Friday, October 14, 2016

Grayson ~ Week 30 & A Special Photo Shoot

 photo 30 Weeks_zps4owrdc08.jpg
Taken overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Asheville, NC.


Whew, what a crazy whirlwind family you are going to be joining!  Our schedules with two very busy older brothers and one very busy toddler keep us running, and Mommy never feels like she gets to catch her breath or get caught up.  We made it to 30 weeks last week while Mommy and Daddy and big brother Mattox enjoyed a little time away in the mountains.  I couldn't explore as much as I would have liked, but the setting around our hotel was just so beautiful and relaxing.  The weather was pretty perfect too.  We weren't too happy about coming home to a hurricane (Matthew) and power outage last weekend, but we were glad to be with your biggest brothers again.  Big brothers got a day out of school on Monday because of the storm, and on Tuesday, we allowed them to stay out so that they could join us on a very special outing to see you.  And you did not disappoint.  You put on an amazing show for us all and showed us your spunky and adorable personality.  We got so many amazing pictures of you...116 to be exact!  I narrowed those down a little to share here.  Your first photo shoot was by far the most successful of all of your brothers' and sister's.  I think that may be due to the fact that you are still in the breach position and that you still seem to have adequate space to move around although I am not sure how that is possible.  I guess Mommy has already been stretched out by your brothers and sister.  We hope you can turn around and get into birth position in the next few weeks so we won't have to worry about getting you out safely.  Thank you for allowing us to glimpse your adorable face and for being so cooperative, little man!  It looks like you will be a mover like big brothers Evan and Mattox.

And I did not intend for this post to be posted during the month that we acknowledge Pregnancy and Infant Loss or the day before October 15th which has been designated as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, but I have come to realize the true miracles that these precious little ones are after experiencing our own loss of our precious daughter, Mattie.  Grayson, you will grow up knowing that you have a big sister in heaven watching over you always.  Her pictures will always be present next to yours and your brothers.  She will be a part of your life from the beginning because she is so much a part of who your family is and why you are here.  You are each our precious miracles and gifts from God, and we will always love you.  So I guess seeing your precious face this month and awaiting your arrival just helps remind us that all babies are precious little miracles.

I just love all of these pictures of your beautiful face and its many expressions:

 photo Grayson1_zpssksnefje.jpg

 photo Grayson2_zpstnlwozfl.jpg
You did have your arms up in front of your face, but you moved them to show us some of your sweet facial expressions and features.  

 photo Grayson3_zpsf0kfzkfw.jpg
Watching you open your mouth I wondered if you were trying to tell us something. 

 photo Grayson4_zps3tscaakv.jpg
You do have awesome pouty lips like your daddy and big brothers. 

 photo Grayson5_zpsbvclwurj.jpg
And maybe some chubby little cheeks. 

 photo Grayson6_zpsprk2htkl.jpg
You may like to hold and play with your ear like big brother Mattox. 

 photo Grayson7_zpssexjeggn.jpg
There may be a little of mommy in you too. 

 photo Grayson8_zpselugl8hk.jpg

 photo Grayson9_zpsr7opwf5m.jpg
Very flexible like all of your siblings.  Poor babies have to fold in half with your feet touching your heads. 
 photo Grayson11_zpsrlkyftxc.jpg
Pretty lips. 

 photo Grayson12_zps0k3zbtgx.jpg

 photo Grayson13_zpsin6pmof7.jpg

 photo Grayson14_zpsergccvh6.jpg
But you do have a temper.  I have definitely seen that face before. 

 photo Grayson15_zpsev48vzkw.jpg

 photo Grayson16_zpsu7lcowlg.jpg
A lip pucker or a snarl. 

 photo Grayson17_zpsequx5xvx.jpg
Sweetness with your head tucked against your chest. 

 photo Grayson18_zps64pycgic.jpg
Resting against your little hand. 

 photo Grayson19_zpsp9qgqf2y.jpg

 photo Grayson21_zps5ms6yawd.jpg
No more pictures please. 

 photo Grayson22_zpsksuskwft.jpg

 photo Grayson23_zpsesjhvuar.jpg
Telling us something. 

 photo Grayson24_zpskngcpolg.jpg
Hand block. 

 photo Grayson25_zpsxonexw1n.jpg
"But I'm tired!"

 photo Grayson26_zps4iost1tf.jpg

 photo Grayson28_zpszxfzhxbo.jpg
Could be a smile but probably more like a grimace. 

 photo Grayson29_zpsmntqpi6q.jpg

 photo Grayson30_zpsreewnily.jpg

 photo Grayson31_zpsznxvl6qs.jpg

 photo Grayson32_zpsommpdksy.jpg
Adorable ear just like daddy's. 

 photo Grayson33_zpsgh3z7xef.jpg

 photo Grayson34_zpscdob4yov.jpg
See you soon, little man.  We love you!

 photo ultrasound.collage_zps4agy2h7e.jpg
And of course, a little comparison was needed.  Grayson's pictures were definitely the best with Mattox's and Brody's being next.  Evan was farther along and had a lot of cord in front of his face which made it difficult to get face shots.  I see a lot of both Brody and Mattox in Grayson so I think he will be a nice mix of everyone. 


  1. Sherry, How in the world have I missed this entire pregnancy?!? I have been neglecting my blogging duties and all kinds of things happen. That is so awesome!!! 4 boys...whoa! Congratulations. I will be praying for your upcoming delivery and the transition for your family of 6!

  2. This is so exciting...thank you for sharing!
    The womb is such a peaceful place. Lance still loves to lay on top of my belly (our belly button time) and sometimes I wonder if he never really forgot what all the unique sounds are like in there. :)


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