Sunday, December 18, 2016

Nice November {2016}

Oh November!  Where did you go?  Where did this whole year go?  We are already over halfway through December and will soon be starting a whole new year.  November was a fairly nice and peaceful month before we started a busy and crazy month that would add another member to our family.  While it may not have been a very exciting month, we managed to have some fun together.

 photo November1_zpscpxnjakf.jpg
Little Mattox was pretty much the star of the show.  Oh the excitement he adds to the family!  He is always up to something...or in to something.  He continues to be his own fashionista wearing his clothes in unique ways.  He also likes to make a mess while eating his snack or breakfast.  If I give him a banana on a paper towel, the floor is going to end up looking like this.  That's torn up paper towel and bits of banana all over it.  Another cute thing he likes to do these days is hide objects down his shirt.  He is like a little old lady hiding money and stuff in her bra.  Haha!  We catch him sticking our cell phones and other objects down the front of his shirt.  He is the cutest little thief! 

 photo November2_zpsjpwdrgxz.jpg
Taking selfies with mommy. 

 photo November3_zpsklifoumq.jpg
Brody likes pushing little brother around the yard in his car.  

 photo November4_zpsoyvxr37t.jpg
They even found a small pile of leaves on the edge of our neighbor's yard.  We don't have too many leaves in our yard right now because we only have a few small maple trees that aren't in great shape. 

 photo November5_zpsclok6sqo.jpg
They love playing together at Chick-fil-a.  I like to take them right after school sometimes to let them play when it isn't busy and crowded.  

 photo November6_zpslrpwczsy.jpg
Brody was doing his homework, and Mattox did finally accomplish going down the big slide by himself. 

 photo November7_zpsmdbmfx2m.jpg
I had an errand to run at the mall, and I decided we would make a day of it.  We took the boys to eat at the Japanese steakhouse there which has been a favorite since Daddy and I were in college.  Our chef was so funny and full of jokes, and Brody always loves the fire. 

 photo November8_zpsj3oyq0wn.jpg
These boys have been playing so well together these days.  They love making tents under the bed sheets, falling asleep together, and playing in their sandbox. 

 photo November20_zpshoaenqst.jpg
Brody is still our resident artist making tons of artwork for us.  

 photo November9_zpsxptajqgl.jpg
Mattox is a kisser.  He loves giving kisses and makes the cutest kissing sound that sounds like "bahhh."  It seemed he was really getting ready for his baby to arrive because he took his big brother's baby picture and was kissing it.  Now, he gives tons of kisses to his new baby brother. 

 photo November10_zpsb4rit5zt.jpg
The boys and mom hit up Rita's one more time before it closes for the season.  Mattox and Brody enjoyed a gingerbread spice Italian ice and gelato shake while Mommy enjoyed her pumpkin spice one.  Evan stuck with his gelato sundae.  

 photo November11_zpsyueuemgc.jpg
Happiness is definitely a little boy wearing a superhero cape eating some Rita's!

 photo November12_zpsp0frivdo.jpg
Mattox was enjoying Brody dragging him around in a blanket.  

 photo November13_zpsjkaejhle.jpg
The big boys loved going to their school book fair and getting some new books to read. 

 photo November14_zpstgncokdr.jpg
And they got their picture with Little Zax at Zaxby's one night. 

 photo November15_zpsqaddunj4.jpg
We had a breakfast treat on one of their last days of school before winter break and ate doughnuts at Dunkin Donuts. 

 photo November16_zpsmofnkbht.jpg
Mattox and Daddy went to Mommy's last doctors' appointments with her.  Then, we all enjoyed a cold night outdoors going with Daddy to a work event. 

 photo November21_zpssyr1po8x.jpg
We ate some yummy barbecue. 

 photo November17_zpscebb15rm.jpg
I finished two projects, a wreath for Mattie for Christmas, and a new blanket for baby Grayson.  I made his out of chunkier yarn for a warmer and cozier winter blanket.  

 photo November19_zpszbxv1inv.jpg
Brody wanted his picture taken with the wreath. 

 photo November18_zpsqcybmajg.jpg
Sweet baby boy came down with a bad cold for about a week, and we both enjoyed lots of snuggling and napping together. 

 photo November22_zpsnlfgeuti.jpg
We all enjoyed another Mexican feast together.  Photos courtesy of Brody. 

 photo November23_zpslxhuqb3o.jpg
And a post isn't complete without some silly Brody selfies. 

 photo November24_zps1xv36eje.jpg
We also enjoy eating at Pei Wei a lot. 

 photo November25_zpst9yrts4d.jpg
Oh this sweet, silly boy. 

 photo November27_zps3norx7t9.jpg
We enjoyed celebrating another Thanksgiving with Great-Grandpa and Grandma, and Evan interviewed them for a Cub Scout project. 

 photo November26_zpsqvcdls18.jpg
And we got our house decorated for Christmas before baby Grayson arrived.   We are ready for a wonderful Christmas! 


  1. After a Nice November I hope you are having an absolutely Delightful December.

  2. This is so cute.
    Lance liked looking at the pictures of the boys on the slide. :)

  3. I love the tree! The boys have grown so much! Especially Brody. Love all the pics. Mattie wreath is beautiful.


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