Thursday, December 8, 2016

Meeting Grayson

Welcoming a new baby with three older brothers can get a bit chaotic.  Luckily, Grayson enjoyed a quiet first night with just Mommy and Daddy since he was born late at night.  Then, big brothers attended their last day of school before Christmas break which was a short day for them.  Big brother Mattox got a one on one meeting with his new little brother, and he even got some very important alone time with Mommy while little brother was having his tests and procedures performed.  I do think this worked out well for him.  Once little brother was brought back, the hospital photographer arrived and so did the other big brothers.  The room got chaotic and crowded very fast.  After meeting little brother and visiting for a while, Daddy took the big boys, Grandma, and Papa to eat dinner before they went home to get ready for bed.  Daddy and Mommy spent one more night in the hospital with baby Grayson since he was not yet 24 hours old.  He had his 24 hour testing in the middle of the night, but besides that, it was a relatively quiet night.  Finally, around lunch time on Saturday, we were ready to leave the hospital and take our little bundle home for the first time.

 photo Grayson25_zpsgbtrjrwo.jpg
Daddy kisses. 

 photo Grayson26_zpspqkpdgfp.jpg

 photo Grayson59_zpsaq713qg4.jpg
Meeting Mommy.

 photo Grayson58_zpsyn30mg0w.jpg
Mommy kisses.

 photo Grayson57_zpsp0kn2xuu.jpg
Talking with Mommy.

 photo Grayson32.jp_zpsfy4xlrgh.jpg
Meeting big brother Mattox.

 photo Grayson33_zpsvruo6wnm.jpg
This is love!

 photo Grayson34_zpsfsyyygyc.jpg
Checking out his little fingers. 

 photo Grayson35_zpsnhjbsehz.jpg
Just resting with Mommy and baby brother and watching some TV while Daddy went to get lunch. 

 photo Grayson40_zpsgla0ftsu.jpg
Big brothers brought balloons.

 photo Grayson38_zpswbjltkyg.jpg
Sweet big brother Evan is an old pro.

 photo Grayson39_zpsxank0mmd.jpg
Babies love him. 

 photo Grayson41_zps4hnrtzv1.jpg
Baby Grayson will be well protected by these two. 

 photo Grayson42_zpshbhj8oog.jpg
We will try for a shot of all four boys soon. 

 photo Grayson43_zpscgpey4yb.jpg
Getting some wisdom from big brother Evan. 

 photo Grayson44_zps7gd4d0r5.jpg

 photo Grayson45_zpsra9tjcdb.jpg
Big brother Brody is definitely more experienced now. 

 photo Grayson46_zps15ibvpzb.jpg
He gives big smiles for babies. 

 photo Grayson47_zpsloqj1pdy.jpg

 photo Grayson52_zpswa32yl4y.jpg
Sweet big brother Evan helps Mattox peek at his little brother. 

 photo Grayson51_zpswylolfcr.jpg
Meeting Grandma. 

 photo Grayson50_zpsd1ljk0ck.jpg
And Papa. 
Lots more meetings to come as we get together with family during the holidays.


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