Thursday, January 26, 2017

Our Last NC Snow

What???  Yes, that title does have me feeling a little like crying since we now live in an area that will basically never see snow or freezing temperatures.  Sigh.  And the bugs...don't even get me started on the bugs.  One day, I am convinced, they will eat me alive.  Pretty much, I will be spending a lot of time indoors and only venturing out when the wind blows all the pesky bugs and gnats away.  For now, I am just glad my kids got to see a little snow before our big move.  It may not have been a very impressive snow, but I'll take it.  I was actually afraid it would be all gone by the time we got home from our trip to Savannah.  And yes, I am writing this in March two months later, and it seems like a lifetime ago.  Time has really been flying by.  So when we were driving home late at night, I made Eddie stop about 40 minutes from home where there was a decent ground cover of snow so the boys could see it.  I just didn't know whether there would even be any at our house.  Thankfully, there was still a little snow at the house, and the boys even got a couple of snow days out of school.

 photo snow1_zpssiqc15wb.jpg
We were just so excited to see some white stuff.  Evan and Brody insisted on trying to make snow angels.  Mattox was just wondering what this stuff was. 

 photo snow2_zpsu1cr7u3t.jpg
Oh I love this baby.  He is just at my most favorite age and is the cutest thing.  I have pictures of all of the boys wearing this little winter coat.  We have gotten a lot of use out of it.  It might be able to go one more round.  

 photo snow3_zps6ibfbqgm.jpg
My handsome boys enjoying the snow. 

 photo snow4_zpswa1ajs0h.jpg
Mommy and her little men.  I had just gotten a new coat for Christmas and was happy to actually get to wear it.  I may not have many opportunities now.  Sigh. 

 photo snow5_zpsg3jju7xw.jpg
The epic snow of 2017.  Haha!  Well, it was pretty special to us.  We stopped right outside Campbell University to see the snow that night. 

 photo snow6_zpsxdto3oqq.jpg
Our Christmas lights did look pretty fabulous in the snow. 

 photo snow7_zpslg2xzj33.jpg
I had to get a picture of Grayson in his first snow.  

 photo snow8_zpste77imkv.jpg
And one more with my boys in the daylight at our old house. 
Goodbye, Holly Springs, North Carolina, and snow!  *Sniff*

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