Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Evan's Last Days as a Webelo

Evan has enjoyed his years in Cub Scouts and all the interesting and fun events he has been able to experience.  He loved camping, hiking, playing with his buddies, building things, and going to fun and educational places.  On the day we moved from North Carolina, Evan got to participate in one last big Cub Scout event.  He always loves the Pinewood Derby so I was thankful he would get to participate again.  Last year, we made his car, and we made one for Brody to race.  This year, I had hoped we would have time to make him another car, but with packing and preparing to move, it just never happened.  We decided he could just race Brody's car this year which had actually performed well last year.  Evan's den leader also wanted to present him with his Webelo badge before he left since they had all accomplished the tasks required of them.  The rest of the troop would get their badges in a couple of weeks anyway.  So before we hit the road for Georgia, we had a little more fun although it did make for a later start on our journey.

 photo Webelos24_zpsrefm4fp7.jpg
One of the last events Evan participated in was the fun and chaotic annual "snowball" fight.  The kids all donate new socks to be given to a local charity for the homeless, and before the socks are given, the boys get to roll them up as snowballs and throw them at one another.  It is a blast!  And no, it is not possible to photograph this event with non-blurry pictures. 

 photo Webelos25_zps6sddpkza.jpg
All of my boys wanted to participate.  Little Mattox was just fascinated. 

 photo Webelos26_zpsuxrav9cu.jpg
Mattox did get into the action a little. 

 photo Webelos27_zpsb7rcyoc3.jpg
Kids and socks flying everywhere. 

 photo Webelos28_zps2unyhpxz.jpg
Then, the boys celebrated the oldest Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light, and congratulated them on moving up to Boy Scouts.  They made a tunnel for the older boys to run through. 

 photo Webelos29_zpsqdatfqob.jpg
Let the car races begin!  Evan was using the blue car with the red stripe in lane 2.  He took the lead in this race from the start. 

 photo Webelos30_zpst06ahpcr.jpg
He didn't get a trophy this year, but he did get first place in this race and no more than second or third place in his other races.  There were just some cars with faster times than his.  I was just surprised Eddie caught pictures of this race where he won first place. 

 photo Webelos31_zpseygggjs4.jpg
There were some cool cars for the kids to judge this year. 

 photo Webelos32_zpsy0skba29.jpg
Brody was just there for the pizza.  Ha!

 photo Webelos33_zpssgafinje.jpg
Evan was presented with his Webelo badge.  Little brother has some pretty serious big brother hero envy. 

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