Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from our family

As has become our tradition, we took our own family Christmas pictures for our annual Christmas cards this year.  I made our cards this year as I never find cards that are exactly what I am looking for.  I really enjoy making them myself and try to get them printed for the best possible price.  I love sending out Christmas cards, but with the price of ordering them and then paying for postage, it has really become a pretty expensive endeavor in recent years.  I have cut back on how many cards I send out these days, but I still like to send our closest friends and family a card.  I also just love looking back on our Christmas cards from years past.  It is such a fun little tradition for us.

 photo card.front_zpsmyf8ybgs.jpg

 photo card.inside1_zps9brlq4ox.jpg

 photo card.inside2_zpsllbzriio.jpg

 photo card.back_zps88dcow6b.jpg

 photo Christmas21_zpspsnzjnay.jpg

 photo Christmas22_zpsa8htqfz3.jpg

 photo Christmas24_zpsqofomhdo.jpg

 photo Christmas20_zpsgcidwcpk.jpg

 photo Christmas23_zps7ft6dhp1.jpg

 photo Christmas14_zpskgdecgmj.jpg

 photo Christmas15_zpspqxz83m8.jpg

 photo Christmas16_zpsouogwltf.jpg

 photo Christmas11_zpsbvgpdars.jpg

 photo Christmas12_zpsvy5s8crc.jpg

 photo Christmas13_zpsj40g4tkq.jpg

 photo Christmas17_zpsuupb5oxs.jpg

 photo Christmas18_zps19wjtf0b.jpg

 photo Christmas19_zpszfahisxk.jpg

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  1. Oh, I love the pictures of your four boys :) You get great photos!


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