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Memorable May {2016}

Another month has come and gone, and as usual, it was a busy one.  Besides the end of school year events, wrapping up another year of Cub Scouts, and spending many nights on the ball fields with two little ball players, we managed to throw a few little extras in through the month.  Sometimes I just get to the end of a month and try to catch my breath and am just thankful we made it.  Ha!  I think this is definitely a sign of my age.   It's just all about survival now!  Haha!

 photo May1_zps1hu4ygo4.jpg
Well, we did it finally.  Eddie and I stopped at this infamous tourist trap on I-95 on the NC/SC line.  Eddie had to drive down to one of his Association member's farms to pick up some tree seedlings they were donating to pass out at Forestry Day at the Legislature so we rode along with him (except Evan who was in school) and made a stop here for lunch.  I was not too impressed with the Mexican restaurant we chose as it had very few Mexican meals on the menu, but Brody loved all of the brightly colored sights.

 photo May2_zpsrwov4ija.jpg
He enjoyed riding a turtle and pretending he was a big strong gorilla. 

 photo May3_zpsun9mmjyn.jpg
Mattox got to ride a pig with big brother, and Brody wants to give you a big gorilla hug. 

 photo May4_zpspjkamvhk.jpg
And who wouldn't love a sombrero wearing dinosaur or a blue crocodile or purple antlered jackolope.  We also took a burro ride South of the Border.  

 photo May5_zpsu9owoffz.jpg
Brody enjoyed using his new frozen yogurt maker to make a cool treat that almost compared to our beloved Pinkberry. 

 photo May6_zpscgdxw1ic.jpg
More library story time adventures.  This was a fun one when she pulled out her mystery box for the kids to guess what animals were in the box.  Brody plays that game in the car all the time.  

 photo May7_zpslgwc7xvg.jpg
We actually got to the library early this time so we were able to read some books before story time.  Brody brought me these.  Otto the Book Bear was a very cute book, and Cloudette was a cute story about a little cloud who wanted to do big things until she discovered that she could.  In the Space of the Sky was more of a picture book of art.  We brought home Ninja Red Riding Hood to share with Evan since I knew he would enjoy this twist to the old classic. 

 photo May8_zpstbzfo2mj.jpg
Oh this kid!  He is looking so big lately and loves getting in to everything...including the dog's cage and water bowl.  He loves food and has a pretty adorable baby plumber crack if I do say so.  Ha!

 photo May9_zpsso2hx12e.jpg
Brody and I read some funny books and tried to work on some more sight words.  

 photo May10_zps3nwvugkh.jpg
Mattox is just Mommy's cool little dude.  He loves glasses of any kind. 

 photo May11_zpsc02wnura.jpg
I finally finished "Paper Towns" which was okay for young adult literature.  We also celebrated another special Mother's Day, and I enjoyed the look back at my last Mother's Day with sweet baby Mattox. 

 photo May12_zpsnpyutod6.jpg
Oh how he has grown!  He just won't let go and walk on his own and wants that security of something or someone to hold on to.  But he is going everywhere and climbing everything.  Sigh. 

 photo May13_zpsx26dlg1i.jpg
Me and the cutest little piggy ever.  I seriously need my sink to do this.  Ha!  I just loved that special Smokey Bear meme one of our NC Forest Service friends posted.  And I always love cards from my sweet Brody.  He drew our house and family with lots of hearts.  

 photo May14_zpsibvccmee.jpg
This little man had a great second season of t-ball.  I could really see his progression and maturity on the field as he paid attention more and really gave it his best.  He hit the ball hard and ran hard.  He hasn't quite figured out the thumb's up sign yet so this is what I get from him.  Ha! 

 photo May15_zps5hn4ypuh.jpg
The boys got to meet Captain America at dinner after the game.  We also saw this huge snapping turtle at the ball field one night.  Not to worry, I was standing very far away and using the zoom on the camera to take that picture.  Ha!  Brody and Mattox and I also enjoyed a doughnut breakfast one morning. 

 photo May16_zpsxsttldky.jpg
And we got to go to the pool for the first time this year.  All of these boys are loving the water this year. 

 photo May17_zpstw0ivvne.jpg
Fun times!

 photo May18_zpspu05hvvd.jpg

 photo May19_zpswgwoysf7.jpg
Oh that car boat has given our boys so many happy memories.  We got it when Evan was Mattox's age, and I remember him just loving it so much and sitting in it in the house rubbing the sides saying "my car boat!"  Ha!

 photo May20_zpsnmvp2lc2.jpg

 photo May21_zpsg3nxkr5e.jpg
We finally got these boys some more sand for their sandbox.  Mattox loves playing with big brother.  

 photo May22_zpscjbpxz2c.jpg
Evan is learning to cut grass by himself and building some arm muscles too. 

 photo May23_zps3k2a219r.jpg
And Mattox is learning to appreciate a ball more.  He and Brody were "throwing" the ball back and forth.  I just love all of my boys in those little Oshkosh overalls.  Don't ask me why I get asked if he is a girl wearing them because to me they are quintessentially little boy.  People are just weird!

 photo May24_zpsq0otlygo.jpg
Sometimes, you just need a blurry selfie of you and your little one. 

 photo May25_zpssyitgypx.jpg
These boys enjoyed a yummy meal at one of our town's best restaurants, The Mason Jar Tavern.  We haven't been in a long time because it is usually so busy.  They just opened a second location so maybe it will be a little easier to go now.  Evan enjoyed the southern favorite, chicken and waffles with a special maple syrup.   

 photo May26_zpsnpx2fayv.jpg
And some pictures of these twins.  Daddy and Mattox were matching for church. 

 photo May27_zpsg9fj8ipx.jpg
Sometimes these two are so sweet and love each other so much.  I do think they will be the best of friends growing up.  

 photo May28_zpsh8t2t5lp.jpg
Another library story time this month learning the letter P.  

 photo May29_zpsionoqnti.jpg
We don't eat at McAlister's nearly as much these days.  It is just too far away for us to go regularly.  This was probably the biggest change to our lifestyle when we moved from Charlotte where we had about five stores within just a couple of miles of us.  We liked to go on Tuesday night for kids' eat free.  Now, our Tuesday night choice is usually Moe's Southwest Grill.  Still, I try to get a big glass of ice cold sweet tea from there whenever I can. 

 photo May30_zps2cyzypam.jpg
On the cuteness of a baby in pajamas passed out on the couch.  Ha!  Or how about some adorable cookie monster jammies? 

 photo May31_zpsouq813j4.jpg
Yay for the first Rita's italian ice and gelato of the season!  We were so sad that our Apex location had closed, but we are glad there is still one in Cary.  It seems like every ice cream or yogurt place we love ends up closing.  I think it is because people really don't appreciate quality anymore.  They love the junky, overpriced frozen yogurt places with self-serve machines and toppings.  Those places make me cringe! 

 photo May32_zpsvctutmko.jpg
We ventured to the park on Memorial Day weekend to get some fresh air, but due to a recent rain, it was very wet, hot, and humid.  This baby didn't mind the wet slide too much and is getting much better at venturing on the big equipment.  He is very cautious though. 

 photo May33_zpsm1j0kx28.jpg
Wet booty from the slide! 

 photo May34_zps749jkff3.jpg
The big boys enjoyed riding their scooters on the nice paved paths. 

 photo May35_zpsrevv74mk.jpg
Cocoa tried to enjoy her very hot walk.  We did see this neat heron on the lake. 

 photo May36_zpsrrlaayie.jpg
Mattox walking with Daddy while waiting at the doctor's office.  He also looks so adorable in his towel after his bath. He loves playing peek-a-boo with his blanket or towel. 

 photo May37_zps67vkhbxw.jpg
Beware that when you have to wait with kids at a doctor's office and let them play with your phone, you may end up with a dog nose or watermelon on your face.  Ha!  And your five year old will want to try out his milking skills on any unsuspecting cow statue.  

 photo May38_zpsybnf5dpy.jpg
Some of our state's cities have picked animals to represent them and then have these statues painted by artists.  New Bern had bears, and Raleigh used to have a lot of wolf statues.  This cow was in Chapel Hill, NC outside UNC Hospital.  It was painted with the city of Raleigh skyline, the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, and some of our state's famous lighthouses.  

 photo May39_zpsmd8mlvpq.jpg
While waiting at the doctor, I was reading the latest issue of Our State magazine.  This is a beautifully printed magazine filled with pictures and stories of places in our state.  This issue had featured several old drug store restaurants around the state, and one of them was just down the road on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.  Franklin Street is the "infamous" center of college life at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the nation's first state university).  It is a popular spot for all college students in the state to head for Halloween night festivities.  Sutton's Drug Store dates back to 1923 and is still a thriving business.  They no longer operate the pharmacy since larger chains have taken over the pharmaceutical business, but you can still see the old pharmacy inside as you sit around the soda fountain counter and order yummy ice cold fountain drinks or fresh squeezed fruit drinks.  They also have a large stock of old fashioned bottled beverages that I wanted to sample.  Some of them sounded so delicious.  I enjoyed a yummy cherry limeade, and Brody enjoyed a fresh squeezed orangeade over some cold crushed ice.  

 photo May40_zpspkzepot2.jpg
The inside of the store does boast a lot of UNC sports jerseys and memorabilia that my husband wasn't too happy about, but Brody loved the huge candy display.  

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