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Just July {2016}

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Oh July!  What can I say?  When I saw this post pop up somewhere (either Pinterest or Facebook) this month, I immediately thought of you.  You weren't our most exciting month.  We were just trying to get used to going back to school and all that entails.  It was too hot to enjoy being outside much.  But that's life, right?  Like this post says, one minute it is amazing and wonderful but the next it is awful or just ordinary and mundane.  Sometimes ordinary and mundane just gives us a break and a chance to rest.  So this post mostly documents the ordinary and mundane moments of life. 
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On the way back from Asheville, we stopped to have lunch with Papa in the little diner that we enjoyed last year when we stayed in Marion. 

 photo July2_zpsnsn2mcb4.jpg
Brody got hold of my phone and had some fun.  He and Papa became superheroes (or bandits?) and then Papa and I got some cool shades.  Daddy and Mattox just enjoyed eating some watermelon.  I don't know what I would have done this month for pictures without Brody.  He really captured a lot of our month.

 photo July3_zpsbhspro1j.jpg
Brody and I taking selfies while waiting for our dinner one night at Moe's, our favorite Tuesday night kids eat free place.

 photo July4_zpscidpnqna.jpg
The boys enjoyed some coloring time together.  Doesn't that look peaceful?  Yeah, right.

 photo July5_zpsthxqmssh.jpg
Oh this little man.  He's like a wild lion on the prowl at night after his bath.

 photo July6_zpsstodwzn1.jpg
On the night before the boys' first week of school, we hit the pool one more time.  Brody was demonstrating how he can put his face under water.

 photo July7_zpsct0qahei.jpg
And for one more summer treat, we took the boys to see The BFG.  Evan had just finished reading the book very quickly.  This was a very unusual treat because we went to a regular movie theater at night and paid those exorbitant prices.  That is not a normal occurrence for this family.  We love our cheap theater and can usually wait longer to see movies.  Mattox loves helping Daddy drive the car in the neighborhood on the way back from the pool.  It is within walking distance, but we don't like to have to drag all the pool necessities on the walk so we usually drive.

 photo July8_zps0xdh0m4y.jpg
Brody captured Evan and Mommy resting on the couch.  Mattox was starting to climb out of our living room barricade so we had to change our plan.

 photo July9_zpssnmt8p9e.jpg
Chick-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day!  We decided to try dressing like cows in the morning and going for breakfast before school to avoid the crowds.  It was really nice.  I understand that Chick-fil-a did have to change this policy a little and only give you sandwiches and main entrees free and not whole meals because that has become a lot in recent years.

 photo July10_zpshus6jnqm.jpg
Mattox still makes the cutest baby cow and enjoys eating his meal now too.  He could still wear the 12 month onesie I used for him last year, but it was pretty snug.  I love his little tail.

 photo July11_zpsaselabeo.jpg
With back to school in full swing, it looks like we have been eating out a lot.  After Brody's first staggered start day, he had another day at home.  We decided to hit the road with Daddy for a quick work trip to Southern Pines where his last teacher's academy would be held.  We ate lunch at an old favorite from Charlotte, Hickory Tavern.  While our service wasn't the best, we still enjoyed it.  We are actually excited that we are getting one in our little town soon.  It is almost built.  Yay!

 photo July12_zpsqsdbnnis.jpg
These boys have really been enjoying bath time together lately.  I even broke out the regular camera to capture these moments.  

 photo July13_zpsz8tql1nu.jpg
Brody captured the fun of a Mexican feast at our local Mexican restaurant.

 photo July14_zpswwnp9ump.jpg
More pool time. 

 photo July15_zps9weylrq5.jpg
Oh I just love this pretty wet head.  He has the prettiest curls when his hair is wet, but when it dries it just goes wild.  I know we are going to have to break down and do the first hair cut soon, but I am not excited about it.  Brody looks like he was just enjoying lounging by the pool, but he was actually pouting about something.

 photo July16_zpsoouyagfe.jpg
Aveeno Baby!  I think he would make the cutest baby model. 

 photo July17_zpsmcice0rt.jpg
Their favorite toy is always a bucket.

 photo July18_zpshnewmy8f.jpg
Not loving the new baby proofing gate.  He now has free reign all over the living room and bedrooms, but this helps keep him out of the kitchen areas when we aren't in there.  He wanted to get to Daddy and his "baba" which he still gets at night.

 photo July19_zpsr3wbrtxc.jpg
We were pretty happy with this new addition.  We finally ordered a frame for our new family portrait with Mattox.  It hangs where our old one hung which we had to relocate.  I hope to one day have a big space to hang all of these portraits together. We ordered the large frame and mat from Michael's with a 60% coupon deal, but it was still pretty pricey.

 photo July21_zpsilmqp03s.jpg
The boys all gave Daddy big hugs before he left us for the week to do his last teachers' academy.

 photo July20_zpsvmpkxqh1.jpg
Brody enjoyed his first "real" day at school on Monday and brought home lots of treats from The Kissing Hand. 

 photo July22_zpsto0fjma5.jpg
Since I had to do the first full week of school solo, I treated the boys to dinner at Carolina Ale House in Cary that offers $.99 kids meals and then to Rita's for dessert.  Brody was being a character and wanted to have pickle eyes.

 photo July23_zpssuezmlit.jpg
Mattox loves big brothers, and he loves just climbing up to sit beside them.  Brody isn't always welcoming of this attention, but he can always count on Evan.  They are really like two peas in a pod and are so similar these days.  Brody was taking a picture of Mattox VERY CLOSE, and the flash would have blinded him if I had not quickly covered his eyes.  Mattox looks so cute "reading" a book.

 photo July24_zpsy7cn7g6m.jpg
Daddy tried to get some kisses from Mattox when he got back home.  Mattox likes to give big open mouth kisses.

 photo July25_zpsmhui9d1t.jpg
I think he has just gotten even more pretty in the last year, and I love this comparison.

 photo July26_zpsdqdrrvxp.jpg
We took the boys to another movie at the cheaper theater and finally saw The Jungle Book.

 photo July27_zpsq9yt0qki.jpg
Oh, I just love watching this sweet boy play.  He is so busy all day.  He was enjoying eating his first turkey and cheese sandwich and loves feeding himself.  We also made his own art project to go along with the ones big brothers painted last month.

 photo July28_zpsgwwvq7be.jpg
Eddie took the big boys to a Holly Springs baseball game.  We have a summer college team that plays in our new sport's complex.  Our team is the Salamanders.

 photo July29_zpsq0h20rnf.jpg
They met Sammy Salamander.  It was a very hot day so they didn't stay for the whole game.

 photo July30_zps2c06oobw.jpg
Evan got to walk in with the Cub Scouts.

 photo July31_zpsozko4xuy.jpg
And you can just never get enough of this cuteness.

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  1. Love the bath pictures!
    Mattox's curls are adorable.
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