Thursday, December 15, 2016

Grayson's Newborn Pictures

I am so behind on sharing Mr. Grayson's first months with us.  It has been a crazy couple of months, but we have enjoyed him so much.  He has been a little ray of sunshine to our days.  He is just as sweet as his big brothers were as babies with his own special sweetness and adorable personality.  He will break into the biggest smiles looking at the ceiling or some random object.  He is very patient and easygoing which is a good thing since he is often tested by his big brother Mattox.  We just think he is a beautiful and precious bundle of joy.  Mommy just cannot stop kissing his little face.

*Photos taken by us and the property of Our Sweet Love Story.

 photo newborn27_zpsidw2a8ip.jpg
Some of the photos we will use for Grayson's precious parts framed portraits like his big brothers'.

 photo newborn26_zpsqnqe2pin.jpg
The precious parts portraits will be black and white.  I just love this timeless treasure. 

 photo newborn25_zpstr1luawg.jpg
Sweet sleeping baby face.

 photo newborn24_zpslaudvfqv.jpg
So so snuggly.

 photo newborn23_zpsifqcjspp.jpg
Pretty pouty lips.

 photo newborn22_zpsynihkrey.jpg

 photo newborn21_zpsqmd9xwvi.jpg
Wearing the hat, diaper cover, and booties I crocheted for Mattox.

 photo newborn20_zpsrso2rjob.jpg
I love that face close up.

 photo newborn19_zpssbwrat4v.jpg

 photo newborn18_zpsgpr1xkk1.jpg
Snuggled up in his crocheted newborn wrap.

 photo newborn17_zpsajriwcli.jpg
Scrunchy baby face.

 photo newborn16_zpsdmuhneaj.jpg
Sweet little newborn smile.

 photo newborn14_zps2px9ofzg.jpg

 photo newborn13_zpsbzdiwpz2.jpg
Pouty baby.  "No more pictures!"

 photo newborn12_zps0ndkruql.jpg
"Okay, just one more smile."

 photo newborn11_zpsvgitweof.jpg
"Just let me sleep, please."

 photo newborn10_zpsxmdfe3pr.jpg
Not the best quality shot, but I love this little hint of a smile. 

 photo newborn9_zpsjg6hyoyr.jpg
A precious gift from God.

 photo newborn8_zpsfoa9gd5e.jpg

 photo newborn7_zpsyb6hafrs.jpg
"Okay, now I am done!"

 photo newborn6_zpsjtaijugp.jpg
"Did you hear me?"
 photo newborn5_zpsjeahtw3q.jpg
"Okay, I guess you can take a picture of my ear."

 photo newborn4_zpsvimja5dh.jpg
"And feet."

 photo newborn2_zpsy9mrvtoc.jpg
"But that is it!  I mean it!"

 photo newborn1_zpsm6grbk4k.jpg
"You asked for it!"

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