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Fun in K-town

The town I affectionately refer to as "K-town" is Kinston, NC.  I attended my last two years of high school in this county in the eastern part of the state, and K-town won its way into my heart.  Okay, I admit those fond memories have more to do with the people that I was hanging out with those days.  One of my favorite old high school friends and one of the few that I still try to stay connected to is Regina.  We just couldn't visit the New Bern area again which is less than 30 minutes from Kinston and not catch up with our pals, Regina and Cooper.  Cooper and Evan are nearly the same age and really hit it off last summer.  Life, work, etc. keeps us from getting together nearly as often as I would like, but I am thankful for these summer trips that are allowing us to hang out.  Since we had done most of the sightseeing around New Bern last year, I wanted to hang out in Kinston for the day because I knew that there were some new additions to the town.  It was never a very big town when we were younger and still isn't, but it has gotten a few more fun updates.  I enjoyed seeing how this little town has grown and thrived through the years even through tough economic times.  And of course, the company made it even better. 
 photo Kinston1_zpsc90yiuds.jpg
This water park has been built in recent years as a collaboration between Kinston's Parks and Rec Department and their local Woodmen of the World Insurance business.  Mattox was still feeling a bit under the weather since our trip to the beach that weekend so he wasn't loving the water.  He mostly sat with Mommy and Ms. Regina and watched the bigger boys play.

 photo Kinston2_zpsmunidzyq.jpg
The boys loved the lazy river.  Regina pointed out that it wasn't that "lazy" of a river for relaxing because you would frequently get sprayed with water as you floated along. 

 photo Kinston3_zpsbblitd6l.jpg
I thought Mattox would enjoy this little lion which was a small slide for the younger kids.  He wasn't able to slide down by himself yet, and he wasn't happy about being put into the cool water.   Brody, of course, loved the slide.  There were 3 slides, but this one was the only one he was old enough to do although with a life vest, he would have loved the other ones.  I went up the stairs to encourage him to try it and then had to follow him down.  I had to overcome a severe case of claustrophobia for that feat as I hate enclosed and tight spaces like this slide.  We prefer more open slides, but Brody went down numerous times after this and loved it.

 photo Kinston4_zpsgm59bfgp.jpg
He was very proud of himself for doing it all by himself. 

 photo Kinston5_zpsd4i6obcj.jpg
Cooper demonstrated for Evan how to go down the zebra slide on a float. 

 photo Kinston6_zpsdyjbz5tk.jpg
He did it but never seemed to love it.  I think he prefers the slides without floats. 

 photo Kinston7_zpsxpw0esdo.jpg
Happy water baby!

 photo Kinston8.jpjg_zpsl1cuxc8g.jpg
He is so silly!

 photo Kinston9_zpsvv3e3jiy.jpg
It wasn't an easy feat to make the boys pose together for a picture.  Evan and Cooper just think they are too old for such nonsense these days.  Sigh. Brody did love following Cooper around, and you would think they were the brothers.  Haha!
 photo Kinston10_zpsm6ggdcpa.jpg
After eating lunch at a K-town landmark known as Pizza Villa where we spent many of our early school dismissal days eating lunch, we headed over to check out this little nature museum.  Cooper demonstrated how to touch a horseshoe crab.  Evan wasn't so brave although he did manage to touch one at the aquarium the next day. 

 photo Kinston11_zpsym5msekp.jpg
Ugh, yeah, these are not my friends.  North Carolina boasts several varieties of very poisonous snakes like this copperhead and rattlesnake, and I take no chances and avoid them all. 

 photo Kinston12_zpsurea4qcv.jpg
These animals were a little cuter.  The bird loved singing "happy birthday."  I think the prairie dogs and even that little skunk lying on his back were pretty cute, and turtles are always a hit.

 photo Kinston13_zpshlkaxjmk.jpg
But these creatures....ahhhhh!  Yep, they are the World's Most Dangerous Creatures!  Haha!

 photo Kinston14_zps1fhnfons.jpg
Yikes, does that mouth need a cleaning.  I feel like I needed to scrub that tongue.  Haha!  The boys loved playing inside though.

 photo Kinston15_zpsduuwdyxp.jpg
Brody investigated being digested in the stomach.  Yes, I am that mom who told him he came out as poop.  Haha!

 photo Kinston16_zpspdsi6q9u.jpg
And exploring a giant heart.  The big boys had already left him to do big boy things, but we enjoyed being entertained by Brody.

 photo Kinston17_zps9mvpsi8t.jpg
A little replica of the local hospital which actually had an under the sea theme inside.  Brody also entertained us with a puppet show and a magic show.  He is a multi-talented guy.

 photo Kinston18_zpsb9w8jor4.jpg
Poor little Mattox still wasn't feeling well as he watched from the stroller.  He is just so sweet.  Maybe he was being hypnotized by the Foucault Pendulum?  Have you ever just watched one of these?  The principle is that it shows Newton's Laws of Motion at work as the pendulum never stops moving as long as nothing contacts it.  It appears to move in different directions throughout the day, but you have to realize that the pendulum isn't moving or changing direction so it must be the floor and the earth that is rotating. 

 photo Kinston19_zpsarou3fty.jpg
As their last fun activity together, we took a little train ride.  Brody may have developed many other interests lately, but he still appreciates a train.  He loved spying things like this horse and totem pole on the ride.

 photo Kinston20_zps0jevontb.jpg
There were also miniatures of local buildings and a cave with a BEAR!  Yikes!

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