Sunday, November 27, 2016

Evan's Fall Webelos Adventures

This Fall has been a balancing act between school activities, sports, and Cub Scouts.  I can only imagine how difficult life can get as each of our boys gets more involved in outside activities.  Evan missed a few Cub Scout outings due to sports and other family conflicts, but he has enjoyed some good times so far as a Webelo.  He only has one more year of Cub Scouts after this year and then he can choose to transition into Boy Scouts.  This is all pretty new to us all since Daddy was never involved in Cub Scouts, but it has been a good learning experience.  Brody seems to be interested in continuing the journey next year.

 photo Webelos1_zpsfv4x9kf6.jpg
Our handsome Webelo who is also the best big brother in the world. 

Fall Camping Trip

The first camping trip of the year happened way back in September so the weather was still nice and warm.  The boys did a lot of activities, including a long hike, at Falls Lake State Recreation Area which is located on Falls Lake in the northern part of our county.  Although there was a later camping trip scheduled for this month, most of Evan's troop chose not to attend that one because of it getting very cold at night and already having completed the requirements they needed at the earlier camping trip.  Eddie and Evan spent the first night alone, but Brody really wanted to stay the second night.  We had driven with them up there on Friday night to help them get settled and take them to dinner, and Brody really wanted to stay.  Fortunately for him, Daddy left his keys to his car in my car that night so I had to bring them back to him the next day.  I think all of the boys enjoyed this camping experience.

 photo Webelos2_zpshqksu91f.jpg
Evan had to put his own tent up by himself so Daddy was just there for emotional support.  

 photo Webelos3_zpsy62kqmzk.jpg
These two just enjoyed traipsing through the woods and playing in the dirt. 

 photo Webelos4_zpsjwtlq7uh.jpg
And supervising big brother's work. 

 photo Webelos5_zpsijcvxjsz.jpg
I took a little walk with these boys down to the lake which was not too far from the campsite. It was a lovely day in late September. 

 photo Webelos6_zpshyizjllc.jpg
Some of Brody's nature photography. 

 photo Webelos7_zpsbouaybnj.jpg
And some of his pictures of us. 

 photo Webelos8_zpsfmnci3qo.jpg
Evan putting the finishing touches on his tent while little brother explores. 

 photo Webelos9_zpsxzdfdgkw.jpg
Yes, these boys like big sticks. 

 photo Webelos10_zpsup76lxlm.jpg
We came back the next day and hung out for a while. 

 photo Webelos11_zpstwianomt.jpg
Evan helped his buddy, Jackson, with his tent, and they enjoyed playing cards and a some ball game they made up during free time.  Evan had to bring his soccer ball of course. 

 photo Webelos12_zpsga48pbbv.jpg
The group all dressed up on their last morning. 

Harris Lake Park

 photo Webelos13_zpsnlvyrfyl.jpg
The boys also learned a little about trees and forestry at this park close to our house. 

 photo Webelos14_zps4tfmng3x.jpg
Forester Eddie showed them how to take a sample of the tree to see how old it is without hurting the tree or cutting it down. 

 photo Webelos15_zpspaddkl1x.jpg
They pointed out lots of different tree species on a little nature walk. 

Teaching Soccer

 photo Webelos21_zpsvoeqgiqs.jpg
For another requirement, they had to teach other kids a sport.  They chose soccer so they taught a young group of Daisies to play. 

 photo Webelos22_zpsddvzyvhy.jpg
Giving advice to the Daisy troop.

 photo Webelos23_zpsi2tvmgjf.jpg
Evan's group taught them to play a little practice game called sharks and minnows.

Raingutter Regatta

 photo Webelos16_zpsezbeslq1.jpg
Evan created a new masterpiece for this year's raingutter regatta. 

 photo Webelos17_zpsrsubhmxx.jpg
He made a pirate ship we named Evan's Revenge (like Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge).  

 photo Webelos18_zpsqiyr9oec.jpg
The kids just enjoyed racing one another for about an hour.  There were no official winners or losers. 

 photo Webelos19_zpsx0hh7omc.jpg
There wasn't enough water in the trough which made it tough to blow their boats, but Evan won a couple of his races. 

 photo Webelos20_zpsmqy5lzsu.jpg
This little cutie just looked so adorable sitting down to watch the action. 

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