Saturday, November 12, 2016

Okay October {2016}

October had its good times and some tough days, but it really was an okay month when it was all said and done.  The weather started to cool down a little and feel a little more like fall.  The big boys were back in school all month, and Mommy, Daddy and little brother did some traveling.  We even had a hurricane.  So yes, it was a bit crazy, but that's life.

 photo October_zpsa8js4lw2.jpg
Happy Fall, ya'll!  My very minimal Fall decorations. 

 photo October1_zpssbo3hjsu.jpg
We started the month with a big shopping trip to Target, a Rita's pumpkin spice shake, and some yummy chocolate chip banana bread. 

 photo October2_zpsg3t3kjtc.jpg
Little man Mattox got a special week away with just Mommy and Daddy in a fancy hotel.  We attended Daddy's association's annual meeting at the prestigious Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville.  The sunset from our window was pretty remarkable even taken through a glass window with a cell phone camera. 

 photo October3_zpskzm8ct7v.jpg
We enjoyed a nice "fancy" dinner at one of the hotel's restaurants the first night.  Mattox and I got a comfy seat by the fireplace.  

 photo October4_zps7m9icwfu.jpg
Some more of the views from our hotel window.  We didn't venture out too much because it was a lot more walking than Mommy could handle.  The main stone structure of the hotel was built in 1913 so it has a long history as a prestigious resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It was only recently taken over by the Omni hotel chain. 

 photo October5_zpsn9zi24ux.jpg
Mattox and I enjoyed a little ice cream date at the hotel's country store.  

 photo October6_zps7ctganl4.jpg
We even shared some.  He was so cute offering me his cone.  I think he is so much like his daddy was as a baby because his aunt likes to tell me how Baby Eddie liked to make sure his mama had something yummy if he was eating it too. 

 photo October7_zpsjb0nkxsv.jpg
Little man got a special teddy bear to remember his trip and was given a cute little backpack full of goodies from the hotel.  We also ventured out to the playground area for some fun. 

 photo October8_zpsecxywgau.jpg
He had the playground mostly to himself, and he was so big and brave climbing and sliding by himself. 

 photo October9_zps7f6x83sk.jpg
I wish I had better pictures of the outside of the resort.  The huge old stone chimneys are probably the most recognizable feature.  

 photo October10_zps6o0nzqbr.jpg
During the Christmas season, the hotel hosts a big gingerbread house competition that is pretty spectacular.  They had the second place winner from last year on display. 

 photo October11_zpsql9n0aet.jpg
Mattox and Mommy enjoyed getting a yummy smoothie from the hotel spa restaurant and sat and watched this pretty waterfall while we drank them.  The girl who made mine said it made enough for two so he got his own. 

 photo October12_zpscw1bko3f.jpg
At night, we enjoyed a nice fancy dinner and entertainment with Eddie's Association. 

 photo October13_zps1pbcitlu.jpg
One night we got to eat with Santa.  Yes, he is a forester and he also does his Santa job during the holidays.  Mattox was fascinated with him.  So for the cool price of $900, I could have bought Evan a signed portrait of the three lunar astronauts.  Sigh.  

 photo October14_zpsheuceobd.jpg
When we returned home, we were welcomed by Hurricane Matthew and a power outage that lasted about 24 hours.  We enjoyed a nice family game of Monopoly in which Brody proceeded to school his parents and big brother in how to win.  He got us all with his hotel trap.  Apparently, the trick is to buy all the cheap properties and put hotels on them.  We did probably help him a little with some trade deals. 

 photo October15_zpsifs4vvli.jpg
The boys got to see a special show of their new little brother, and Brody even captured some pictures of him on the big screen. 

 photo October16_zpsygdf9hpd.jpg
Mattox and I enjoyed watching big brother Brody's soccer practices. 

 photo October17_zpsxpt5up4d.jpg

 photo October18_zps6jwarvtf.jpg
Mattox has really started loving going outside and likes playing in their little house. 

 photo October19_zpsvjmfeizy.jpg
He can also enjoy the trampoline more.  

 photo October20_zpsg9xgxjs3.jpg
I am anxiously awaiting some special artwork pieces I purchased from both big boys.  I don't recall ever getting the high quality art work from Evan's earlier years at school and have been so impressed with both boys' artwork this year.  I do wish I could have the originals from these, but I did have to order some magnets to keep.  Evan did the Hatteras lighthouse, and Brody did his self-portrait.  I love how he draws hands now. 

 photo October21_zpslgwtyhlk.jpg
Big brothers love dressing alike for school.  Brody finally lost his second tooth after his permanent tooth was already fully in.  He let me pull it out again when it was very loose.  I hope all of his baby teeth aren't this stubborn.  

 photo October22_zpsyz2mim3f.jpg
We lit our candle for our precious Mattie on Infant and Child Loss Awareness Day. 

 photo October23_zpsgrliutlg.jpg
Mattox was just the cutest little Blinky ghost for Halloween and got to meet the Stay Puft marshmallow man at Evan's Cub Scout party.  He also enjoyed a ghost cake pop.  Baby Grayson also enjoyed dressing up. 

 photo October24_zpsyyvoxsku.jpg
Brody shows off his cool snake tattoo.  I really don't understand his affinity for snakes.  Mattox is so funny taking his shirt off and climbing into my bed to watch TV.  He is such a little man. 

 photo October25_zpsoohv2awp.jpg
We sometimes head to Chick-fil-a after school to play a little, do our homework, and eat an early dinner.  Mattox can usually enjoy the play place when no other kids are in there. 

 photo October26_zpsgmknczqv.jpg
I just loved how they all sat at this little table eating their ice cream. 

 photo October27_zpsdkqp5fnr.jpg
We didn't get to the state fair this year so I had to partake in a caramel apple to compensate.  We also did early voting with two of our future voters. 

 photo October28_zpsebad5xae.jpg
Sometimes I have to corral Mattox to get anything done.  He likes to do crazy things with his shirts.  Brody got a cool dragon balloon at kids' night at Zaxby's. 

 photo October29_zpscwljgs8g.jpg
These boys loved our pumpkins.  We just bought them at the grocery store this year.  I really wanted to stop at a pumpkin patch, but we just never got a chance. 

 photo October30_zpsmn6mpaif.jpg
Mattox enjoying a lunch date with Mommy and Daddy.  He has become a little too addicted to sweet tea though. 

 photo October31_zpsrdnec4au.jpg
Daddy went ahead and turned him forward facing when he cleaned out my car.  He will need to be turned around when baby brother arrives because he will move to the other side of the car, and big brothers need to get around him.  I think it is okay since he is only a few months from two.  He loves sitting in the laundry basket. 

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