Monday, November 14, 2016

Fun at School

Our big boys both got to have some extra special fun at school on Halloween this year.  It wasn't technically a "Halloween party," but it was still really fun.  Mattox and Mommy went and spent most of the day at school with them.  In the morning, Brody marched in his Kindergarten letterland parade which gave the kids a chance to dress as their favorite letterland character.  Some of these costumes can be pretty amazing, and it was so fun to watch.  I really credit this phonics program with helping Brody remember his letters and their sounds this year.  He has really advanced so much since the start of the school year and is doing well sounding out and spelling words now.  He sings the songs and tells me about the funny things the characters do in the videos they watch.  I just don't remember Evan's Kindergarten having a program like this, but I am glad he still learned easily.  This program just seems to be made for a child like Brody.  After his morning parade, we visited his classroom until his class headed off to music.  While he was at music, I went and picked us up some lunch so we could eat together before big brother Evan's program.  Evan and his fourth grade class had researched and written reports on famous people and were going to become those famous people in a living museum exhibit.  The kids all had little "buttons" for people to push to bring them to life and hear them tell about themselves.  Brody was a little stinker who loved just running down the hall pushing all of their buttons and making them talk.  Afterwards, we headed outside with Evan's class for recess and met up with Brody's class on the playground.  Evan's class headed off to lunch after recess so he and a friend stayed with us to eat their lunch and play with the kindergartners.  It was just a fun (and tiring) day for us all.  I did let them leave a little early with us so I wouldn't have to come back and pick them up, but we stayed until after 2:00 so they didn't miss much.  It gave us a chance to start getting ready for Halloween night a little earlier.

 photo school1.jpg_zpst8wu3tsk.jpg
Brody was his favorite letter character, b for bouncy Ben the bunny.   I even gave him a cute little bunny tail. 

 photo school2.jpg_zpshoj8iqs0.jpg
Little brother was so proud.  

 photo school3.jpg_zpsdfb6hsbv.jpg
We checked out some of Brody's recent artwork and watched him work.  I love that I can read his little stories now.  "Pumpkins can be carvd.  Pumpkins can rot.  Pumpkins can be made into pie."   He and one other boy were the only ones that wrote about them rotting.  Haha!

 photo school4.jpg_zpsxfcq3k78.jpg
Mattox loved big brother's classroom and really wanted to go to school too. 

 photo school5_zpszaxs7lri.jpg
Mattox loved these spinners on the playground, but he didn't want to go too fast, and he would look a little concerned when it would tip him. 

 photo school6_zpscetos8f4.jpg
Evan and his pal, Colby, ate their lunch in the shade while little brother Mattox explored. 

 photo school7_zpshi1erwqx.jpg
Brody and his class really love this giant tilted merry-go-round.  Playground equipment is so different from what we used to play on. 

 photo school8_zpsr6gqh4rp.jpg
Mattox was also a big hit with Brody's classmates as big brother introduced him.  Brody was being such a good big brother looking out for him. 

 photo school9_zpst63n4a2r.jpg
We watched Evan and his pal teach the kindergartners to play basketball. 

 photo school10_zpsfk7y6x2v.jpg
Can you guess who Evan became for his performance?   U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt is correct. 

 photo school11_zps9usdjwhw.jpg
Brody made a cute Teddy Roosevelt too. 

 photo school12_zpshriy3rvo.jpg
I thought the Donald Trump kid was pretty funny as he even had some nice makeup to play his part.  I took a picture of Daddy's favorite football player for him.  He likes Philip Rivers, quarterback for the San Diego Chargers and former NC State player. 

 photo school13_zps5i7tswgf.jpg
Brody enjoyed eating his lunch outside with Mommy and little brother. 

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  1. This is so cute. Little CC has a weird Trump hair thing going on sometimes when it all falls
    Glad you all are doing good. :)


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