Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brody's 2nd T-Ball Season {2016}

Brody enjoyed another year of t-ball this Spring, and I could really see him grow and mature in the sport as he hit the ball harder, ran faster, and was way more attentive in the field.  He was on the Holly Springs Rubberducks this year, and I didn't discover until late in the season that his team was named for the Triple A minor league Akron Rubberducks.  Coincidentally, they are the minor league affiliate for the major league Cleveland Indians, and Evan played on the Indians team this year.  We had another successful season of team sports in our family, and I suspect we have many more years of this busy sports life.  Evan is already signed up for his first season of tackle football this fall, and we are trying to decide whether Brody will play soccer or t-ball in the fall.  We usually do soccer, but he is just not a contact sport kind of boy.  He seems to get a lot more out of playing t-ball so we will see.  And of course one of my favorite parts of being a boy mom is watching my boys learn to play sports and taking lots of pictures.

 photo tball.collage1_zpsra6flmhy.jpg
I can not believe how big he looks now on the ball field.  He was all ready to play his first game.  It was still a little chilly in April so he wanted to wear a long sleeve shirt under his jersey. 
 photo tball.collage2_zpsfomprb8z.jpg
At first, he wanted to swing slow and carefully to make sure he contacted the ball so he wasn't hitting very hard, but after the first couple of games, he was swinging like a pro and making perfect contact with the first swing. 

 photo tball.collage3_zps9v1lcneo.jpg
Very proud of himself on first base. 

 photo tball.collage4_zpst0lrffzk.jpg
I love watching him run.  He has definitely gotten more confident since last year and is running much faster. 

 photo tball.collage18_zpsl2xdmxgq.jpg

 photo tball.collage5_zpsyrgj9uhg.jpg
End of the game high fives and snacks are always a favorite. 

 photo tball.collage6_zpskum34wvl.jpg
He also did well in the field and was usually very attentive and ready for action.  He stopped some good ground balls.  

 photo tball.collage7_zps9yma6wwn.jpg
Blowing Mom kisses and melting her heart!

 photo tball.collage8_zpsmfnadps4.jpg
But yes, there was a little playing in the dirt action too.  And I love that high five action I caught between him and a teammate. 

 photo tball.collage9_zpsz1lwifjq.jpg
Of course, he had the cutest little cheering squad.  I love Mattox's cute faces.  "What was that call, ump?  Open your eyes!"

 photo tball.collage10_zps35j3ts7x.jpg
Daddy giving him a hitting demonstration.  A close call at first, but he was safe. 

 photo tball.collage11_zpst2xrfjdi.jpg
Waving to Mom in the dugout. 

 photo tball.collage12_zpsnz3conos.jpg
Caught that perfect swing and hit!

 photo tball.collage13_zpsr8zmlmej.jpg
High fives for Dad!

 photo tball.collage14_zpswadtw9hy.jpg
Yay for more snacks!

 photo tball.collage15_zpsu1w8yp9c.jpg
Mattox's new ride really helped make games a lot easier.  He loves a car!

 photo tball.collage16_zpspa0umebg.jpg
Team trophy presentation after the last game.  They also got special rubberducks with their number on them. 

 photo tball.collage17_zps5vot0cls.jpg
And a final picture with the coaches.  Perfect ending to a great season!

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