Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Let's go, Earthquakes!

Brody's third year of playing soccer has ended.  In 2014, he did a little intro soccer clinic at the YMCA in Charlotte.  He did good learning the basic skills, but he was not into playing in the little scrimmage games.  Last year, he did a soccer clinic with our new town's rec league.  Similarly, he enjoyed the skills lessons, but he would simply walk off the field during games because he wasn't interested in playing or trying to get the ball.  Daddy had to be on the field with him to make him play.  This year, I never even started going on the field with him at practices or games.  He played his first regular season with real games.  He really put forth a lot of effort and played every game.  Of course, his team this year didn't seem to care much about "winning," but they all seemed to have a good time.  I will call this one a success for Brody since he was definitely an active participant.

 photo soccer1_zpsel4q2bou.jpg
Our little soccer champ and his team.  

 photo soccer2_zpsqksf02bx.jpg
Brody and his team enjoyed playing against one another at practices. 

 photo soccer3_zps0zs7hhrg.jpg
Little brother Mattox enjoyed cheering for big brother.  This was also where he was motivated to become more independently mobile.  

 photo soccer4_zps7aufyrqh.jpg
Brody and his teammates working together to take on the orange team. 

 photo soccer5_zpsjn70qyaq.jpg
We also counted that bottom shot as his first goal.  He and his teammate worked together to get that one.  Of course, his favorite thing about playing sports is getting a yummy snack at the end. 

 photo soccer6_zpsxvei8trh.jpg
Brody getting ready to kick it off and fighting to get the ball from the opposing team. 

 photo soccer7_zps2l5sqt7t.jpg
Brody and his team lining up to block a corner kick, and Brody going for a goal.  I was just so proud of how fast he ran to keep up with the game. 

 photo soccer9_zpspsj1t9sf.jpg
Preparing for a big goal kick down the field.  He was a determined little player this year. 

 photo soccer10_zpsqhjpdobq.jpg
I loved these shots because he dribbled and kicked harder than he had all season while practicing with big brother before one of his last games.  He really showed what he could do. 

 photo soccer11_zpsku8d7naa.jpg
Throwing the ball in and doing a corner kick. 

 photo soccer12_zpspwm9evyj.jpg
The last game was the first one where it was a little chilly and pants were needed.  This was a make up game so it was a little later at the first of October.  I welcomed the cooler weather. 

 photo soccer13_zps5aa2wnqi.jpg
I just love watching my boys in action so sports is a great opportunity to see their potential. 

 photo soccer14_zpspilngnji.jpg
Such a cute little soccer player. 

 photo soccer15_zpsrxfxp5tt.jpg
And he loved getting another trophy for his collection.  He is going to need another shelf just for his now. 

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