Friday, December 30, 2016

Mattie's 4th Christmas in Heaven

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Dear Mattie,

We celebrated another Christmas without you.  Christmas is just one of those times when we really miss having you here with us.  It is such a special time filled with so many traditions that we would love to share with you.  We want to see you open your presents along with your brothers and see your little face light up with joy and excitement.  We want you to be a part of our family pictures and memories.  You would now be three and a half years old, and I don't know anything about what you would like or be interested in.  It is getting harder to imagine what you would want for Christmas since I can't know you here on earth.  I know in heaven none of these things really matter, but they matter to us down here because they are just another reminder that you aren't here.  You now have two little brothers who will never get to know you.  Watching Mattox love on your new baby brother shows me how much you would likely have loved your baby brothers.  I know you are watching over us all, and I hope you enjoy sharing in our traditions.  We love you and will never forget you.  We will likely have many more years of missing you here with us.  For now, here is how we honor and remember you at Christmas time:

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Mommy made another wreath for you this year.  I loved the pink and gold ribbon and ornaments and the special pink angel wings. 

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We visited you for Thanksgiving to take your wreath before your little brother arrived. 

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Mommy loves you. 
 photo Christmas5_zpslg7j3a3g.jpg
And so does little brother Mattox. 
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 photo Christmas8_zpsfrx1ewyx.jpg
Our family just doesn't feel complete without you. 

 photo Christmas7.1_zpsu4osiw7d.jpg
Just a little idea of what we would look like with you here. 

 photo Christmas9.1_zpsdlvbjcax.jpg
And you in our Christmas pictures. 

Christmas Outfits for you

 photo Christmas15_zpskyxtlsuj.jpg
Some Christmas pajamas for you. 

 photo Christmas16_zpswuufrhs4.jpg
And a little Christmas dress. 

 photo Christmas17_zpsuj0csims.jpg
You are definitely on the nice list...actually the perfect list! 

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Presents for you

 photo Christmas10_zpsf1sjfc9w.jpg
I don't know what you might like this year, but since you would be watching Mommy care for your baby brothers, I suspect you may want your own baby to care for. 

 photo Christmas11_zpsa94udvln.jpg
Maybe an older looking doll too. 

 photo Christmas12_zpsbtvmvi03.jpg
You would want to feed them. 

 photo Christmas13_zpsn8m9jchl.jpg
You would need a tricycle to keep up with big brothers. 

 photo Christmas14_zpsc8fbxaie.jpg
And you may want some more dress up clothes.  I bought your cousin some dress up trunks when she was about your age, and she loved them.  

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