Thursday, August 18, 2016

Celebrating Mattie's 3rd Birthday at the NC Arboretum

On June 30th, we celebrated one of the most special days of our year now...our precious angel's birthday.  She turned 3 years old, and we can't believe it has been 3 whole years since we held her in our arms.  I can only imagine what a spunky little girl she would be today.  Daddy finished up his last teacher education business in Asheville in the morning and then the celebration began.  We went out to eat lunch and then picked up some balloons and cupcakes for the birthday girl.  I had given much thought to what we should do in the Asheville area on this day, and I could not find a better option than visiting the NC Arboretum which was just down the road from our hotel.  It is both an arboretum and a botanical garden so I thought we would see some pretty flowers and interesting trees too.  It was a hot day, but there was a lot of shade throughout the garden so we had a nice nature walk around the gardens.  I think any little girl would have loved running around in these gardens and admiring all of the pretty flowers.  We ended up with a little birthday theme this year with matching balloons and cupcakes.  I think Mattie would have liked it all.

 photo birthday_zpsvjlu4de9.jpg
A Minnie Mouse balloon and cupcake for the birthday girl. 

 photo Birthday1_zpsrp7vfs02.jpg
Big brothers admiring some beautiful flowers. 

 photo birthday2_zpso3jvboib.jpg
This little setting with the little cabin was so tranquil and pretty.  It was completely natural and all about recycling and reusing. 

 photo birthday3_zpsqyadkghr.jpg
I enjoyed the day with Mattie's precious brothers. 

 photo birthday4_zpswzustx89.jpg
And this little guy loved walking around in the soft green grass. 

 photo birthday5_zpspnczzl0d.jpg
I think the beautiful butterfly quilt garden would have been Mattie's favorite, but I bet she would like hydrangeas like her Mommy too.  

 photo birthday6_zpsvnjvkhav.jpg
The boys were sad that this miniature train set was not running.  They only run it on the weekends when more kids visit. 

 photo birthday7_zpsbrrxylxf.jpg
This little bonsai garden was so sweet.  The picture on the right was the only part set up in Japanese style.  The exhibit showed mostly how we use the bonsai art on many native tree species. 

 photo birthday8_zpsuc2ylwgr.jpg
Brody and Evan made their own bonsai creations.  I watched Evan knowing his would turn out something like this.  He definitely likes symmetrical designs...a little something he gets from mom. 

 photo birthday9_zpsf7f7cylw.jpg
A big statue of the American garden architect, Mr. Olmsted himself.  

 photo birthday10_zpsodggl3cv.jpg
Some special family pictures to remember the day with Mattie's balloons. 

 photo birthday11_zpspfqcankh.jpg
We didn't release the balloons at the Arboretum because we didn't want anyone to say anything if it wasn't allowed.  We stopped in the beautiful mountains outside Marion, NC to visit with Papa in his new home on our way home.  He pastors that little church behind us and loves it.  We did our balloon release there.  

 photo birthday12_zpselcgjn9h.jpg
The 3 balloons sailed off into the beautiful blue sky so I hope Mattie received them. 

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  1. This is so sweet. I still love to read posts about Mattie. :)


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