Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mattie Claire!

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Dearest Mattie,

How can you already be turning 3 years old?  How can it have been 3 years since I woke up on that Sunday morning with so much hope of soon meeting you with contractions growing stronger through the day?  How can it have been 3 years since I held you in my arms and finally looked upon your beautiful face?  Memories of you and that special day will forever live in my heart, and that is where you will live until the day we finally meet again.  So much has happened in these past three years.  Life didn't stop.  It didn't even slow down.  I am thankful for that because every day brings me closer to you.  But life did change.  Our hearts and our home changed because of you.  We all know someone is always missing from our memories.  I am sure even your little brother will feel it as he grows up.  He will know you by your picture on the wall.  I catch him looking at it sometimes so maybe he already knows.  We just want you to know we will never forget you, and you will always live in our hearts and be a part of our family.

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So today we will celebrate you, and the day you were born to live in your heavenly home and forever in our hearts!  Happy Birthday to our beautiful baby girl!

With all my love,



  1. What a beautiful post. Happy Birthday Mattie. :)

  2. Happy birthday Mattie! Thinking of you all today.


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