Friday, April 22, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

After returning home from our fun Spring Break vacation, I was thankful we still had one more week before Evan had to go back to school.  After all that fun, we desperately needed a week to relax and catch our breath.  We also had a sick little man to care for.  After a few days at home and a trip to the pediatrician and children's ER that did not provide any answers, he seemed to be feeling back to normal.  By Easter weekend, we were ready to celebrate.  Since Evan's birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year, we knew we wouldn't have an official party for his birthday.  Our trip to Florida was a big part of his birthday celebration, but we wanted to make his actual birthday special too.  On Saturday, we headed down to visit Grandma to celebrate his birthday and Easter.

 photo Easter.collage1_zpsas3hq7cp.jpg
We tried for a brother picture, but Brody was so uncooperative that I cut him out of these.  Evan and Mattox looked too cute though. 

 photo Easter.collage2_zpsfsboxgs8.jpg
Here are a couple of Brody that aren't too bad.  He still didn't want to get too close to Mattox. 

 photo Easter.collage3_zpsl4otbmen.jpg
We dyed Easter eggs at Grandma's.  The boys didn't actually help much and ran off to play while Aunt Naomi and I finished.  I tried writing their names on some of them, but most didn't show up.  The choo choo train I drew for Grady did show up pretty decent though. 

 photo Easter.collage4_zpswefpjppb.jpg
Grandma with all of her boys.  I took the boys' nice shirts off while they played and dyed eggs and forgot to put them back on before the egg hunt.  They would have gotten them dirty anyway. 

 photo Easter.collage5_zpsfbleiog9.jpg
Mattox did okay taking milk from his sippy cup, but he has since learned to drink from a straw  and prefers that method better now. 
 photo Easter.collage6_zpsm2ccewfq.jpg
These boys had a blast finding eggs.  Aunt Naomi tried to "hide" some too easy for Grady, but I went behind her and made them a little harder.  He enjoyed the challenge.  
 photo Easter.collage7_zpsl2mk9sow.jpg
Several eggs were hidden higher in the trees for Evan and Brody. 

 photo Easter.collage8_zpsbisc7lu1.jpg
Evan had to climb the tree to get an egg.  

 photo Easter.collage9_zpsdwexxnja.jpg
Brody was very happy about finding his special shiny egg.  I hid three special eggs for each boy to find with some quarters in them. 

 photo Easter.collage10_zpsxbllccm1.jpg
Little Grady loved hunting eggs with the big boys. 

 photo Easter.collage11_zpsrrocq1no.jpg
We had a special little hunt for Mattox.  He still needed Mommy's help since he won't walk on his own yet.  

 photo Easter.collage12_zps4h8gmfqb.jpg
He liked putting his eggs in the basket...and taking them back out too. 

 photo Easter.collage13_zpsswhbq0un.jpg
"What is this thing?"

 photo Easter.collage14_zpsryddy48o.jpg

 photo Easter.collage15_zpskmibw0pl.jpg
It had started to drizzle a little, and he wanted to climb the slide.  Maybe next time. 

 photo Easter.collage16_zpsxnzcrhog.jpg
We did manage to visit his big sister Mattie and take her special Easter flowers.  

 photo Easter.collage17_zpsvk7tvfbz.jpg
Mommy and her sweet baby angel and rainbow. 

 photo Easter.collage18_zpshupd5zk0.jpg
And with all of my babies. 

 photo Easter.collage19_zpsh033kfns.jpg
I love when our family can all get together. 

 photo Easter.collage20_zpsbq3rcn7t.jpg
Grandma with her babies and grandbabies visiting Grandma Mattie. 

 photo Easter.collage21_zpswzehqjb9.jpg
Visiting Great-Grandma.

 photo Easter.collage22_zpshqyyig2z.jpg
And a picture with the cross has special meaning at Easter.  Jesus lives!

 photo Easter.collage23_zpsnb0x0rsh.jpg
I don't know what Brody was saying here.  Maybe "Happy Easter!"  He seemed to get special enjoyment out of opening his mouth as wide as it would go.  Mattox and Grady think he's hilarious. 

 photo Easter.collage24_zpswagvovhu.jpg
Easter morning brings baskets of surprises.  Evan got a new movie and some special Easter candy.  

 photo Easter.collage25_zps34ztg1o8.jpg
Brody also got a movie and some candy. 

 photo Easter.collage26_zps32ojvowu.jpg
And little Mattox got a special Easter book and his first peeps. 

 photo Easter.collage27_zpsps40qpmd.jpg
My sweet little bunny eating his first sweet peep.  I know he probably won't always care for these, but my babies sure do love them at this age. 

 photo Easter.collage28_zpstvhqwzz1.jpg
All of my babies eating their first peeps.  It was Evan's and Mattox's second Easters, and Brody's first.  Evan and Brody were both not quite 1 yet.  Evan got two Easters his first year.  I think Mattox's face was the cutest, but I love Evan's very happy face.  He had just finished eating his dinner so his peep was dessert.  He was going straight in the bath afterwards.  Brody is just all business about eating. 

 photo Easter.collage29_zps8aovecq8.jpg
My sweet little bunny. 

 photo Easter.collage30_zpskedbaqtd.jpg

 photo Easter.collage31_zpstfprdaiq.jpg

 photo Easter.collage32_zps6i4y3ubz.jpg
And some family pictures on Easter Sunday before church.  Yes, it does usually make us late to do this.  Sigh.  We had to sit in the overflow room because the service was already full. 

 photo Easter.collage33_zpsvr11ykhu.jpg
For once in a long time, I think Brody maybe had the best smiles in these pictures.  

 photo Easter.collage34_zps77wdlj0c.jpg
And I had to try to get some special Easter pictures of little Mattox.  He was wearing a special outfit I had bought for Evan's second Easter.  It is a reversible outfit with Humpty Dumpty on one side and a cute little group of bunnies and teddy bears on the other side. 
 photo Easter.collage35_zpshzjeeveu.jpg
All of my boys looking so cute in their Humpty Dumpty outfit. 

 photo Easter.collage36_zpsru8oyxqo.jpg
But his interest in being photographed didn't last long.  

 photo Easter.collage37_zpsqo6jucts.jpg
I tried to get him interested in his Easter basket goodies, but he only wanted to eat his peeps. 

 photo Easter.collage38_zpsh7uadrqf.jpg
Unsuccessfully trying to get him to sit still.

 photo Easter.collage39_zpsb3j7skye.jpg
Not having it. 
 photo Easter.collage40_zps0db73en6.jpg
I broke down and fed him a peep.  


  1. You've got some GREAT comparison collages in this post. An Easter peep comparison! I love it. I have nothing of the sort for my kids. I think that Mattox with his little peep was definitely the cutest of the three. I mean, the look on his face! "Are you sure this is OK, mom? It seems to be sugar coated with sugar."

    And of course I love the comparison of them in the same outfit. Cute outfit and cute boys. What's not to like.

    Love the family pictures from the hunt and from visiting Mattie. I don't know if it was planned, but you all match perfectly.

    And the family Easter pictures were totally worth being late for church. And I sympathize because I was so stressed out that morning trying to get everything done AND get the official pictures. Do other people worry like we do? I think not.

  2. I LOVE the pictures of Mattox and the bunny ears and his first Peeps. So cute!!! I can't wait to read more about Evan's birthday too.


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