Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Adventure #1 ~ Carolina Beach

Whew!  It has been a crazy month for us.  We were away from home for over two weeks of June and that really threw off our schedules.  I am just chock full of excuses for why I am so far behind...traveling, coming home with a terrible head cold, buried under mounds of laundry, too hot to want to do anything, computer and camera issues, etc., etc.  Is summer always this way or is it just because ours is much shorter now?  The start of our traveling adventures in June began with a little weekend excursion to Carolina Beach.  Ever since the boys and I visited this Spring when we were in Wilmington, I thought it would be a unique beach experience to stay here.  It just has that old local beach town feel without the commercialization that other beach resort towns have now.  Most of North Carolina beaches are actually like this because most of the oceanfront has always been taken up by personal residences and left little room for large hotels and resorts to move in.  There are some bigger hotels being built in Carolina Beach now so we will see if it maintains its old school charm in the years ahead.  I do hope the town will continue to do more to preserve its older heritage.  We hoped to enjoy a lot of time on the beach this trip since we didn't get a lot of beach time in Florida, but sadly, the weather was crazy the whole weekend with really high winds making the surf really rough and bringing in storms at night.  We did our best to enjoy our time together before Daddy started his first teacher academy of the summer in New Bern.
 photo beach3_zpsvwtojdaw.jpg
The boys had to go to the beach our first day when we arrived, and of course, they couldn't resist getting in the water even in their clothes.  The waves were a little rough but not too bad this night.  

 photo beach2_zpsgsxwgkxh.jpg
The gulls were flying right over our heads. 

 photo beach4_zpsakjnc7v3.jpg
They get so silly in the water running from the waves.

 photo beach5_zpsowkxnk1s.jpg
Mattox was just watching his crazy big brothers. 

 photo beach6_zpsx9u4kk3w.jpg
Brody had to change his shorts before dinner.  He was soaked.

 photo beach7_zpsjgo8n0pg.jpg

 photo beach8_zps0gccivkv.jpg
Mattox liked the feel of the water and wet sand on his feet. 

 photo beach1_zpsnf5koqvd.jpg
Mattox was very excited about getting out of the car after a long drive and getting to the motel room.  He was giving Brody's teddy bear big hugs.  I love those perfect smiles.  We went to the Sea Witch Cafe for dinner. 

 photo beach9_zpsmy0iqn84.jpg
Mattox showing off his cute lemon smile. 

 photo beach11_zpslxsfixqb.jpg
We had to take pictures with these little photo props on the boardwalk again. 

 photo beach12_zpsd2loa87b.jpg
Oh no, is that surfer going to get eaten by that cute shark?

 photo beach13_zpsfcrkvkxh.jpg
Eddie and I posed for a "romantic" picture with the moon since it was almost our anniversary, and Brody wanted in the picture too.  

 photo beach14_zpsjfcqf520.jpg
This kid really wants to be a surfer. 

 photo beach15_zps2rtmctot.jpg
I loved the sunset on the Boardwalk, but it was a prelude to some nasty storms rolling in. 

 photo beach16_zpsmtzuomgn.jpg
Resting on the swings before the storms arrived. 

 photo beach17_zps6hyo7rf2.jpg
We stopped for a cool treat, and the rain hit just as we were leaving the ice cream shop so everyone had to seek shelter and wait.  The boys watched the rain while they finished their ice cream. 

 photo beach18_zpsrunsa6uk.jpg
I think Mattox has great summer hair.  The rain and humidity just bring out his cute curls. 

 photo beach19_zpshjmqmyp1.jpg
Cute little beach bum.  It was too windy for an umbrella so I tried to make Mattox keep a hat on.  Backwards worked best as he kept pulling it off the other way. 

 photo beach20_zps73qlne4d.jpg
Daddy stayed close to the boys in the water because the waves were really big.  We don't often get "surfable" waves, but I said this would have been awesome surfing conditions. 

 photo beach21_zpsnyxsodna.jpg
This cutie loved the water this time and really wanted to get in so I hated that the surf was so rough. 

 photo beach22_zps1i3lhzsb.jpg
Big brother helped him walk in the water.  Pay no attention to my crazy beach hair.  Remember, it was extremely windy. 

 photo beach23_zpsm1gb6xz1.jpg

 photo beach24_zpsratkzd03.jpg
Mattox kept stealing my chair while Evan tried to catch a few waves. 

 photo beach25_zpsbvqaje9o.jpg
He didn't have to go very far to catch a decent wave to ride in. 

 photo beach26_zpsgrdkcwft.jpg
We really tried to do baby walking boot camp and did get Mattox to stand on his own a lot more, but he still refuses to take a step without holding on. 

 photo beach27_zps371dm6c7.jpg
Of course, the boys insisted they must play some putt-putt.  There aren't many options in this area, and this little course had not been kept up in recent years although I think they may be trying to renovate it.  They had put all new green surfaces on the holes.  It used to be a jungle theme with some pretty water features throughout the course, but they had all the pumps turned off and no water flowing.  I know it could look really pretty with the water turned on.  Brody did get his very first real hole-in-one so we had a good experience anyway.  He was really playing like a big boy and doing very well.  I made him do his Daddy's hole-in-one pose after the shot. 

 photo beach28_zpsxdrxnxz0.jpg
Then, Evan couldn't be outdone and got a hole-in-one a few holes later. 

 photo beach29.jpjg_zpsd1mtuijr.jpg
I loved watching these boys playing together.  

 photo beach30_zpsehck611b.jpg
We saw elephants and rhinos. 

 photo beach31_zps82qqniml.jpg
The boys also wanted to ride the rides at the boardwalk pavilion area, but I was so frustrated in the prices.  Don't these people realize they would make a lot more money if they made the rides affordable?  I mean it cost over $10 for Brody and Mattox to ride the carousel and for me to hold Mattox on.  That's ridiculous.  Most of the rides sit with barely anyone riding them all summer. 

 photo beach32_zpssuoewxso.jpg
These two cuties enjoyed their ride though. 

 photo beach33_zpsyspzypud.jpg
The only other ride the boys got to do was the fun slide since these two rides cost $20.  Sigh.  There were other rides the boys wanted to ride, but I just didn't see spending $40 for this mess. 

 photo beach34_zpsgulotgyf.jpg
We decided ice cream was a better treat, and Mattox and I enjoyed a yummy italian ice and gelato. 

 photo beach35_zpsi6huu8vi.jpg
Then, the boys did get to dance a little at this little puppet show that a local church sets up as a ministry on the boardwalk.  They played current hit songs remade with a Christian message, and the boys were so cute dancing.  Brody had wanted to dance on the boardwalk, but the weather never cooperated to allow the musicians to get set up to play. 

 photo beach36_zpshts9jjac.jpg
We enjoyed a yummy dinner at the Lazy Pirate, and I ate all of that food by myself.  It was a yummy shrimp gumbo with corn bread and some bacon wrapped grilled shrimp.  Yum!
 photo nametab_zps6b2d01a2.jpg

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