Sunday, August 14, 2016

Back to the Biltmore

The boys and I decided to head back to the Biltmore with the teachers this year.  We didn't go until late in the afternoon so we didn't get the time to explore the gardens, but we were pleasantly surprised that there were plenty of new things to see.  There was a big display of gorgeous wedding and formal dresses used in many popular movies that were set up throughout the house.  You could picture Jane Austen's beloved characters dancing around in the formal rooms of this beautiful old mansion.  We were also surprised that they were allowing non-flash photography of the house this time so we did snag some pictures of these elegant scenes.

 photo Asheville16_zpsihx8tcwx.jpg

 photo Asheville15_zpskrwpofgm.jpg
Oh the joys of taking pictures of brothers.  Loving quickly turns to play fighting and wrestling. 

 photo Asheville17_zpsezoijqln.jpg
Eddie and the big group of teachers he taught all week. 

 photo Asheville18_zpsxhpxdhbe.jpg
A huge wedding cake completed the decorations this time. 

 photo Asheville26_zpsdfhykl5g.jpg
Brody posed with a gorgeous wedding dress and with Mommy and the cake. 

 photo Asheville19_zpsucvwnreo.jpg
Keira Knightley's and Ralph Fiennes' attire from The Duchess.  

 photo Asheville20_zpsevcs2bav.jpg
You may already know that I love Jane Austen and have read about all of our novels.  Sense and Sensibility wasn't my favorite, but it had its moments and definitely was one of her more risque novels of the time.   I need to see this movie adaptation though. 

 photo Asheville21_zpsnkdffj8d.jpg
An elegant dining room and sunny parlor. 

 photo Asheville22_zpsztjuxg4j.jpg
More wedding and formal dresses from various movies adorned the various sitting rooms.  I loved the additional wedding decor with flowers adorning the elegant mantles and candelabra everywhere. 

 photo Asheville23_zpswleeal7p.jpg
That dress from Frankenstein was quite stunning. 

 photo Asheville24_zpsqrxvyyd4.jpg
The huge library is definitely my favorite room in the house.  I would have taken more pictures than my husband took of this room.  I could see myself spending all day lounging in here reading. 

 photo Asheville25_zpseuu5byf0.jpg
I love that green dress although I haven't seen that movie. 

 photo Asheville27_zpstakm2e62.jpg
Of course, these dresses from my favorite movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice were favorites.  I just love Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. 

 photo Asheville28_zpsgo1bz4h8.jpg
There is a newer painting displayed that shows the current house's owners.  The Cecil family is the direct descendants of the daughter of George Vanderbilt who married a Cecil.  Of course, none live in the house since it is now a business venture, but many have homes on other parts of the estate that aren't accessible to the public.  

 photo Asheville29_zpsxtu5wffy.jpg
The big red bed was in George Vanderbilt's bedroom.  The lovely wedding dress was in the dressing room of Mrs. Vanderbilt. 

 photo Asheville30_zpsdip2vlsw.jpg
Emma by Jane Austen is probably my favorite of her books. While Emma may be viewed by many as just a spoiled little rich girl, Jane did a good job of giving this character a sweet personality that really does care about others less fortunate than herself.  She has been a little spoiled by her sweet and doting old father after her mother died when she was a young child.  Mr. Knightley is also my favorite gentlemen hero of her books. 

 photo Asheville31_zpsavxqoj5r.jpg
Lucky Daddy and the boys got to ride the elevator with the stroller.  I didn't mind using the stairs because my claustrophobic tendencies do not really like small elevators. 

 photo Asheville32_zpshjahyluo.jpg
Evan and Daddy explored the basement while I took Brody and Mattox outside to get ice cream and wait.  The basement is a little unusual and has a room called The Halloween Room which I still don't get.  It has weird paintings on the walls and was actually decorated for a New Year's Eve party I believe.  

 photo Asheville33_zpsfcmxj7a3.jpg
There is a private bowling alley and an indoor swimming pool and exercise room.  The pool no longer holds water as I can imagine the tiles would deteriorate after years of holding chlorinated water.  

 photo Asheville34_zpsmw2l5otl.jpg
The basement also contains all of the household staff's quarters and pantries for the food. 

 photo Asheville36_zpsnackez4e.jpg
I could just see Mrs. Patmore from Downtown Abbey cooking away in this kitchen. 

 photo Asheville37_zpspudkqab7.jpg
And of course, Mr. Bates, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Carson, Thomas, Daisy and other staff hanging out in the servants' dining room. 

 photo Asheville35_zpszqypqj7g.jpg
The servants had nice quarters as well.  Eddie and I imagine that since this was just a vacation home for the Vanderbilt's, the servants of the house had free reign around the whole estate most of the year.  Sounds like a pretty good life to me. 

 photo Asheville12_zpsinrsakr8.jpg
Evan and Brody love relaxing on the balcony and enjoying the beautiful view. 

 photo Asheville14_zpsb9r108gv.jpg

 photo Asheville13_zpsbfcgvos1.jpg
And of course, our tour would not be complete without an ice cream treat at the end.  Can you tell Brody enjoyed his? 

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