Wednesday, September 21, 2016

When Little Boys Grow Up {Mattox}

What is it about the first hair cut for little boys that instantly turns them into little men?  I knew cutting off Mattox's adorable little golden locks would be a little sad for me, but I am just never prepared for how grown up they look afterwards.  I think it was a pretty drastic effect on Mattox because his hair had just grown out so much in the last few months.  He had about two inches of length to be trimmed off and still left well over an inch of hair.  I really wanted to wait longer, but his hair is so fine and had just become a wild and unruly mane when not wet down.  I think with little girls, they seem to grow up as their hair gets longer which does seem to be a more gradual change.  Little boys just instantly change after that first little snip of the hair.  And it doesn't help that Mattox is just becoming so independent these days and has been running all over and trying to do so many things by himself.  I am also beginning to glimpse a little of his two year old temper coming out when something doesn't go his way.  Regardless, I think he is as cute as can be and just a handsome little man.  Yes, I may try to eat him up occasionally when I can get my hands on him.  Haha!

 photo Mattox12_zpspvxutgx0.jpg
He looked so serious and all business, but I swear this kid loves a car so he was happy to be driving.  Anytime we go out to the garage to go somewhere, he tries to get into his little blue car to drive.  Yes, he will throw a little fit when removed from said car.  These pictures show his hair wildness pre-cut.  

 photo Mattox13_zpso6h94uk4.jpg
He sat so perfectly still watching Mickey Mouse on the TV and driving his car while getting snipped.  From what I have been told, he shares the trait of being very well-behaved during hair cuts with his daddy.  

 photo Mattox14_zps6khfefnf.jpg
Trying to peek around to see the TV.  Daddy did get him to smile and laugh some.  

 photo Mattox15_zpsp2jvwaco.jpg
Starting to look like a little grown man.  The hair stylist was even able to use the electric clippers around his ears.  

 photo Mattox16_zps5xgavmla.jpg
And the handsome little man emerges after his first haircut.  We visited a cute little kids' salon in Durham because our town doesn't have one.  I am not sure how many times we will visit as we usually cut the big boys' hair ourselves now, but I suspect we may visit a few more times while Mattox is still young.  

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