Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our Spring Family Pictures at the Beach {2016}

We don't usually take our Spring family pictures at the beach so this was a nice change.  We hoped to get some great shots of the whole family and of the boys, but when we awoke on Monday morning to prepare to take pictures before we started the journey home, we were met with much cooler temperatures.  We already had a sick little baby boy on our hands that had started running a steady fever and just wasn't acting like himself.  We wanted to get him home to see his pediatrician.  We wrapped him up in a warm blanket and got a few decent shots despite the colder, windy conditions.  I hate that you can't really see Mattox's little outfit as it was his Easter outfit that he and his big brothers all wore, but I will take more of him later.  For now, I am glad we got these shots to remember our visit to the Gulf coast.

 photo family.collage1_zpsrrqvedac.jpg

 photo family.collage2_zpsxgkafnnd.jpg
I just loved the way these little men looked in their seersucker pants and hats.  I had bought those hats a few years ago for Easter, and the boys ended up not wearing them.  I decided they would be perfect on the beach. 

 photo family.collage3_zps2pooyhms.jpg
Handsome boys.  I loved that shot of Brody running after the seagulls. 

 photo family.collage4_zpskml8rai4.jpg
I just love these little men of mine. 

 photo family.collage5_zpsz8gwzbxr.jpg
We did almost suffer a "casualty" from this photo session as Brody almost lost his hat in the ocean.  We had the camera set up on autotimer to take a succession of photos of us, and it caught Eddie running after the hat.  

 photo family.collage6_zpswibjtfkt.jpg
I always love pictures of my boys together. 

 photo family.collage7_zpsbvsl35xj.jpg
And of course, we have to have a shot with our whole complete family with little Mattie.  I know she is always with us, and it just feels right to see her in our pictures. 

 photo family.collage8_zpsuyvjkio0.jpg
My big boys and I wanted our pictures taken in the pretty little courtyard and on the big Adirondack chair. 


  1. This is so sweet. Eddie and the boys always seem so agreeable...too cute!

    Y'all are really a blessing to me! :)

  2. Well, you may have had a sick baby and a cold day but I think the pictures came out great. You always do such a good job coordinating outfits that look good together and with the backdrop.

    Are you going to do summer/fall beach pictures again this year or will this be it?

    1. We don't yet know if we will get back to the beach. We may get to the beach in June for Eddie's teachers academy he does. His annual meeting is in Asheville this year so we will be in the mountains. Still a lot on the list for the year so who knows. :-)

  3. These are such great pictures. I'm so amazed what great shots you get just using your self-timer.

    And I love your top in these photos. It just suits you!

    1. And you know I love your family photo with Mattie. It makes my heart happy and sad at the same time.

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  5. These are such great pictures. I'm so amazed what great shots you get just using your self-timer.


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