Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Valentine's 2017

In the past, we have celebrated some special Valentine's that included snow.  Now that our chances of snow are just about zero, I thought we should start a new tradition and have a beachy Valentine's celebration.  February gave us many nice, warm days in our new town so it was a very pleasant day for a beach outing to Tybee Island.  Although the water was chilly, the boys were still able to enjoy getting their feet wet without getting hypothermia.  We weren't the only ones enjoying the beach on this day, but it definitely wasn't crowded and was just so nice and quiet and peaceful.  It was a fun day, and we got some nice pictures to remember it.

 photo Valentines_zps0octoxv7.jpg

 photo Valentines1_zpsvelhlklp.jpg
Our first family beach pictures with baby Grayson. 

 photo Valentines2_zpsfpyrr9t4.jpg
A few decent shots considering my kids hate the sun in their eyes.

 photo Valentines3_zps2wgjyhg6.jpg
And some silly ones too!
 photo Valentines4_zpsoobdhqg9.jpg
Baby Grayson's first Valentine's and first time at the beach. 
 photo Valentines5_zpszwbflxs3.jpg
This is love!

 photo Valentines6_zpsl6jnfdwz.jpg
I included these because I loved Mattox's face and how it shows that he can't stop showing his baby brother love. 

 photo Valentines7_zps1poqqo2z.jpg
My sweet Brody.  He just can't resist trying to chase the seagulls. 

 photo Valentines8_zpspfd6g6km.jpg
Hanging out on the beach with my babies.  Daddy doesn't love the beach as much as we do and didn't want to get wet so he just took pictures of us.  Evan was shading baby Grayson from the sun. 

 photo Valentines9_zpsrcykfham.jpg
My silly, sweet, cute Mattox.  I just love him so much and this stage he is in. 

 photo Valentines10_zpsjsvtcxxj.jpg
Brothers looking out for one another, and Mommy and her sweet littlest baby. 

 photo Valentines11_zps7ndoxqwo.jpg
Oh, I just love those faces!

 photo Valentines13_zps02nlqow6.jpg
These two will have so many adventures together with Evan always being the sensible one to keep them from harm. 

 photo Valentines14_zpsnloxd3gr.jpg
Brody teaching Mattox to play in the dirt. 

 photo Valentines15_zpso5nrwgj5.jpg
Evan encourages Brody to get more exercise. 

 photo Valentines16_zps2uidr4sg.jpg
This kid is always running. 
 photo Valentines12_zpspxsffzxs.jpg
Tybee Island will be our main beach although if it is too crowded in the summer, we will venture down to Jekyll Island or up to Hilton Head.  The boys found this poor jellyfish on the beach.  These are unusual jellyfish without the long tentacles that sting.  

 photo Valentines17_zpsrkwwcmqx.jpg
Some of our special Valentine's decor with my pretty red roses from Daddy, cards, and balloons for the boys. 

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