Friday, June 24, 2016

Evan's Last Day of 3rd Grade

Evan's last day of school was on Friday, June 3rd so I am a good bit behind.  While we continue to be disappointed in many aspects of Evan's school education, we continue to be proud of his accomplishments and love of learning.  He continues to excel in all subject areas although he still really enjoys math and science.  He does still love to read, and his other interests tend to reflect the books he enjoys most.  He also found a fairly new appreciation for art and really enjoyed making some unique art projects this year.  We have been enjoying a pretty busy month break from school before both Evan and Brody go back to school July 11th.  I can't believe I will be dropping two kids off at school soon.  It will be both a sad and happy day as I know they will both enjoy being in school together.  We finally got Brody's official school assignment and track assignment confirmation that he will be at the same school and on the same track as Evan so that was a big relief.  Now, we have a little more traveling to do before we make the final school preparations.

 photo school1_zps3ms2carr.jpg
We didn't get pictures until after school this year because we had a busy morning getting out the door.  I needed to actually get us all dressed and ready because we were going to Evan's class for his final class project presentation.  He chose to do his presentation on the state of Washington.  I wish I had pictures from that experience, but I only got a video.  

 photo school2_zpssx8trand.jpg
His teachers made them name art using their classmates' descriptions of them.   

 photo school4_zpsd9qcflzp.jpg
His school and school system does no awards or honor roll presentations so his teachers awarded them class superlative awards.  Evan got the Future Scientist award.  Of course, I would have given him the Future Engineer award, but I can't expect teachers to know him as well as I do.  

 photo school5_zpsz6nlho76.jpg
He wanted to pose pretending to write on a chalkboard.  Learning his multiplication facts was a big accomplishment, and he breezed through them all very quickly.  They were allowed to learn at their own pace and were working towards an end of the year ice cream treat as a reward.  He had finished learning all of his multiplication facts many months ago.   

 photo school7_zpsxf4h16wu.jpg
Daddy wasn't able to make it to his end of year class presentation so he brought Evan lunch one day the week before and ate with him.  Evan got to pick two friends to eat with them outside. Sadly, his best friend Nael in the Captain America shirt will be going to a different school next year.  
 photo 3rdgrade.comparison_zpsmhwcziob.jpg
I definitely see some growth through the year.  I think he has a much more mature smile since his front teeth have grown a lot. 

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