Friday, May 13, 2016

Brody is 5!

Brody turned five a couple of weeks ago.  I can't believe this little guy is now half a decade old.  Next year, I will have officially been parenting a whole decade after Evan turns 10.  Yikes!  This has been the fastest decade of my life, but it has also been the best.  While everyday isn't perfect, I have enjoyed every minute with these boys.  Brody has been a very special addition to our lives with his sweet, sensitive, and emotional personality.  I know I worry more about him going to big school than I ever did for Evan.  Evan has always seemed so much more mature than his actual age and is a true "first" child.  I am expecting some very emotional days when Brody starts kindergarten in a couple more months, but I pray that I will be pleasantly surprised when he adjusts easily to his new full day school routine.  I do think the structure will be good for him.  I hope his teachers will appreciate his sweet and loving nature, but I know in a larger class size, it may be difficult for Brody to get the one on one attention he craves.  I have a lot of concerns for my very special little sweetheart, but I am trying to trust that the Lord will provide for his needs.

For Brody's special day, we stuck with the "tradition" we started last year that instead of an official party, we would just make his whole day (or weekend) all about him.  It really worked out perfectly, and Brody enjoyed celebrating his birthday for several days.

 photo birthday1_zpsa0fzu00b.jpg
Our big boy is 5!  I have kept up the birthday banner from Mattox's party and just changed out the names for each birthday.  Hey, may as well reuse when you have three birthdays in two months. 

 photo birthday2_zpsafhflpcq.jpg
We started Brody's actual birthday, a Friday, with breakfast at IHOP.  The boys had been wanting to eat there since one opened in our little town.  Daddy had to work so it was just Mommy and the boys. 

 photo birthday3_zpscnuvwd2l.jpg
The boys give high fives for chocolate pancakes covered with powdered sugar, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and cherry faces. 

 photo birthday4_zpsng2977dh.jpg
Silly boys getting their sugar highs. 

 photo birthday19_zpsmnb5f7qe.jpg
After breakfast, Brody got a special treat meeting Evan's class for a field trip at the State Farmer's Market.  Brody loved the strawberries and flowers.  He picked out a flower for his birthday present from Evan.  He chose a lovely golden orange marigold.  He was encouraged to do so by the owner of the booth.  The power of suggestion works really well on him.  Haha!

 photo birthday5_zpstenschxv.jpg
On Saturday, we continued the birthday celebrations after Brody's early morning t-ball game.  He and Mommy stopped at Harris Teeter to pick out his cake, and he got to push the cart and ride Harry the Happy Dragon.  

 photo birthday6_zpsaam0zi8c.jpg
A happy little boy and a happy dragon. This dragon brings back sentimental memories of his early days when we watched big brother's first t-ball games and had a picture taken with Harry the Dragon when he threw the opening day first pitch. 

 photo birthday7_zps9sc5dzdn.jpg
Grandma came to visit, and we all went to lunch at our new Chili's.  Daddy's meal came with dessert, but he gave it to Brody.  Brody enjoyed being sang to and then shared his big chocolate cake. 

 photo birthday8_zpswjs3wk04.jpg
Brody got some birthday balloons, including a Minion balloon for our little minion.  If I had to pick a minion for him, I would say he is Bob.  Cute and silly!

 photo birthday9_zps18diobyi.jpg
Making wishes and blowing out his candle. 

 photo birthday10_zps7pxjhhe8.jpg
And opening his presents.  I really like for the boys to get something fun and useful for their birthdays and not a lot of little junk.  Aunt Naomi and Grandma picked out perfect gifts.  Aunt Naomi got him this awesome little frozen yogurt maker.  You just freeze some of your favorite yogurt in little trays and then it mixes it with fruit and other toppings of your choice.  With our favorite Stonyfield Farms vanilla yogurt and some fresh strawberries and chocolate chips, it really tasted a lot like our beloved Pinkberry.  

 photo birthday11_zps5oxru1fe.jpg
Grandma got Brody a cute little pizza making set.  I had looked at the Melissa and Doug wooden set, but I actually like this little set better because you can mix up the different toppings to put on top and "cut" the pieces and serve it with all the accessories.  It is a perfect addition to Brody's restaurant menu. 

 photo birthday12_zpspx1qjhgj.jpg
I was at a bit of loss what to get him for his birthday, but he really wants to do what big brother does these days.  Evan loves riding his scooter so I thought Brody would like to ride one too.  

 photo birthday13_zpsgeamphco.jpg
He got a Minions scooter.  Do we see a theme this year?  Haha!  Last year, it was Jake and the Neverland Pirates and this year Minions.  

 photo birthday14_zpsyxnvogup.jpg
Then, the boys headed outside to play on a beautiful Spring afternoon.  Cousin Grady did a great job riding Brody's old tricycle, and Brody caught on quickly to riding his scooter. 

 photo birthday15_zpskvc1keoj.jpg

 photo birthday16_zpsj4xituox.jpg
Grandma took Mattox for a ride in his car. 

 photo birthday17_zpshfojake3.jpg
We had given Brody this gift earlier in the week because he really wanted to see it and was going to sneak a peek at it in the garage.  He had seen the box arrive when our mailman left it outside so he knew it was for him.  Sigh.  He really wanted a basketball goal he could use when big brother is using his.  We had one previously for Evan, but it had seen better days when we moved last year so we just got rid of it.  

 photo birthday18_zpsabxjk4xa.jpg
He is getting pretty good.  
Dear Brody,

I hope your birthday was as special as you are to us.  Daddy and Mommy love you so much.  Your sweet smiles and loving nature just melt our hearts.  You can be a handful with a fiery temper (like mommy), but you are as sweet as can be.  Strangers who do not know you like we do at home just think you are the sweetest little boy as you are so friendly and love to talk to everyone you meet.  Your relationship with your brothers continues to make me so happy.  Sometimes, big brother and little brother do annoy you when Evan wants to play with his older friends and little brother Mattox is not quite ready to play like you want.  Mattox just wants to be as close to you as he can get all the time and will try to climb on you or sit beside you and touch your face, and you don't always like it.  I have tried to explain to you that Mattox just absolutely adores you and wants to be close to you.  However, you and Mattox play together more and more, and I love when you show you love him in your own special way.  Just this morning, Mattox had given me a kiss when I fed him a piece of your doughnut, and you wanted him to kiss you too.  He did, and it was so cute!  We are just so in love with you and have enjoyed watching you grow these last five years.  I can't imagine what the next five years will bring, but I know it will be a fun adventure.  We love you to the moon and back to infinity, you little minion!  


Mommy & Daddy

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  1. A perfect birthday for your big 5 year old! I want you to do a triple comparison collage of the birthday banner with all three names when you do your year in review. And then you have to do that every year from now on. Ha!

    The frozen yogurt machine is a great little gift. I might look into that for Spencer actually. And we're going to be in the market for a new hoop as well, so I might just steal that idea too.

    Elliott has said that he wants a superhero party this year, but I might try to sway him to minions. He already has so much minion stuff.


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