Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Final Days in New Bern in June

Ugh, I can't believe I am still trying to get caught up from way back in June, and we are already well into August now.  Sigh.  I had to make myself a blog posts lists to help me remember all the posts I need to write because it was driving my OCD crazy trying to remember everything.  It has been such a crazy summer.  And now, we are back in the throes of school and sports.  Evan has football practice now three nights a week for two hours so it is a juggling act getting all the kids fed dinner and all the homework done so the kids can be in bed at a decent time.  At least this post is a super easy and short post.  After this post, I think I can get everything else caught up in about 8 more posts.  I may get those done by Christmas.  Haha!

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures of our time in New Bern this year since we didn't stay in New Bern a lot, and we didn't do the touristy stuff this time.  I do love that little town though so I am sure we will explore it even more in the future.  It is just so full of history!  The first day, the boys and I slept later and hung out in our hotel room until after lunch.  Brody and I ate the gourmet sandwiches Daddy had ordered for the teachers' lunch, but Mattox and Evan insisted on going to Chick-fil-a for their lunch.  I obliged my more picky eaters.  Then, we decided to walk around New Bern's little mall to see if we could score some more back to school deals.  They had a TJ Maxx in the mall as well as a Children's Place where we did score some more good deals.  I took no pictures of those events.  The highlight of the day was probably losing Brody a couple of times as he likes to hide in the clothing racks or leave the stores before we are finished shopping.  Sigh.  Our next two days were spent in Kinston and at the beach.  We made it back for dinner with Daddy and the teachers every night.  Brody was a favorite with all the teachers as he loves to talk to EVERYONE!  On our last day before heading home, we made one final stop at a favorite place for a cool treat before heading home.  We were home for two nights to wash clothes and repack for our next week in Asheville.  Our June was a pretty crazy month!

 photo NewBern1_zpsiyxv9zmf.jpg
The boys were excited to see the New Bern bears again.  We didn't get to do much bear spotting this year. 

 photo NewBern2_zpsx9b52zxz.jpg
I forgot to share these pictures from our outing at the beach where we ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  Mattox loves his chips!  

 photo NewBern3_zpsi8gughnx.jpg
My handsome boys were all on their best behavior at lunch, and we just needed some selfies. 

 photo NewBern4_zpsfxgb3pnl.jpg
I dressed all the boys up for dinner at night with Daddy and the teachers, but I was not good at taking pictures.  Sigh.  I do think my Mattox cleans up nice.  So handsome!

 photo NewBern5_zpsyn4fkmod.jpg
We made our last stop at the Cow Cafe for yummy ice cream and milkshakes.

 photo NewBern6_zpshpzpabcp.jpg
Yum!  We love ice cream!

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  1. This is so cute! We've been drinking lots of Chick-fil-A milkshakes this summer...hoping it will make Lance gain a few pounds. :) Yum!


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