Thursday, September 29, 2016

Accomplished August {2016}

I couldn't really think of a good adjective to describe our August, but since both boys were staying busy and doing well in their first quarter of school and were both getting back into sports, accomplished seems appropriate.  Somehow, Mom and Dad survived it so that is an accomplishment as well.  Ha!  Also, Mattox finally accomplished walking on his own without holding on for support.  So yes, I guess it was an accomplished month.

 photo August1_zpstsdhguur.jpg
Big boy Mattox accomplished eating some big boy lunches like this cheese quesadilla Mommy made him. 

 photo August2_zps8my9hpxu.jpg
Big boy Brody accomplished being a very brave and tough little man at his 5 year check up and getting his last shots for kindergarten.  He is always a tough boy at the doctor and nothing like his big brother Evan.  Mattox accomplished being silly and entertaining. 

 photo August3_zpsdafgjvdl.jpg
Mattox accomplished learning to love football and just being busy busy busy all the time. 

 photo August4_zpsbxbhjjt3.jpg
Brody accomplished losing his first tooth and letting Mommy pull it out when it was stubbornly hanging on by one little thread.  It even bled quite a bit, but he was so brave and tough.  He already accomplished getting the replacement permanent tooth too.  
 photo August5_zpsvkdugpq1.jpg
We all accomplished celebrating the Olympics with some Olympic ring donuts. 

 photo August6_zpslq4ejamb.jpg
I somehow accomplished getting a picture of this awesome rainbow from inside the car while Eddie was driving. 

 photo August7_zpsyzasuxmi.jpg
These boys accomplished getting awesome dinosaur balloons at dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

 photo August8_zpsl4wsmxln.jpg
Mattox accomplished looking cute and so big while making big messes. 

 photo August9_zps2i20mekf.jpg
Brody and Mattox accomplished modeling their Chick-fil-a bandanas. 

 photo August10_zps4qjahgfl.jpg
Evan and Brody accomplished doing homework while waiting for Daddy at Moe's.  We head there on Tuesday after school to do our homework and then eat an early dinner before Evan's football practice. 

 photo August11_zpsvbdbkm7v.jpg
Brody accomplished getting all of his weekly homework done.  He loves it!  He is also a very accomplished artist and drew me (Mom) for letter M, stars and the moon for night and letter N, and an orange for  letter O.   We also do our nightly reading and enjoy picking either a fiction or nonfiction book.  He is getting so good at recognizing his sight words and sounding out words. 

 photo August12_zpslwh24dos.jpg
 Mattox accomplished continuing to be a big boy feeding himself his first sandwich and taking some good naps.

 photo August13_zpsdwfqhvck.jpg
We all accomplished a few more fun pool days.  These boys love playing tug o' war with Daddy. 

 photo August14_zpsh36amljf.jpg
Brody accomplished beating up big brother with a pool noodle while Mattox enjoyed hitting Daddy with a ball. 

 photo August15_zps1twuiehc.jpg
Our pool doesn't have a kiddie pool so Mattox accomplishes his free time in the pool playing on the steps.  He loves playing ball. 

 photo August16_zpsjrcwy263.jpg
Mommy accomplishes getting lots of cuddles and sweet smiles from her big baby. 

 photo August17_zpslizb9tjy.jpg
These two accomplish some fun Daddy and me time and just looking like twins. 

 photo August18_zpsltqgbpus.jpg
Brody accomplished drinking his first warm herbal tea with honey for a little sore throat. 

 photo August19_zpsd7jpaq2b.jpg
Mattox accomplished learning to walk on his own and practicing on the soccer field. 

 photo August20_zps9jkhxvgc.jpg
Brody accomplished starting another season of soccer.  He was all decked out with a little soccer ball tattoo he got at dinner at Zaxby's. 

 photo August21_zpslgoyz5j4.jpg
Brody accomplished being extra silly putting his pajama pants on his head.  Mattox accomplished stealing a big slice of pizza. 

 photo August22_zpsp78e3u8a.jpg
Brody accomplished getting to care for his class pet Buster, and Mattox was a big helper too.

 photo August23_zpsh2dnxod1.jpg
Mattox accomplished trying out the merry-go-round and riding a whale at the park one evening. 

 photo August24_zpsy1eiy1on.jpg
Mattox accomplished feeding himself breakfast while watching his favorite toons.  He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I am trying to get him to appreciate an old favorite, The Wonderpets, by showing him our very own flyboat.  

 photo August25_zpsxbkdd69a.jpg
And Mattox accomplished taking super cute pictures like the bottom middle one, learning to play football, and growing out his hair a lot.  It was wild!

 photo August26_zpszkffkpll.jpg
My three baby boys accomplished looking like handsome little men.  *Sniff*

 photo August27_zpsdmmdiqu4.jpg
This silly boy accomplished one of his first soccer games on a very hot Saturday and then going to watch big brother play in some scrimmage football games. 

 photo August28_zpsayo3lcky.jpg
Brody accomplished taking silly pictures and selfies.  He got this lovely shot of big brother in his football uniform behind the fence.  Haha!

 photo August29_zpshvubotdu.jpg
Mattox accomplished playing at the park like a big boy walking and climbing everywhere. 

 photo August30_zpsfqalxsny.jpg
So proud of himself for climbing and loving to drive. 

 photo August31_zpsxxumeltk.jpg
Swinging is okay too for a few minutes. 

 photo August32_zpsl4tkjl6o.jpg
But he would rather be climbing.  He accomplished climbing this really high climbing wall by himself. 

 photo August33_zpsf68spw0n.jpg
He accomplished walking and riding a horse. 

 photo August34_zpsebd7aqd9.jpg
And he accomplished a major bed head while looking at old pictures from Mommy and Daddy's honeymoon.  

Yep, it was an accomplished month!

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  1. I am so thankful that Clarice still takes naps....hope that goes on for a while.
    The pool pictures look so cute and the water looks so refreshing. :)


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