Monday, September 12, 2016

Brody's 1st Fairy Visit

So it is time to do another first tooth fairy post.  The first post was back in April 2013 when Evan finally lost his first tooth at over six years old.  I expected Brody would lose his first tooth significantly earlier than Evan because he got all of his teeth really early and really fast.  He had almost all of his first teeth before his first birthday except his canines and molars, and he got those shortly thereafter.  However, I didn't expect to see his first tooth loose way back in July on his first day of kindergarten.  It took a while for that tooth to come out though, and he was already getting its replacement before it finally came out on August 4th.  We were getting ready to head out the door to go to school that morning, and I checked his tooth one more time after he put his shoes on.  It was just barely hanging on, and I was afraid he would either swallow it or lose it.  He was very patient while I worked gently to get the tooth free of the gum.  It did bleed quite a bit, but he didn't seem to be bothered by it and was excited to see the tooth out.  Of course, he was also excited about the potential of a tooth fairy visit that night.  Of course, she had to come through for him and left him a nice letter and certificate for the momentous occasion.  We also managed to sneak a little picture of her visit just like with big brother Evan. 

 photo Brodytooth4_zpsoafkg50s.jpg
So proud holding that little tooth.

 photo Brodytooth5_zpsgo48nkhf.jpg
You can still see that little permanent tooth that came in behind the baby tooth.  I think it will be a good thing if his permanent teeth come in a little farther back on the bottom because he has had a little under bite that I hope will be corrected.

 photo Brodytooth1_zpsl8olwqzk.jpg
The little tooth fairy who came to visit and exchange a tooth for some treasures.

 photo Brodytooth2_zpsmtvlongo.jpg
And she couldn't have found a more thankful recipient.  He loved his $2 and his letter and certificate. 

 photo Brodytooth3_zps5c30qyqu.jpg
Now, we are currently waiting for his second tooth to come out after being barely loose for weeks.  The other permanent tooth is also already in and I am worried that we may need to get the baby tooth pulled at the dentist because it just isn't making progress.  He has an appointment in a couple of weeks so we will see.

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