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Fatigued and Fabulous February {2017}

Whew, February, I know you were a short month, but you were a tiring one for me!  Maybe it was unpacking and setting up a new house, maybe it was taking care of four busy boys, including a toddler and a newborn, or maybe it was just that I haven't been feeling 100% lately.  But aside from being tired, we did share some special times in our new Georgia home.  The weather was pretty fantastic in February too.

 photo February1_zpsxip1svhs.jpg
We started the month with this little cutie pie turning 2 months old. 

 photo February2_zpsnejra77y.jpg
We tried out some new eateries in our new area.  Galloping Gertie is an old car outside a sweet little place called The Local that boasts some great coastal and southern classics like shrimp and grits and low country boil.  I also enjoyed a unique take on chicken and waffles from another place, and the boys and I enjoyed trying a local ice cream shop that I am sure we will visit many times this summer. 

 photo February3_zpsfran1qgv.jpg
Mattox and Mommy had a date lunch at Chick-fil-a.  We have to drive a little ways to get to a Chick-fil-a.  There are surprisingly very few Chick-fil-as in this area, and you would think there would be more in Georgia.  And they are all very crowded.  I was hoping our town would get one soon, but another neighboring town is getting one so we may visit that one in the future.  

 photo February4_zpsp0ddzvfc.jpg
I wish Grayson had worn this little shirt more, but he was already outgrowing it here.  He really is one of the best gifts ever.  I love our little "Christmas present." 

 photo February5_zpsug50s585.jpg
We cheered for the Falcons in the Super Bowl this year, and again, we were disappointed in the outcome although the game was more fair this year than last year's game with our Panthers.  I didn't see any major bad calls.  I do think it is kind of crazy that we have lived in two states now in consecutive years when our state's teams went to the Super Bowl.  

 photo February6_zpsovnhc2rj.jpg
Another football fan, perhaps? 

 photo February7_zpsymhs3cek.jpg
The Falcons started the game very strong so we were very hopeful. 

 photo February8_zpsnwbqoy3r.jpg
Grayson tried out his play mat once we got a little more settled.  Of course, big brother was quick to try to steal it. 

 photo February9_zps5q1nwsdh.jpg
Since it was a lovely 81 degrees outside, we decided to try out the neighborhood park.  Have I mentioned the bugs?  Ugh.  Coastal Georgia is infested with sand gnats.  I didn't think anything was worse than mosquitoes.  

 photo February10_zpsmeodukew.jpg
But we all managed to have a little fun before the bugs ran us off. 

 photo February11_zpsomkiyt6b.jpg
Grayson was as happy as could be outside and didn't seem bothered at all by the bugs. 

 photo February12_zpsoungvwor.jpg
I have very little documentation of the moving and unpacking business, but these pictures of Mattox's fascination with bubble wrap will have to do.  

 photo February13_zpsg7toixd8.jpg
I just love baby clothes with cute animals on the bootie and feet.  Siberian Huskies for the win. 

 photo February14_zpssnhzmkz1.jpg
And lots of brother loving happening here. Grayson even reciprocated a little. 

 photo February15_zpsexmfyfwf.jpg
We checked out our new library's story time, and Mattox enjoyed playing with the other kids afterwards. 

 photo February16_zpsxdrnnaqu.jpg
I didn't have a smaller box to make Brody a Valentine box so I used a diaper box to make him this cool shark.  He was so excited and said all the kids liked his box the best. That's what it is all about, right?  Hehe! 

 photo February17_zpsm8i2krvs.jpg
Sweet sleeping baby and sweet happy baby. 

 photo February18_zpsywmrim4j.jpg
My little fisherman.  Mattox decided he wanted to go fishing and has been playing with his little fishing set a lot. 

 photo February19_zpsmxf3dd38.jpg
We had to go back to the Local and take a picture of both boys driving Miss Gertie. 

 photo February20_zpszxg8q4ui.jpg
We tried to take a little afternoon walk after school while the bugs weren't too bad.  I am still trying to figure out the logistics of walking with four kids.  My new neighbor actually gave us a double jogging stroller someone gave her so that is making it easier.  Here, Evan was pushing Mattox in his car, and I was pushing the single stroller while Brody rode his old bike which was too small for him. 

 photo February21_zpsclcmznd7.jpg
We celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday coming up with another library story time and project making Cat in the Hat's hat.  

 photo February22_zps9gngh622.jpg
The rarely documented life of Cocoa.  She has her own room at this house where she can lay around and sleep.  I just can't manage her shedding well enough for her to have free reign in the house.  Thankfully, we have a sun room that is right off the living room area.  The boys also play video games in there so she isn't always alone.  

 photo February23_zpskv5htooh.jpg
These two boys were Mommy's very special Valentines.  They brought me a rose from the roses Daddy bought me. 

 photo February24_zpssnbtywpd.jpg
Having a few minutes alone in the car with my sweet Grayson while Daddy and the big boys went grocery shopping. 

 photo February25_zpsjnif7tfj.jpg
Yay for blog friends turned real life friends!  I was so shocked to find out my old blog friend, Valerie, lives in our new town.  We are framily now! Miss Veronica's pouty face is the cutest.  She is Mattox's match for sure. 

 photo February26_zpspk14oflk.jpg
The boys love this local Mellow Mushroom in Pooler that has a movie theme. A transformer for Evan and a minion for Brody and Mattox. They also do a kids' night where they get to make their own pizza. 

 photo February27_zpshzywwflr.jpg
At another library story time, we made a Fox in Socks puppet. 

 photo February28_zpsmeoruclc.jpg
Oh, I just adore this sweet time with my spunky little Mattox. 

 photo February29_zps2ohiaxuu.jpg
Lots of brother love in this house.  I am so glad these boys love one another.  Evan and Mattox are so much alike and are such great big brothers. 

 photo February30_zpsdx7hfzbk.jpg
When I leave Mattox to his own devices to feed himself yogurt, this mess happens.  He thinks he is finger painting.  He also likes using his tools.  

 photo February31_zpssgp2ooek.jpg
Our new dressers finally arrived at the end of the month so we could finally have somewhere to put our clothes.  We put our old dressers in Evan's new big kid room.  We are still debating whether we will get the bed to match these.  I do like it, but I also like our upholstered headboard.  We like that this set is well made and sturdy and not too ornate. 

 photo February33_zpsb7irhdpy.jpg
Some sweet pictures of all of our boys before church.  So handsome!  Brody cooperated better when he got to hold Grayson. 

 photo February32_zpsdbvotw0o.jpg
Sometimes I just like these little facebook quizzes click baits that give us sweet reminders like this one.  Definitely some precious moments from the last 5 years.  A lot has happened since 2013.  


  1. Yes, you have to find the nearest Chick-fil-A....that should be top! Well that, and finding a church... :)
    Yay for finding friends already too!

    1. It definitely was but just wish it was closer. Sigh. I am sure you know a little about coastal Georgia and how different it is. We have been enjoying a new church too. I just can't figure out why my comments don't go through on your blog. :-(


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