grayson16_zps7t2kqcne.jpg
I love you too, little man! 

 photo Grayson17_zps7oj6fwuf.jpg
He was really starting to fill out his little tub.  He really does love baths and usually gets the best giggles while Daddy is washing him.  

 photo Grayson18_zps2enavlhc.jpg
11 weeks!  Wearing one of the old Janie and Jack favorites, of course, 

 photo Grayson19_zpsj3hcv2li.jpg
Mommy calls him Elmer Fudd with these big toothless grins. 

 photo Grayson20_zps8fv2d5ip.jpg
Still likes to shake his fist at me. 

 photo Grayson21_zpsxv3kqjb8.jpg
I love all of his cute little faces!

 photo Grayson22_zpsu8f2hp97.jpg
Getting so long. 

 photo Grayson23_zps3woisva9.jpg

 photo Grayson24_zpswqplh8x6.jpg

 photo Grayson25_zpsoanbfva5.jpg
12 Weeks.  Probably Mommy's favorite Janie and Jack piece.  I just love the simple red and white stripes and the little cow, milk, truck appliques.   

 photo Grayson26_zpsewsi3sto.jpg

 photo Grayson27_zpshufjuakt.jpg

 photo Grayson28_zps0ssxmsxo.jpg
Oh, those faces!

 photo Grayson29_zpsn3icmdbw.jpg
3 months already!  How did that happen?  

 photo Grayson30_zpsbsqrmdrk.jpg
The very first baby outfit I ever purchased after finding out Evan was a boy.  Yes, Janie and Jack of course.  It has a matching sunhat.  It has a cute little cow and chicken applique, but I just love traditional overalls for little boys. 

 photo Grayson31_zpshfvzmauc.jpg

 photo Grayson32_zps69e7xrnd.jpg
At his 3 month weight check and well visit.  It was close to Dr. Seuss's birthday so we loved the Dr. Seuss paper on the exam table. 

 photo Grayson33_zpsdkou9k2i.jpg
One of my favorite gifts ever, and he is a special one as a little early Christmas present. 

 photo Grayson34_zpsck7qts0m.jpg
Yay for football.  He watched his first Super Bowl.  

 photo Grayson35_zpseszvktvk.jpg
He played on his play mat although big brother tried to take it over. 

 photo Grayson36_zpsflytfvpv.jpg
He loves being outside and giggles when the wind blows in his face. 

 photo Grayson37_zpscry7tatv.jpg
Mommy is a bit obsessed with sleepers with cute animals on the booty and feet. 

 photo Grayson38_zpsd4t3tki4.jpg
Big brother Mattox is obsessed with him. 

 photo Grayson.comparison4_zpsyxya0zmw.jpg
A good comparison of all of my boys in the same outfit at about the same age.  Funny that the biggest baby was wearing the outfit at the oldest age.  Ha!  Grayson does look the most like Brody although his hair hasn't grown out quite as much although maybe by 5 months it will.  Brody had longer and fuller lashes and eyebrows too, but Grayson's have been filling out more. 

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