Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Field Trip to the Farmers' Market

I haven't been able to do a lot of events or help out in Evan's class like I would like to do because I always have the little ones with me.  Eddie's work schedule really hasn't allowed me to plan to assist or chaperone any of his field trips or class events, and it really disappoints me.  I do try to go to as many events as I can, but I have missed a lot too.  So when we discovered that Evan's last field trip to the Farmer's Market would occur on Brody's birthday and that Eddie would not be available to attend, I knew we needed to go.  So after an early breakfast at IHOP before school, we headed up to Raleigh to meet Evan's class at the Farmer's Market.  I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I had hoped because it was really busy with lots of classes from different schools there.  The lighting under the outdoor shelter also didn't make for good picture quality anyway.  Still, we had a fun day with Evan and his friends and got some treats.  I had hoped to be able to head back to his school to help his class make some yummy treats with some of the purchases they made, but the younger boys and I couldn't make it back for other reasons.  Evan enjoyed eating some strawberry shortcake and some fresh vegetables too.

 photo fieldtrip1_zpsh4abbkoy.jpg
We arrived before Evan's bus so we waited patiently at the entrance. 

 photo fieldtrip2_zpshueerpip.jpg
And my little Ferdinand the bull checked out the flowers.  He picked out the flower he wanted for his birthday present.  I also found what the little flowers growing in our front shrub bed primroses.  

 photo fieldtrip3_zpsjo1vxwyr.jpg
The students had a scavenger hunt to finish while touring the market.  I got to meet Evan's best friend Nael.  Sadly, he told me Nael will be changing schools next year.  They both went to Universal Studios for Spring Break and came back with matching Harry Potter Quidditch shirts. 

 photo fieldtrip4_zpszdugvtol.jpg
There were some lovely cut flowers for sale, but I wasn't interested in paying those prices for flowers that wouldn't last.  I encouraged Brody to pick out a plant he could watch grow.  Evan and Nael sit and talk while waiting for lunch.  Brody also picked out some strawberries that were so big and so juicy.  

 photo fieldtrip5_zpsxov0r0nl.jpg
Evan and his class sat in the shade to eat their lunches.  Eddie packed him a light lunch of a sandwich which he didn't really want.  He just wanted to eat some strawberries.  Ha!

 photo fieldtrip6_zpstyqaiqck.jpg
I was going to get something from here for me and the boys, but the line was way too long.  We thought we could stop and grab a bite somewhere and get back to Evan's school.  Sadly, while walking out to the car, my sandal broke, and I was walking barefoot through the parking lot.  We needed to go home to change shoes so we ended up stopping at a drive-thru for lunch.  Sigh.  By the time we made it home, the younger boys were tired and just needed to rest for a while. 

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  1. And now you will always keep a spare pair of flip flops in your car. Which will help in the spring/summer but maybe not so much in the fall/winter. I had some shoes break at work once and since then I have always kept some flip flops in the car. Just the cheap ones from Target.

    I had the same problem with volunteering for Spencer until this year. Even now, though, I can only do two days a week for about two hours while Elliott is in school. It's hard! I hate having to pay for a sitter to go do volunteer work.

    And now I seriously want to eat some strawberries.


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