Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Evan's Baseball Season {2016}

When I think about all of the years we have been doing the youth sports thing, it blows my mind.  It seems like just yesterday Evan was playing his first season of t-ball...six years ago!  I love seeing how much he has changed and grown through the years and how much his love of all sports has grown.  I tell him he is every dad's dream of what they want their little boy to be like.  Pretty much coming out of the womb with a ball in their hand.  Ha!  Evan's 6th season of baseball was a mostly fun experience playing in our new town's league.  He played in his first season of kid pitch baseball which is like finally making it to the major league.  The beginning of the season usually starts out with a lot of walks because the kids are just learning how to pitch, but after getting a few games under their belt, it really starts getting challenging and competitive.  Our little team showed great promise in the beginning winning their first few games.  Then, we had a few rough games.  Some days the boys were playing their best and other days were really tough to watch.  Evan really continued to be a consistently good hitter and got many base hits and RBI's.   The boys won their first tournament game and were so close to clinching the second round game to make it to the championship game.  That was a little disappointing, but it was still a great season.

 photo baseball1_zpsodwwikne.jpg
Evan played for the Indians this year.  Kid pitch teams get major league team names. 

 photo baseball2_zpsv75rzg4j.jpg
He thinks he is so cool wearing his shades in the field.  He loved playing second base again, but later in the season when other players were hitting more into outfield, he learned that he is really an asset in outfield because he could get the ball in quickly. 

 photo baseball3_zpswyjlocru.jpg
I love watching how determined he is when at bat.  He really gives it all he's got. 

 photo baseball4_zpssyqpspoo.jpg
He got on first here, but I think he may have gotten walked because this was one of the early games in the season when the pitchers were still throwing a lot of balls. 

 photo baseball5_zps7cilmwe6.jpg
A lot of the games could be won by being good at stealing bases.  Evan was waiting at third base for a chance to steal home. 

 photo baseball6_zpsgukxx4kd.jpg
Go #2! 

 photo baseball7_zpsknl6sykm.jpg
We won that first game by a crazy 14 to 2 lead. 

 photo baseball8_zpshopcldue.jpg
Evan was ready to get this player out at 2nd if his teammate could have gotten him the ball faster.  Evan did a great job at 2nd base because he was always ready to back up the pitcher if they missed a ball.

 photo baseball9_zps7cmoilnr.jpg

 photo baseball10_zpsicwvcycw.jpg
On first again. 

 photo baseball11_zpsoh1lcshe.jpg
This little guy had a great spot to watch the game. 

 photo baseball12_zpsh5k13lm7.jpg
I think this was his first hit of the season or just the first one I actually took pictures of.  I didn't take pictures of every game because it was just easier to watch. 

 photo baseball13_zps48lnhets.jpg

 photo baseball14_zpsojqeutqn.jpg
"Go big brother go!"

 photo baseball15_zps2jle9lsj.jpg
I think this was one of his runs home. 

 photo baseball16_zpsdytmxbs0.jpg
Their last game was so close at 10 to 11.  Evan was disappointed because he made it to first on a great hit and then was sent to steal second when the next player was at bat.  The catcher had missed a pitch and had to go after the ball.  He made the luckiest play of any game when he managed to throw the ball all the way to second and the second baseman caught it for a very close out.  It wasn't Evan's fault at all because he ran very fast.  It was just a lucky break for the other team.  No one had made a play like that all season which was why the coach had sent Evan to steal.  

 photo baseball17_zpsw9trouy7.jpg
One last team photo to end the season.  Go Indians!

 photo Baseball.collage_zpstcsqxnnl.jpg
I just love seeing the progress Evan's has made in his six year baseball playing career.  He has grown so much since he started playing at barely four years old. 

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