Friday, March 10, 2017

Celebrating Mattox's 2nd Birthday

Our little rainbow Mattox is 2 years old!  How did that happen?  What a colorful little addition he is to our family.  We just love him to pieces.  This stage is just so fun with him.  He is still so sweet and loving, but he is getting so independent and very busy all the time.  He is so much like big brother Evan and does not like to sit still.  His favorite things are his baby brother, giving "bah" kisses, driving his cars and making car sounds, and getting into drawers and cabinets that he knows he shouldn't.  He is a mess, but he is so cute that it is hard to be mad at him.  While I know relocating to a new house in a new town has turned his little world upside down, he has handled it like a champ much like he did as a newborn.  We wanted his birthday to be extra special for him even though we couldn't do a big party with family and friends since we had just moved.  We actually celebrated several times over the course of the month.

 photo birthday1_zpsb9jhmbdc.jpg
I wanted to put up some festive decorations to surprise the birthday boy when he woke up.  

 photo birthday2_zpsocmooqlh.jpg
He was pretty excited to walk through the streamers outside his bedroom and to see balloons and more colorful streamers waiting for him. 

 photo birthday3_zpsjgoeykar.jpg
I thought about doing a different "theme" for this year, but with the moving and unpacking business, I just never had the time to put something else together.  Of course, rainbow colorful decorations for our little rainbow blessing just always seems appropriate. I think God has seen fit to take the stressful big birthday party planning out of my hands the last few years and has forced me to keep it more simple with moving twice in two years.  I know that planning bigger parties was always a stressful addition to my life and that I did need to relax and relieve some stress.  I do appreciate a simpler way of celebrating together.   

 photo birthday4_zpstf6cog0g.jpg
Mattox enjoyed his breakfast "cupcake" complete with candles, and he even seemed to appreciate Mommy singing to him.  It was just the two of us and baby Grayson most of the day. 

 photo birthday5_zpsr6y49hbx.jpg
He even wore his party hat proudly.  I love that little chocolate face. 

 photo birthday6_zpsiths6xpg.jpg
I just can't imagine anything any cuter than that face. He has stolen my heart completely!

 photo birthday7_zpsvhey3ie1.jpg
I made him a birthday shirt to wear.  Although I wasn't going to do any themes this year, I just thought this Dr. Seuss idea was too cute since his birthday is only one day from Dr. Seuss's. Someone on facebook said it sounded more like something Yoda would say.  I think Yoda would say "Two am I."  Haha!

 photo birthday8_zpsdnql11wg.jpg
I added his name and number 2 on the back. 

 photo birthday9_zps22e00prg.jpg
These boys and I planned to meet Daddy for lunch in a neighboring town about halfway between our house and Daddy's work.  Daddy works about 45 minutes away so driving all the way there is hard when I have to get back to pick the boys up from school.  Plus, there are not many places to eat around his work since it is out in the middle of nowhere.  Daddy ended up getting stuck inside the bomb range because of some bombing practice so we ended up eating by ourselves at a Mexican restaurant.  Yes, that was a little stressful for Mommy, but I did try to get a selfie to remember it. 

 photo birthday10_zpsj8e9k2st.jpg
Later that day, Daddy got home to put Mattox's present together.  He was so excited when he walked outside and saw his cool new car.  He loves to drive, and I think he makes a cute little police officer.  He makes the cutest little gestures and head tilt when he is thinking about something or checking something out.  I wish there was a better way to capture all of those cute toddler expressions and actions. 

 photo birthday11_zpsz3xll9vl.jpg
Loving his cute little car.  

 photo birthday12_zpsyqmokpcj.jpg
I was going to buy some of our favorite Whole Foods cupcakes for after dinner that night, but sadly, the Savannah Whole Foods doesn't seem to keep cupcakes ready to sale so I will have to remember to special order those next time.  I bought a little cake instead.  It was very rich and sweet. 

 photo birthday13_zpswduq6yat.jpg
Excited to be sang to and to have a candle on his cake.  He still hasn't perfected blowing it out by himself though. 

 photo birthday14_zps9jzybxdt.jpg
The cutest and sweetest chocolate face. 

 photo birthday15_zpsrmuouruk.jpg
It took me a pitiful long time to get this present wrapped for him.  I wanted him to have one gift to unwrap.  I had picked this up before his birthday and then realized I had no wrapping paper because I had not wanted to pack my old paper rolls and bags and had just tossed them out.  I finally got some new paper and wrapped this one up for him to open a few weeks after his birthday.  Like I said, we celebrated all month.  Haha! 

 photo birthday16_zpsav6f5oca.jpg
He was so excited to see his new lawnmower.  We had also tossed out Brody's old mower because it was in poor condition from being left outside for the last couple of years.  Mattox needed a new one. 

 photo birthday17_zpsl0icff7q.jpg
He loves mowing the grass and making bubbles too. Brody enjoyed it too. 

 photo birthday18_zpshpqu6ji6.jpg
Bubble mowers are awesome! 

 photo birthday19_zpss1fo7hec.jpg
I also finally got around to painting the little house we had picked up last year in our old neighborhood and rescued from being thrown away.  I think it looks pretty cute now.  I had seen one on Pinterest spray painted like this and liked it.  Mattox loves his little house. 

 photo birthday20_zps8lxpedg1.jpg
That weekend I made him a little 2 cake because I thought some friends were coming over and going to the children's museum with us, but they all got sick.  Our neighbor friends made Mattox this sweet poster for his birthday.  They are two of the sweetest boys, and I am so thankful Evan and Brody have them to play with.  

 photo birthday21_zpscwr1df7m.jpg
We tried out the Savannah Children's Museum which is an outside play space in some old historic railroad and manufacturing buildings.  While right now, I don't think it is worth the price, I think the building plans for the future additions to the museum looks amazing.  I know it will take a lot of money and work to get those old buildings renovated to safely house a children's museum while keeping the character and history of the space.  The boys did have fun together.  It is connected to the Savannah Railroad Museum which the boys would really enjoy visiting. 

 photo birthday22_zps0c9sogl6.jpg
Mattox enjoyed leading me through the little maze and dressing up as Harry Potter. 

 photo birthday24_zpswzedpf5c.jpg
Mattox helped big brother build his fortress. 

 photo birthday25_zpseh4grrxo.jpg
And he and Mommy built him his own fortress out of big lego blocks. 

 photo birthday26_zpsvljlt21v.jpg
More building.  These boys could build all day long.  I think they will have their own construction and architectural business one day. 

 photo birthday27_zpsjxbnorar.jpg
Mattox enjoyed playing music on this cool musical art feature. 

 photo birthday28_zpscpfmaop5.jpg
Carrying big blocks is hard work. 

 photo birthday29_zps0vfuh7mp.jpg
Meeting a bear and driving a big ship. 
 photo birthday31_zpsjggkfawq.jpg
Brody and Mattox hanging out with the bear. 

 photo birthday32_zpsrmiwtsfu.jpg
Evan found a soccer ball and was showing off his tricks. 

 photo birthday33_zpsrelwvype.jpg
These boys enjoyed playing on this little train locomotive. 

 photo birthday34_zpsy2pbuf0r.jpg
But playing king of the hill was probably their favorite part.  There was this big hill for climbing on outside the museum play area.  

 photo birthday35_zpszgvjpoeh.jpg
Mattox tried to climb up too. 


  1. What a sweet birthday celebration for your sweet boy! And yes, he will always be your rainbow so that is a perfect theme for him.

    Rachel still uses the (boring non-bubble) mower we got her for one of her birthdays, so that will be a gift that lasts. And lasts. And lasts.

    1. Awe, thank you for reading. Yes, he loves pushing anything with wheels. We'd likely still have the old one if we hadn't moved. Moving has helped us purge a lot. Haha!

  2. Also I love your new header. What cute pictures of your boys :)

  3. This looks so fun. Happy Birthday Mattox!


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