Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas

We started preparing for Christmas very early this year.  We had most of our Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving this year so that we wouldn't have to do a lot with a new baby in the house.  I utilized Amazon for a lot of our shopping along with T.J. Maxx and Target for other miscellaneous gifts.  We also got our Christmas tree and decorated the house.  Our decorations were pretty minimal, but this house just isn't large enough for an elaborate display so it felt plenty festive.  I felt pretty accomplished going into labor having accomplished all of these preparations.

 photo Christmas1_zpsfeba4zmy.jpg
We went back to the farm we went to last year to get our tree.  We also visited this farm for their corn maze and Fall festivities.   The boys love this giant chair. 

 photo Christmas2_zpsxcge4p8o.jpg
They had put up a sign to not get on the tractors and wagons this year.  Boo!  Mattox fell asleep in the car so he didn't participate in picking out a tree this year.  

 photo Christmas3_zpsquwjltpu.jpg
Baby Grayson tagged along.  Mommy was wearing a hospital bracelet because her doctor wanted her to go get another NST since the office was closed for Thanksgiving.  We had a nice little trial run for delivery day. 

 photo Christmas4_zpsmsgc3dhv.jpg
The boys were a big help decorating the tree.  I had to let Daddy do the lights this year.  

 photo Christmas5_zpsl48zibdy.jpg
Mattox and Brody put their first Christmas ornaments on the tree. 

 photo Christmas6_zpskqbpkupd.jpg
I couldn't pass up this little chalk board sign for a neat photo opportunity and hope to use it for the future.  Evan's top request was the new Harry Potter book although he also wanted the Eiffel Tower lego set.  Most of his Christmas would be a big surprise to him.  He has been doing a great job helping Mommy and Daddy hold his baby brother as well as doing well in school, and he always holds doors for others when we go somewhere. 

 photo Christmas7_zpsnlzynr4b.jpg
Brody's number one request this year was an art easel.  He is becoming quite the little artist these days.  I will have to do a whole post about our artwork.  He also plays well with little brother Mattox now and loves school. 

 photo Christmas29_zpsewo2l3me.jpg
The tree was decorated and the stockings were hung.  I love our full little mantel.  Of course, those presents were not put under the tree until Christmas Eve because Mattox would not leave them alone.  
 photo Christmas30_zpsd2t2eofy.jpg
The nativity is always a special part of our decorations, and we love celebrating Jesus's birthday. Mattie's little tree is also very special. 

 photo Christmas8_zpsaniocqnl.jpg
I just love this sweet little man.  He melts my heart with his big smiles and sweet personality.  He has been such an amazing big brother already.  I love when he holds his little arms out to hold Grayson and gives him lots of sweet kisses.  I cannot even describe how cute he is lately.  His top request this year was a vacuum cleaner of his own because he loves helping Daddy vacuum the house.  He is such a big helper to us all. 

 photo Christmas9_zps8vw5gdte.jpg
My sweet littlest man had a very short Christmas list this year.  He just wants his milk.  We just love this baby so much! 

 photo Christmas10_zpsq3cv2lar.jpg
We made it to our Christmas Eve service again, and all of the kids did very well through the whole service.  They love singing Christmas songs together. 
More to come...

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