Monday, January 30, 2017

Kindergarten Fun

Brody was lucky that his last week at his old school was so fun.  They celebrated their 100th day of school and got to go on a fun field trip to Marbles, the children's museum in downtown Raleigh.  I was thankful to get to share in some of this fun with him.  Daddy and I also went to eat lunch with him at school on his last day, and he got to pick some friends to eat with us in his classroom.  He picked all girls.  Haha!  I am feeling very nostalgic already looking back at these pictures from our last days in North Carolina.  Sigh.  I am just sad because my heart will always be in North Carolina where I grew up, fell in love, and started this little family of ours.  All of our children were born there (except Evan since he was technically born in Virginia).  It will always be home, but I know in a few years, I will have a ton of memories here in Georgia to make this feel more like home too.  I just want my kids to remember the good times we shared in their beloved first home.

 photo school1_zps5ngftwoy.jpg
I made him a cute monster shirt with 100 googly eyes for his 100th day shirt.  Thanks, Pinterest!  I am having too much fun making cute kindergarten projects for him.  I don't remember getting to do these things for Evan.  I don't think his old school was as active, and unfortunately, I don't think their new school is either. 

 photo school2_zps3bzpdpkp.jpg
I just love his faces. He was trying to make mean monster faces, but he just ended up looking cute. 

 photo school22_zpsoga7yy13.jpg
His teacher posted these shots on their class share site.  The kids made 100th day hats to wear.  Apparently, Brody preferred wearing his upside down.  He was hard at work making shapes with yummy pretzel sticks and marshmallows.  

 photo school3_zpsbxeaawek.jpg
On my walk to meet Brody's class at the museum in downtown Raleigh, I couldn't helping taking a few last shots of downtown Raleigh.  Raleigh does have some old history in it, and this old church has been designated a National Historic Landmark. 

 photo school4_zps5eiydg7w.jpg
One last view of the old Capitol building. 

 photo school5_zpszkiyd6ba.jpg
Ready for a fun day at Marbles.  I do wish we had visited this little museum together as a family before we moved away.  It was always in my plans but just never happened.  Brody's class had been doing a whole unit on money and buying wants and needs so this section of the museum dedicated to money and how you earn it was perfect.  Raleigh isn't a big banking center like Charlotte, but it does have the headquarters of a large local bank that sponsors this exhibit.  

 photo school6_zpsyw2dpjka.jpg
Brody loved visiting the "bank" and driving the armored truck and using the teller deposit tube to send his "deposits" which were just balls.  He loved watching them go up the chute. 

 photo school7_zps82qx8iki.jpg
He went to work at the lemonade stand making lemonade. 

 photo school8_zpsyrrq5eg0.jpg
He loved jumping on the big piles of coins and making them light up. 

 photo school9_zpsk0pvxfpu.jpg
Working in the pizza parlor making pizza was definitely a favorite for him.  He loves to cook so this was a perfect spot. 

 photo school10_zpshrjbumtg.jpg
But he also cares for animals and loved taking care of them at the pet spa.  He gave his puppy a bath and cleaned her up and put her to bed. 

 photo school11_zpskarwypng.jpg
Yay for money!  I could see his face on some currency in the future.  

 photo school12_zpssdwsbaoo.jpg
A special "magic" show about money and how it really isn't made by magic. 

 photo school13_zps0hjm7oam.jpg
Building with giant legos. 

 photo school14_zpseq1apkjb.jpg
Playing with real tools (yes, real saws) and making some art.  I am glad I took a picture of his creation since it didn't make it home safely.  He colored a dog like Cocoa and dressed her up with a collar and blanket to keep her warm. 

 photo school15_zpssrigj4ri.jpg
My little ladybug (those can be boys too) put on a performance on stage for me.  Then, my little firefighter hero put out some fires. 

 photo school16_zps3bwwdrc8.jpg
He worked on the farm and couldn't decide whether he wanted to be a vet or a pediatrician as he lovingly cared for a newborn baby and a big dog. 

 photo school17_zpsizv8lace.jpg
He planted and harvested his garden. 

 photo school18_zpsnshlri5f.jpg
He also fed the baby animals but cooking in the kitchen was still his favorite option. 

 photo school19_zpswqzpnpso.jpg
He did enjoy driving a city bus though. 

 photo school20_zpseafeymic.jpg
These piano stairs were awesome.  I got on with him and tried to play some music.  It was so fun as they lit up and played the keys as you stepped on them. 

 photo school21_zpskjoucpy8.jpg
The boys posed for a picture on their last day at school.  Yes, I am sad to leave that school behind.  We noticed that Brody's class had made it onto the wall for getting the bronze award for earning golden hawks which are their good behavior awards.  Brody was on the front row in the class picture. 
Goodbye, old school!  *Sniff*

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  1. When we moved two years ago Lance's class/teachers made him a good-bye poster. I saved it (and I usually don't save anything), and I get chocked up when I look at it.


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