Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Brody's Preschool Graduation

I was a little sad that Brody wouldn't get a special preschool graduation since he has been doing preschool at home with me this past year.  Even though he didn't have the best teacher who could devote as much time to his studies as he would have liked, he was a great student who always listened well, followed instructions perfectly, and loved doing his schoolwork.  I hope he will carry his passion for learning into the future as he begins the next phase of his education.  He is so excited to go to big school with Evan in July after we return from our two weeks of travel with Daddy.  He has his new backpack ready to go and is very excited.  Things have been a little unsure about Brody's school placement because the school system was trying to send him to the elementary school that is our home school even though he is supposed to be assigned to the same school as his sibling.  The school system has finally admitted they were wrong and reassigned Brody to Evan's school so we are just waiting for the final word from the school about Brody's class assignment.  It has been a frustrating situation that I have not wanted to share with Brody because I knew he would be very upset about not going to school with Evan...not to mention the hardship it would have been for me to get two kids to two different schools that start at the same time miles apart!  Evan can not ride the bus now to his school because it is not his home school, and I am not putting my young kindergartner on a school bus by himself.  Anyway, we hope this situation is permanently resolved now.

As for the graduation ceremony, I wanted Brody to get to wear a little cap and gown and walk in to pomp and circumstance playing.  I don't know what it is about that song, but I just tear up when I hear it playing while my kids walk in looking so big in their little graduation caps.  I can still remember that feeling when Evan had his little graduation at his preschool.  I made Brody's cap and gown from some black fabric I had left over.  I didn't sew anything, but I think it did the trick for the short time he wore it.  Grandma, Aunt Naomi, and Grady came to celebrate his last t-ball game, graduation, and Grandma's birthday with us so he had a little audience.  He marched in proudly, recited the Pledge of Allegiance, sang his ABC song, and was very excited to receive his diploma.  I hope he has a special memory that he will never forget.

  photo graduate10_zps8qz3isgb.jpg

 photo graduate1_zpswwjl2jfs.jpg
Our proud graduate wearing his little cap and gown and even a special necklace for being a star student.  Daddy was taking video when he marched in. 

 photo graduate2_zpsm2nbowfw.jpg

 photo graduate3_zps7iezo3a6.jpg

 photo graduate4_zpsm3hkodkg.jpg

 photo graduate5_zpsdqcrolsy.jpg
Receiving his diploma or "certificate" as he proudly calls it.  

 photo graduate6_zpsvwjkidst.jpg
Mommy is a very proud teacher of this little guy. 

 photo graduate7_zps5u6wmq22.jpg
The honorary hand shaking.

 photo graduate8_zpsyvhe0plv.jpg
Teacher and her star student of the year.  Please ignore how rough teacher is looking.  It was a long day after a hot morning watching his last t-ball game, eating lunch, and then rushing home to put the finishing touches on his graduation ensemble.  It was a headband kind of day.   Ha!
 photo graduate9_zpskboofkdg.jpg
I wanted a picture with his balloon, but I wasn't quick enough before he had dived into his blue cupcake. 

 photo graduate11_zpsluo0skdh.jpg
Ugh, brightly colored cupcakes for the graduate and Grandma.  

 photo graduate12_zpssjcto2rn.jpg
And just a quick beginning of school/end of school picture comparison.  I just hate that the end of school picture was not his full body so you can get an idea of how much he has grown.  Sigh.  This is what happens when non-blogger parents take the pictures.  


  1. What a sweet celebration! I can't believe our babies are going to be in Kindergarten this year! Sorry for your troubles with the school. We had an issue like that when Evan skipped a grade. It didn't get resolved until Meet The Teacher night. It was stressful! The most frustrating part was that many people had their hands in it, but not one person was fully responsible for making sure it was done. Ugh! Sounds like you have it all fixed though. =)

  2. I love that you did that for Brody. You are the best mom ever...always so thoughtful and kind!
    I know what you mean about the school placement. Lance has to go to special needs kindergarten at a school about four miles away, but the paperwork said they want him to go to the one just outside out neighborhood...about half a mile away. We finally got it straightened out.


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