Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Celebrating Daddy in Savannah

Although our trip to Savannah wasn't purely for pleasure, we did need to have a little fun for Daddy's birthday.  We arrived late on Friday night to wake up early and begin our house hunting adventures.  Luckily, we found our new house in time to get back to our hotel and get ready for dinner.  The boys and I had hoped to get to see the beach on this trip, but it was still getting dark too early.  We did visit the most happening place on Tybee Island in early January for dinner.  Everything else appeared pretty dead, but this place had a good crowd.  I know it will be even more fun to visit later in the year when it is lighter and warmer.  On Sunday, we wanted to get on the road before too late, but we couldn't leave without a quick trip downtown.  I can't wait to explore more of this historical town.

 photo Savannah1_zpswzcoer2g.jpg
These boys wanted to show Daddy their love by wearing their special Daddy shirts.  They do love him!  These shirts didn't come in the big boys' sizes.  

 photo Savannah3_zpsu1wyxyvu.jpg
A fun night at The Crab Shack.  This is actually an open air style restaurant, but they had it covered with lots of heaters going so it was nice and toasty inside.  The boys loved all the decorations. 

 photo Savannah2_zpsgbpydgip.jpg

 photo Savannah4_zpskrgn3mae.jpg
Inside, the boys colored and enjoyed the festive atmosphere.  Mommy enjoyed her plate of low country boil, and Evan even developed an appreciation for boiled long as Mommy peels them for him. 

 photo Savannah5_zpsn68qncjw.jpg
There will be lots of old historical houses like this one to explore. I was in old house, live oak heaven. 
 photo Savannah8_zps1pdf67kf.jpg
The beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  I just loved the way the sun shone on the front doors. 

 photo Savannah6_zpsapgyszf5.jpg
I love ornate Gothic architecture. 

 photo Savannah7_zpsgguevve3.jpg
A beautiful little park outside the cathedral with lots of Spanish moss draped live oaks. 

 photo Savannah9_zps6u3q3eoc.jpg
It was a little chilly, but I took a little walk through Colonial Park Cemetery. 
 photo Savannah10_zpsdsfeh03r.jpg
Lots of war heroes and important historical figures buried here. 

 photo Savannah11_zpsqd1ycqhw.jpg
The Habersham family were an important part of Savannah history. 

 photo Savannah12_zpsehk91w9j.jpg

 photo Savannah13_zpsmffksi4v.jpg

 photo Savannah14_zpsgyevv3tv.jpg
I love the tree lined streets. 

 photo Savannah15_zpsju6ifeic.jpg
The part of the cemetery dedicated to all the people who died in a Yellow Fever epidemic was sad.  I thought it was neat that the important Revolutionary War hero, Nathanael Greene, was buried along side a British officer. 

 photo Savannah16_zpswwidl5yd.jpg
The Old Savannah Cotton Exchange is an iconic structure in downtown along the riverfront. 

 photo Savannah17_zpspsdyzwyu.jpg
The gold dome of the city town hall is a shining symbol of the city.  It was originally copper, but it was gold leafed in 1987 at a cost of $240,000.  Luckily, a wealthy patron donated the money.  I love the original old streets on the riverfront.  

 photo Savannah18_zpsqqbmkhqf.jpg
A picture with Daddy.  We felt it was too cold to drag Grayson out for a picture. 

 photo Savannah19_zpsvdoz62xr.jpg
And a picture with Mommy.  Evan took a rare picture of Daddy and Mommy together. 

 photo Savannah20_zps5j8eobsc.jpg
The boys and I made the treacherous walk down these old stairs to the riverfront.  

 photo Savannah21_zps2ursmh6i.jpg
My little riverboat captains. 

 photo Savannah22_zpsf8ubicos.jpg
We want to take a ride on the Georgia Queen. 

 photo Savannah23_zpsif4c1wpc.jpg
This finally new bridge for Hwy. 17 is almost identical to the one in Charleston. 

 photo Savannah24_zpsqofmmgaa.jpg
Savannah does have the original River Street Sweets although you can find them in some other coastal cities.  The boys couldn't resist the sweet treats so we did buy some yummy pralines and truffles.  I am not a Salt Water Taffy fan, but it is fun to watch it being made in the summer months. There is just something "beachy" about salt water taffy. 
 photo Savannah25_zpscxma1xah.jpg
Mattox and Daddy and Grayson did join us down on the river so we could eat lunch before we had to leave.  Brody was trying to pull some gold debloons from this table in the pirate themed restaurant. 

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